Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tour To Those Days #3 (Figure)

It's been a long time since last posting of  'Tour To Thouse Days'.
The following figures were released on December 2005 from Tomy. This set named 'HatsuYume (the first dream of the year) Pokemon Figure Set'. Hatsuyume is the way some Japanese judge their fortunes for the following year. We believe that the best first dream is Mt. Fuji, a hawk or an eggplant,  are good omens for the year.
Same concept figures were released with new name 'Dazing Pose Figure' in December 2007.
  • #025 Pikachu, #225 Torchic, #258 Mudkip
  • #311 Plusle, #312 Minun, #446 Munchlax
Pokemon Figure Hatsuyume Set Tomy

Thank you for supporting and coming back to AAPF.
Wishing you a good Hatsuyume and the year of 2011 bring you a lot of happiness and smiles.

For Tomy Pokemon figure fans, new site "Tomy Pokemon Figure Navi" is now running  please check it !

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pikachu Blanket Fleece Cloak (Tomy)

It has been cold in my area day by day, but not yet snow. For such weather, Tomy releases the following item in the end of October 2010. Using as blanket, lap robe, cloak or cosplay etc.
  • Blanket size :  L 70 cm x W 90 cm
  • Hood size : L 37 cm x W 32 cm
  • Material : Polyester 100% (softy fleece) 
  • Note : Also tail attached
Pikachu Blanket Fleece Cloak Tomy

When I saw this package first, asked myself,  is this Pi... ka....... Chu ??

Pikachu Blanket Fleece Cloak PKG Tomy

[ Reference ]
Rakuten Net Shop : Pierrot

AAPF Mobile Browsing

Thank you for visiting All About Pokemon Figure (AAPF) always.
This post is for mobile access users. AAPF runs on, they launched mobile optimize service recently. One of advantage for users in it, a photo in the post can be glanced. Now it is service in AAPF.
Please refer to the following screen photos (in case of iphone).
  • Pic#1 : Default mobile optimized site contents (url)
  • Pic#2 : Previous mobile optimized site contents (url)
  • Pic#3 : More light weight site contents (url)

If it would be comfortable for your terminal, please add or change your bookmark as you like.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Pokemon Plamo Collection Daigenki Evolution Set (Bandai)

Bandai will release Pokemon Plamo Collection Daigenki (Samurott) Evolution Set in the end of March 2011, includes Pikachu as well. This set is plastic model DIY kit.
As for Emboar set/Serperior set, please refer to the previous posts. Haxorus set will come in April.
  • #025 Pikachu, #501 Oshawott, #502 Dewott, #503 Samurott
Pokemon Plamo Collection Daigenki Evolution Set Bandai

[ Reference ]
Rakuten Net Shop: Hobby Shop Digitamin

Pokemon Plush in January/February (PokeCenJP)

PokeCenJP will release the following plushies in January and February 2011 respectively. Thank you and credit goes to Asami's Diary 26 Dec for poster photo and plush info.
As for other plushies, please refer to these posts. Height is bit taller than regular Pokedoll.

[ PokeDoll on 22 January 2011 ]
  • #643 Reshiram, #644 Zekrom 
Pokedoll Reshiram Zekrom PokeCenJP

[ PokeDoll on 11 February 2011 ]
  • #497 Jalorda, #500 Enbuoh, #503 Daikenki
Pokemon Plush Pokedoll Jalorda Enbuoh Daikenki PokeCenJP

[ Edit ]
14 Jan 2011: Added pics from PokeCenJP news

Friday, December 24, 2010

Pokemon TCG Blog Launched (Creatures)

Just TCG info.
Pokemon TCG developer Creatures Inc launched PTCG blog (in Japanese).
Contains BW new cards info/using tips, card data analyzing, card production process etc.
Please check it out once.

PTCG Blog Creatures

[ Reference ]
Creatures Official site (English)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pokemon Bath Powder BW 2 (Bandai)

Bandai will release bath powder (solid type、egg form) BW 2 in the beginning of February 2011, bath powder contains a figure. As for BW 1 and DP series, please refer to the previous post.

  • #025 Pikachu, #511 Yanappu, #519 Mamepato, 
  • #610 Kibago, #643 Reshiram (overdrive), #644 Zekrom (overdrive)
Pokemon Bath Powder BW 2 Bandai

[ Reference ]
Rakuten Net Shop: Hobby Shop AmiAmi

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pokemon Medal Collection BW 2 (Bandai)

Bandai will release Pokemon Medal Collection BW 2 in the beginning of February 2011. Candy toys, color : black metallic, white metallic and gold (rare).
BW 1 came out in October 2010 as bellow.  As for DP series (DP 1 to DP 5), please refer to the previous post.

[ Pokemon Medal Collection BW 1 (Oct 2010) ]
  • #025 Pikachu, #052 Meowth, #495 Snivy, #498 Tepig, #501 Oshawot
  • #527 Koromori, #529 Mogurew, #551 Meguroco, #555 Hihidaruma, #570 Zorua
  • #504 Minezumi, #505 Miruhog, #517 Munna, #518 Musharna, #519 Mamepato
  • #571 Zoroark, #594 Mamanbou, #610 Kibago, #643 Reshiram, #644 Zekrom
Pokemon Medal Collection BW1 Bandai

[ Pokemon Medal Collection BW 2 (Feb 2011) ]
  • #497 Jalorda, #500 Enbuoh, #503 Daikenki, #509 Choroneko, #511 Yanappu, 
  • #513 Baoppu, #515 Hiyappu, #520 Hatooboo, #540 Kurumiru , #545 Pendra,
  • #554 Darumakka, #557 Ishizumai, #559 Zuruggu, #562 Desumasu, #572 Chillarmy, 
  • #579 Rankurusu, #585 Shikijika, #586 Mebukijika, #599 Giaru, #612 Ononokus
Pokemon Medal Collection BW 2 Bandai

[ Reference ]
Bandai Candy Toys : BW1, BW2
Rakuten Net Shop : Yukkun's Candy Warehouse

[ Edit ]
16 Jan 2011: Uploaded pic of BW2

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pokemon Handicrafts Goods (Brother/Tomy)

Brother Industries Ltd and Tomy release the following Pokemon Handicrafts Goods.

[ Pokemon BW Embroidered Pattern (card) ]

Pokemon Embroidered Pattern Brother

[ Pokemon BW Knitting Toy ]

Pokemon BW Knitting Toy Tomy
  • Product : Tomy
  • Release : 30 October 2010
  • What can we make ? : cylinder shaped knit easily, just twirl the handle after setting yarn. You can make Amigurumi, gloves, socks, muffler, up to your idea
  • Attachments : Pikachu's amigurumi's template, yarn (yellow, black) felt badge pattern x3, felt (black, white, yellow, red, brown), operating manual
  • Reference site : Tomy's site
  • User report (same type) : Jw-hata's blog, Maple_Forest's blog

Monday, December 20, 2010

Pokemon Figure Strap (PokeCenJP)

PokeCenJP releases the following figures strap, two types: with/without strap (with one: named Double Strap). It was announced at PokeCenJP staff's blog in October only. After that, no advertisement publicly.

[ September ]
  • #495 Snivy, #498 Tepig, #501 Oshawott, #517 Munna, #570 Zorua,
  • #572 Chillarmy, #587 Emonga, #610 Kibago, #643 Reshiram, #644 Zekrom 
[ October ]
  • #531 Tabunne
[ November ]
  • #497 Jalorda, #500 Enbuoh, #503 Daikenki, #585 Shikijika (4 seasons)
[ December ]
  • #511 Yanappu, #513 Baoppu, #515 Hiyappu, #607 Hitomoshi
Here is for Ghost fans,

Pokemon Figure Strap Hitomoshi PokeCenJP from imepita

[ January 2011 ]
  • #559 Zuruggu

[ Reference ]
PokeCenJP Staff's blog
Thanks to Asami's blog and twitter and Peka's blog for the info

[ Edit ]
17 Jan 2011 : Added Zuruggu

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Uploaded Pics for Pokemon Figures (Bandai, Tomy)

Photos of the following figures are uploaded.

Also please check this new Pokempon figures report, thanks to Denkimouse.

Pokemon Movie 14th Info (Movie)

Pokemon Movie 14th (ビクティニと黒き英雄 literal means Victini and the Black/Dark hero) official site launched. New contents, movie director Kunihiko Yuyama's comment and movie crews visiting report are adding.

[ Summary of movie director Kunihiko Yuyama's comment ]
  • Visited to Nice and Mont Saint-Michel in France for movie 14th
  • Inspired by small village and castle on mountainside, going to be base.
  • Victini lives in the village, is hiding and invisible normally, so villagers do not know Victini. Victini has special ability that can give the power to other Pokemon.
  • Ash meets Victini quietly, then start the story (involve various things).
  • They will make Movie 14th like magnificence spectacular, not mystery story. 
[ Movie crews visiting report in France ]
  • Introduction, it was 5 days trip. In 1st day,  they arrived at Paris then moved to Nice. When they had a dinner at Nice, they remembered Belgian meals in last year. To be continued.

[ Reference ]
Pokemon Movie 14th Official site
Nice France for inspiration location of Pokemon movie 14th ?

Friday, December 17, 2010

Pokemon Plush in April 2011 (Banpresto)

** This post contains editing/adding of previous post **

Banpresto will release the following Pokemon Plush as game prize in April 2011.
These plushies and other upcoming are introduced at 21st and 22nd Game Prize Fair for 2011, held on Sep/Nov 2010. Photo links are temporary mentioned, will upload photos later.

[ Pokemon BW Super DX Plush Snivy Evolution Version (2nd week April) ] *1
  • #495 Snivy, #497 Jalorda (pic)

[ Pokemon BW Plush Unova Region Collection (2nd week April) ] *1
  • #504 Minezumi, #509 Choroneko, #510 Kibago, 
  • #572 Chillarmy, #585 Shikijika (spring)  (pic)

[ Pokemon BW Ball Chain Plush Unova region 3 (3rd week April) ]
  • #509 Choroneko, #517 Munna, #527 Koromori, 
  • #572 Chillarmy, #585 Shikijika (spring)  (pic)

[ Pokemon BW Plush My Collection 1 (4th week April) ] *1
  • #501 Oshawott, #511 Yanappu, #504 Minezumi, 
  • #519 Mamepato, #540 Kurumiru, #610 Kibago  (pic)    

[ Pokemon BW Plush My Collection 2 (5th week April) ] *1
  • #495 Snivy, #506 Yorterrie, #513 Baoppu, 
  • #522 Shimama, #531 Tabunne, #529 Mogurew  (pic)

[ Reference ]
Akiba Hobby : Report of 21st Game Prize Fair for Winter 2011 (Banpresto) : Report of  22nd Game Prize Fair for Spring 2011 (Banpresto)
Rakuten Net Shop: Treasure Capsule (*1 parts available)

Mystery Egg is same as TCG one as posted 2days before.
Please refer to this for more detail, thanks to

Thursday, December 16, 2010

PokemonFan, Mistery Egg info, Movie title trivia

Just short info.

  • Coming publish on 18 December 2010 Pokemon info magazine Pokemon Fan Vol.15, bonus item (free gift) is Pokemon Strap BW 1 Reshiram and Zekrom's shiny shining paint clear version.
  • In yesterday post about mystery egg, it was mentioned TCG, sorry for ununderstandable contents. It edited. As for game one, will report it tomorrow.  
  • AAPF received several comments about Movie 14th title. What is deference of 黒い and 黒き in Japanese ? Meaning is same. 黒き is 黒い's archaic word expression. In the oldest Japanese poetry Manyoushu (AD 759), used/recognized color were only 黒 (black), 白 (white), 赤 (red) and 青 (blue). Today, we can use/allow adjectival usage 黒し (kuro shi), 黒き (kuro ki), 黒い (kuro i) in four colors only. What case we use archaic word expression 黒き intentionally, for example to add more dignity or make nutral etc. For more includes image, metaphor in 黒, please refer to wikipedia (Japanese).

Uploaded Pics for Pokemon Figures & Plush (Tomy)

Photos of Tomy release merchandise in January 2011, Pokemon Figure Monster Collection M series (Janovy, Chaoboo, Futachimaru) and Pokemon Plush BW (Yanappu, Chillarmyi) are uploaded to the following previous posts.
Photo of Zuruggu figure and plush are not found yet, will add it later.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pokemon Movie 14th, BW Game info

Just short info.
  • Release date of Pokemon Movie 14th (ビクティニと黒き英雄 literal means Victini and the Black/Dark hero) in Japan is 16 July 2011.
  • Ash's received Mystery Egg in Pokemon Anime BW#12 is ... Check this pic for TCG. Person who already got Pokemon BW TCG extension posted it to twitter. Pokemon in game will report on 17 December 2010.
  • Fukuoka PokeCenJP will remove to other building in March 2011. Probably Torchic's special goods will be released. For more detail, please refer to this post.

[ Edit ]
16 Dec 2010 : Editied Mystery Egg part.
20 Jan 2011 : Edited Fukuoka PokeCenJP 

    Pokemon BW Figure Key Chain 2, Unova region (Banpresto)

    Banpresto will release the following Pokemon BW Figure Key Chain 2 and Unova region series in the middle of December 2010 and January 2011 respectively. Game prize, height 4 to 5cm.
    As for Figure Key Chain 1, please refer to the previous post.

    [ Pokemon BW Figure Key Chain 2 (mid Dec 2010) ]
    • #025 Pikachu, #510 Kibago, #511 Yanappu, #643 Reshiram, #644 Zekrom
    Pokemon BW Figure Key Chain 2 Pikachu Kibago Yanappu Reshiram Zekrom Banpresto

    [ Pokemon BW Figure Key Chain Unova region (mid Jan 2011) ]
    • #517 Munna, #529 Mogury, #551 Meguroko, #554 Darumakka, #562 Desumasu
    Pokemon BW Figure Key Chain Unova region Munna Mogury Meguroko Darumakka Desumasu Banpresto

    [ Reference ]
    Banpresto site : Pokemon items (seems backup/stby site)

    Tuesday, December 14, 2010

    Pikachu Got a Miracle Medicine (Video)

    ** NOTE : This post (video) includes Pokemon Personification **

    Have you seen 'Pikachu Got a Miracle Medicine' ?

    (link for rss user)

    [ Background/History ]

    Arcade game Pop'n Music 17 was released from Konami in March 2009. Game song 'Capsule Princess - Miracle Medicine' included in it. After game service-in, many drug incidents in the entertainment field in Japan were found simultaneously. Like the song have got to anticipate the incidents, it was popular in 2ch bbs because attracted by incident synchronicity and song lyrics.

    In May 2010, Pikachu with the song 'Pikachu Got a Miracle Medicine (ふしぎなくすり のまされて)' was posted to NicoNico video site, play ranking was higher. (1st trend). After that, in November 2010, another video 'To be put a Strange drug (ふしぎなくすり かけられて)' as homage to ''Pikachu Got a Miracle Medicine'. 2nd trend started explosively. Today, many various related videos(Pokemon, Bio Hazard, Invasion! Squid Girl etc) are posting to Niconico video and Youtube continuously..

    [ Reference ]

    What is Pop'n Music ? Refer to Wikipedia
    Pop'n Music Official Site, Music and Characters 17
    Game screen of Capsule Princess - Miracle Medicine
    CD : Pop'n Music 17original sound track

    Thick Fat Mamoswine (PokemonFan)

    Quarterly Pokemon information magazine Pokemon Fan Vol. 15 from Shougakukan will be published on 18 December 2010. In the magazine, there is a special serial number. When enter this number on the PGL (Pokemon Global Link) site
    between 20 December to 20 April 2011, we can meet Mamoswine that has Thick Fat ability in Dream World.
    Mamoswine Figure Tomy MC

    BTW, magazine PokemonFan has good bonus items (free gift), key chain, figure and so on.
    Previous bonus items of Pokemon figures as follow :
    • Vol. 04 (Jul. 2008) Pokemon Kids figure Shaymin (land form) clear version
    • Vol. 05 (Sep. 2008) Pokemon strap figure Shaymin (sky form) pearl version 
    • Vol. 08 (Jul. 2009) Pokemon Zukan figure Arceus shining version, Pokemon Kids figure Notched ear Pichu clear version
    • Vol. 09 (Sep. 2009) Lugia and Ho-oh figures strap
    • Vol. 13 (Jul 2010) Pokemon Zukan figure Zorua Zoroark clear version, Pokemon Kids Zorua clear version
    • Vol. 15 (Dec 2010) Pokemon Strap BW 1 Reshiram and Zekrom's shining clear version
    [ Reference ]
    Pokemon Series Official : News
    Shougakukan : Pokemon Fan magazine, Rakuten Books

    [ Edit ]
    16 Dec 2010 : Added Vol.15 bonus item
    18 Dec 2010 : Added Vol.15 bonus item's pic link

      Monday, December 13, 2010

      Pokemon Plush Pokemon Time Lapras Teddiursa (PokeCenJP)

      Just short info, PokeCenJp releases Pokemon Plush Lapras of Pokemon Time series on 11 December 2010. Also Teddiursa plush came out in November.

      [ More detail report ]
      Okurakaitaihamatuba's blog : Lapras Plush
      Misuzu's blog : Teddiursa Plush

      NOTE: Above sites are personal blogs, shall we take care their pics if quoting.

      Sunday, December 12, 2010

      Pokemon Happy Meal Toys (McDonald's JP)

      McDonald's JP announces that starting Happy Meal Set with the following Pokemon Toys (24 kinds pokeballs) during 17 December 2010 to the beginning of January 2011.

      [ Which Pokemon ? ]
      • #025 Pikachu, #465 Snivy, #498 Tepig, #501 Oshawott, 
      • #510 Kibago, #511 Yanappu, #519 Mamepato

      [ Toys Type ? ]
      • No.1 Left upper in pic : Pokemon voice/tone out (named Talking type)
      • No.2 Right upper in pic : Glowing Pokemon inside (named Crystal type)
      • No.3 Left lower in pic : Projector with LED (named Projector type)
      • No.4 Right lower in pic : Pokemon stamp (named Stamper type)

      Moreover, it has limit promotion over the weekend (18/19 Dec, 25/26 Dec), stickers and pencil board are available respectively.

      [ Reference ]
      McDonald's JP : Press release of Pokemon Happy Meal, Christmas Present (pdf)

      Pokemon Figure Bandai Pokemon Chara Kids BW (Bandai)

      Good news for Pokemon Kids fans, the following 5 sets of Pokemon Chara Kids (characters figure) BW will be released from Bandai in February 2011 after an interval of 12 years. All characters figures with a Pokemon clear (translucent) version figure.
      Will upload the photo later.
      • Ash and #519 Mamepato
      • Iris and #610 Kibago
      • Dent and #511 Yanappu
      • Jessi and #527 Koromori
      • James and #052 Meowth
      Pokemon Figure Bandai Pokemon Chara Kids BW

      Here is a reference link for the previous released all Chara Figures (Page#1, Page#2) in 1999.

      [ Reference ]
      Rakuten Net Shop : ToySanta
      Previous lines Reference : ToysQeeJp

      [ Edit ]
      15 Jan 2010 : Uploaded pic

      Saturday, December 11, 2010

      Pokemon Figure Bandai Pokemon Kids BW 3 (Bandai)

      Bandai will release the following 15 figures of Pokemon Kids BW 3 in February 2011, candy toys.
      • #499 Chaoboo, #504 Minezumi, #505 Miruhog , #509 Choroneko, #518 Musharna, 
      • #531 Tabunne, #540 Kurumiru, #555 Hihidaruma, #563 Desukaan, #572 Chillarmy, 
      • #579 Rankurusu, #581 Swanna, #585 Shikijika, #594 Mamanbou, #596 Denchura
      Pokemon Figure Bandai Pokemon Kids BW 3

      BTW, there is a rumor that Pokemon Chara Kids (characters figure) will come out in February, unconfirmed info at present. If confirmed, will post another article. Confirmed, please refer to Pokemon Chara Kids BW.

      [ Edit ]
      12 Dec 2011 : Edited the contents for Pokemon Chara Kids BW
      14 Jan 2011 : Uploaded Pic

      [ Reference ]
      Rakuten Net Shop: RobotRobot

      Pokemon Clipping Figures BW 2 (Bandai)

      Bandai will release 10 figures of Pokemon Clipping Figures BW 2 in March 2011, candy toys and dynamic pose.
      • #496 Servine, #499 Pignite, #502 Dewott, #511 Pansage, #527 Woobat,
      • #530 Excadrill, #540 Sewaddle, #555 Darmanitan, #562 Yamask, #612 Haxorus
      Pokemon Clipping Figures BW 2 Bandai

      [ Reference ]
      Rakuten Net Shop (12pcs set, random asort) : Pollopo, Toysanta Soldout
      YahooJP : Auction searching result

      [ Add ]

      Pokemon Clipping Figures Movies in July 2011
      • #025 Pikachu,#494 Victini,#508 Stoutland, #520 Tranquill, #559 Scraggy, 
      • #585 Deerling (summer), #601 Klinklang,#614 Beartic,
      • #643 Reshiram (od), #644 Zekrom (od)
      Pokemon Clipping Figure Movies Bandai

      [ Edit ]
      22 Feb 2011: Added the image for BW2
      14 Feb 2012 : Added the contents for Movies

      Pokemon Plush in December (PokeCenJP)

      PokeCenJP will release the following plushies on 11 and 25 December 2010 respectively.
      As for other plushies, please refer to these posts.

      [ PokeDoll on 11 December 2010 ]
      • #510 Kibago, #517 Munna, #572 Chillarmy
      Pokemon Plush PokeDoll Kibago Munna Chillarmy PokeCenJP

      [ Pokemon Dream World Plush on 25 December 2010 ]
      • #495 Snivy, #498 Tepig, #501 Oshawott
      Pokemon Plush Dream World Plush Snivy Tepig Oshawott PokeCenJP

      [ Reference ]
      PokeCenJP: News1, News2

      Friday, December 10, 2010

      Bandai Pokemon Kids DX BW 2 (Bandai)

      Bandai will release the following 4 figure in DX BW series in March 2011, candy toys.

      • #530 Excadrill, #612 Haxorus,
      • #643 Reshiram, #644 Zekrom
      Pokemon Figure Pokemon Kids BW DX 2 Excadrill Haxorus Reshiram Zekrom Bandai

      [ Reference ]
      Rakuten Net Shop: Yukkun's Candy Warehouse, ToySanta

      [ Edit ]
      5 Feb 2011:Uploaded pic andchanged Pokemon English name

      Pokemon Bread Promotion Prize (Daiichipan)

      Baker company Daiichipan offers promotion prize, Pokemon Drawing Goods Can, to 3000 winners by lottery, to apply stickers (1set 6pcs) of "Pokemon Bread (ポケモンパン)" by 31 January 2011,
      "Pokemon Bread" is well‐known as Decochara sticker, begun from 1998, series #114 (BW) running now.

      Pokemon Bread Promo Daiichipan

      [ Reference ]
      Daiichipan : Pokemon Bread
      Report of Decochara#114 : Asami's Dialy

      Pokemon Playing Cards BW (Nintendo)

      Nintendo releases Pokemon Playing Cards Black and White on 9 December 2010.  Each set contains two Jokers (Zekrom in Black set/Reshiram in White set).

      [ Black/White ]
      Pokemon Playing Cards BW Nintendo

      This Playing Cards series began in 1996 same as Pokemon game, previous lines as follow:

      [ Red/Green/Blue/Yellow in December 1996 ]

      Pokemon Playing Cards RG Nintendo
      [ Red/Green/Blue/Yellow 3D version in December 1998 ]

      [ Gold/Silver in February 2000 ]

      Pokemon Playing Cards GS Nintendo

      [ Gold/Silver part 2 in December 2000 ]

      Pokemon Playing Cards GS 2 Nintendo

      [ Ruby/Sapphire in March 2003 ]

      Pokemon Playing Cards RS Nintendo

      [ FireRed/LeafGreen in September 2004 ]

      Pokemon Playing Cards FRLG Nintendo

      [ Diamond/Pearl in March 2007 ]

      Pokemon Playing Cards DP Nintendo

      [ Platinum in March 2009 ]

      Pokemon Playing Cards PT Nintendo

      [ Reference ]
      Nintendo : Pokemon Playing Cards BW
      Web Archive : Nintendo

      Thursday, December 9, 2010

      Pokemon Figure Mascot Stamp BW (TTA)

      TTA will release the following stamp with figure, named Pokemon Mascot Stamp BW in the middle of February 2011. Capsule toys, height 35mm.
      • #025 Pikachu, #495 Snivy, #498 Tepig, #501 Oshawott,
      • #517 Munna, #572 Minccino
      Pokemon Figure Mascot Stamp BW Pikachu Snivy Tepig Oshawott Munna Minccino TTA

      As for other stamp items, please refer to these posts.

      [ Reference ]
      Rakuten Net Shop: Toys M.f1rst

      [ Edit ]
      8 Feb 2011: Replaced the pic and changed the referece link.

      Wednesday, December 8, 2010

      Nice France for Inspiration Location of Pokemon movie 14th ?

      Nice and various places in France must be inspiration location for Pokemon movie 14th ビクティニと黒き英雄 (literal means Victini and the Black/Dark hero).
      One of Pokemon film creators, screen writer Hideki Sonoda visited to France in the end of August 2010 according to his twitter, summary of visiting place as follow:
      • 30 Aug: Arrived at Paris then visited to Nice
      • 31 Aug: Pic#1, Pic#2
      • 01 Sep: Visited to Monaco
      • 02 Sep: Walked mountain area in Provence then backed to Nice
      • 04 Sep: Backed to Paris
      • 05 Sep: Backed to Japan
      Hoping Pokemon movie official blog will report on this journey in the near future.

      [ Reference ]

      Tuesday, December 7, 2010

      Pokemon Can Badge Collection (MediaFactory)

      Media Factory will releases the following Pokemon Can Badge Collection on 21 December 2011.
      Candy Toys, random assorts.

      Pokemon Can Badge Set Media Factory

      [ Reference ]
      Media Factory : Pokemon Badge Items (previous released lines)

      BTW, Media Factory will release Pokemon TCG BW Battle strength decks of #638 Cobalon, #639 Terrakion and #640 Viridion respectively in March 2011. Refer to HobbyNet.
      If remeber "Story of d'Artagnan/The Three Musketeers", this post would be interested for you.

      [ Edit ]
      08 Dec 2010: Added contents on The Three Musketeers and Pokemon movie 14th inspiration location

      Pokemon 2011 Calendar 2 (PokemonFanClub)

      Official Pokemon Fan Club/PokeCenJP released the following Pokemon 2011 calendar.
      As for other various Pokemon 2011 calendars, please refer to the previous post.

      [ Art Collection Calendar ]

      • Products : PokeCenJP
      • Release date : 4 December 2010
      • Period : April 2011 to March 2012, Montly type
      • Note: Includes special process printing page (ex. scent of flower if rub petal)
      Pokemon 2011 Calendar Art Collection PokeCenJP

      [ Block Calendar ]
      • Products : PokemonFanClub
      • Release date : Monthly present item (Not for sale item), Apply by 1 January 2011
      • Period : Perpetual
      Pokemon Block Calendar PokemonFanClub

      [ Reference ]
      The following links are accessable after PokemonFanClub member login
      Art Collection Calener, Block Calendar

      Pokemon Figure SG BW 02 (Bandai)

      Bandai will release the following 6 figures of Super Get BW 02 in March 2011.
      All 6 figures have translucent version.
      • #497 Jalorda, #500 Enbuoh, #503 Daikenki
      • #510 Kibago, #572 Chillarmy, #612 Ononokus
      Pokemon Figure SG BW 02 Bandai

      Pokemon Figure Super Get BW 2 Bandai

      As for SG BW 01, please refer to the previous posts.

      [ Reference ]
      Rakuten Net Shop: M1-toys 12pcs set (inc. transl version)

      [ Edit ]
      06 Mar 2011: Added the pic and changed the reference link

      Monday, December 6, 2010

      Pokemon Figure Zipper Mascot BW (TTA)

      Bandai TTA will release the following Zipper Mascot BW in the beginning of March 2011. Capsule toys, height about 35 mm. Will replace the photo later.
      • #025 Pikachu, #495 Snivy, #498 Tepig, #501 Oshawott,
      • #572 Chillarmy, #585 Shikijika (spring)

      Pokemon Figure Zipper Mascot BW Bandai

      [ Reference ]
      Rakuten Net Shop : KidsRoom (6pcs set)

      [ Edit ]
      06 Dec 2010:Edited contents

      Pokemon Plamo Collection Jalorda Evolution Set (Bandai)

      Bandai will release Pokemon Plamo Collection Jalorda (Serperior) Evolution Set on 25 February 2011, includes Pikachu as well. This set is plastic model DIY kit.
      • #025 Pikachu, #495 Snivy, #496 Servine, #497 Serperior
      Pokemon Plamo Collection Jalorda Evolution Set Bandai

      As for Emboar set, please refer to the previous post. Samurott set will come in May March 2011.

      Saturday, December 4, 2010

      Pokemon Zukan Bw 2 (TTA)

      Just short info, next Zukan BW 02 from 2ch.
      It will be released in the end of March 2011 from TTA (Takara Tomy ARTS). Will replace the photo later.
      • #495 Snivy, #496 Janovy, #497 Jalorda
      • #519 Mamepato, #520 Hatobow, #521 Kenhorou (male), #521 Kenhorou (famale)
      • #529 Mogurew, #530 Doryuzu (with diorama)
      • #554 Darumakka, #555 Hihidaruma (normal forme), #555 Hihidaruma (daruma Forme)
      • #572 Chillarmy, #573 Chirachiino (with diorama)
      Pokemon Figure Zukan BW 2 TTA

      [ Reference ]
      Rakuten Net Shop: KidsRooom

      [ Edit ]
      06 Dec 2010: Edited release line and date.
      03 Mar 2011: Replaced the pic from PokemonFan 

      Pokemon Tepra Label BW version (KingJim)

      Office tools/stationary supplies maker King Jim Co. LTD, will release the following printable label BW version for Pokemon Tepra (label printer) on 24 December 2010. 3 kinds of pattern, 2 kind of dimension (L: 2.5m, W: 9mm or 12mm).
      • Snivy, Tepig, Oshawottaa with stylish checkerboard pattern
      • Pikachu, Shikijika, Chillarmy, Koromori, Kibago, Munna, Yanappu with white background
      • Reshiram, Zekrom woth silver background
      Pokemon Tepra Label BW ver KingJim

      As for detail of Pokemon Tepra, please refer to the previous post.

      [ Reference ]
      KingJim : Pokemon Tepro, News

      Friday, December 3, 2010

      Pokemon WakuWaku Gimmick Figure (Bandai)

      Bandai will release Pokemon WakuWaku (means exciting) Gimmick Figure in the beginning of December 2010. Candy and clockwork toy, a figure can be operated as follow with coil spring or flywheel..
      • #025 Pikachu : Dash with moving body up&down
      • #495 Snivy : Spin on the stage   
      • #498 Tepig : Dash then turn obtusely
      • #501 Oshawott : Bound back when hit the wall
      Pokemon WakuWaku Gimmick Figure Bandai

      [ Reference ]
      Bandai official Pokemon page

      Thursday, December 2, 2010

      Pokemon Movie 14th Info (Movie)

      Ohasuta TV Pokemon info program in Japan aired trailer and poster for Pokemon Movie 14th ビクティニと黒き英雄 (literal means Victini and the Black/Dark hero) this morning..
      Ohasuta will show Victini secret info more tomorrow.
      Poster for Pokemon movie 14th ビクティニと黒き英雄 (Victini and the Black/Dark hero) as follow :

      Pokemon Movie 14th Poster

      Trailer (YouTube link)

      [ Reference ]
      Thanks to 蜘蛛僣王's Blog

      [ Edit ]
      06 Dec 2010:Changed Trailer link, thanks to collectorviper

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