Monday, June 30, 2008

Pokemon Plush in Sep Oct Nov (Banpresto)

One more plush info. Banpresto will release the followings, size 15 cm, game prize.
Will update the line up in October and November later.

[ September ]
  • #025 Pikachu, #473 Mamoswine, #486 Regigigas, #487 Giratina (origin), #492 Shaymin (sky)
Pikachu Mamoswine Regigigas Giratina Shaymin Plush Banpresto[ October ]
  • #390 Chimchar, #393 Piplup, #427 Buneary, #440 Happiny, #492 Shaymin sky forme

Chimchar Piplup Buneary Happiny Shaymin sky Plush 2008 Xmas Banpresto
[ November ]
  • #025 Pikachu, #387 Turtwig, #389 Torterra,
  • #390 Chimchar, #392 Infernape, #393 Piplup,
  • #395 Empoleon, #487 Giratina (origin), (and Shaymin sky probably)
Pokemon Plush Set Nov Banpresto
[ Order Link for November ]

If interesting, please check the following PowerAnime's links.
Turtwig, Torterra, Chimchar, Infernape, Piplup, Empoleon,

Pokemon Evolution DX Plush (Banpresto)

Banpresto will release the following evolution plushies, DX type size is 22-26cm, game prize.
  • #418 Buizel, #419 Floatzel (Beginning of July)

Buizel Floatzel DX plush
  • #190 Aipom, #424 Ambipom (Beginning of July)

Aipom Ambipom DX plush

  • #403 Shinx, #405 Luxray (Middle of July)

Shinx Luxray DX plush

  • #427 Buneary, #428 Lopunny (Beginning of August)

Buneary Lopunny DX plush

  • #447 Riolu, #448 Lucario (Beginning of August)

Riolu Lucario DX plush
[ Reference ]
Banpresto : Pokemon Plush Summer Campaign

Pokemon Can Badge Collection (MediaFactory)

MediaFactory will release THAT badge on 27 July officially.
Please refer to previous post 'Shaymin Sky Forme Info#3'. How did they come and list in YJ auction, it is still mystery.

Pokemon Can Badge DP5 MediaFactory[ Reference ]
PokemonJP : New Release Goods

Pokemon Pose Figure Giratina, Shaymin (Subarudo)

Subarudo will release 4 figures (3 packages) of 'Pokemon Pose Figure' movie version in the end of June.
Size is 7-9 cm, movable figure, candy toys. As for previous line up, please refer to Pokemon Pose Figure.
  • #487 Giratina another forme (movable 6 legs)
  • #487 Giratina origin forme (movable body)
  • #492 Shaymin land, sky forme (movable sky forme's neck)

[ Reference ]
Subarudo : Pokemon Pose Figure

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Giratina Figure in Platinum Preorder (kaiyodo)

Left Giratina figure will present by pre-order Platinum game. Right one is metallic paint version, it will present to one thousand buyers who pre-order Platinum game and DS lite Giratina edition at Pokemon fan club. These dynamic figures are designed by Kaiyoudo.

Giratina Present Figure Kaiyodo

Friday, June 27, 2008

Pokemon Figure Release Info in Sep#2 (Bandai PokeKids)

Bandai will release Pokemon Kids special version 12 figures on 15 September.
Includes first starter mate from each game series. These set are prior released in Pokemon Fair 2008 at SevenElevenJapan as Box set.
  • #001 Bulbasaur, #004 Charmander, #007 Squirtle (A set)
  • #152 Chikorita, #155 Cyndaquil, #158 Totodile (B set)
  • #252 Treecko, #255 Torchic, #258 Mudkip (A set)
  • #387 Turtwig, #390 Chimcha, #393 Piplup (B set)
Pokemon Kids Starter Mate Bandai
[ Edit 11 July ] Added set contents and link to other article
[ Edit 19 August ] Replaced the photo

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pokemon 151 #2

Pokemon 151 official site opened today. (ref: Coming Soon Pokemon 151)

[ About Pokemon 151 : Message from PokemonCenterJP ]

PokemonCenterJP releases new brand 'Pokemon 151' in 2008 as 10th Anniversary of PokemonCeneter operating. This brand services for adults/older Pokemon fans with the quest for design and quality of goods.
12 years are past since Pokemon Red Blue release. Person may have various relationship with Pokemon now. Have been loving Pokemon up to now, or receded from Pokemon, or already forgot Pokemon...
PokemonCenterJP believes that you still have a passion same as that time somewhere in your heart.
T-Shirt is designed by Polygraph who is famous artist to create 'a world view of game'. For outside, in the house, any occasion, T-Shirt will be suitable.
If you will have new topic or communication about Pokemon with Pokemon 151, it is a great pleasure for PokemonCenterJP.

[ Designer ]

Polygraph : Official site
Works :design for CD jacket, package of game, digital gadget, logo for TV and T-shirt

[ Current T-Shirt Line Up /Color / Material ]
  • #097 Hypno : gray, cotton 80% polyester 20%
  • #104 Cubone : gray, cotton 80% polyester 20%
  • #144 Articuno : navy, cotton 100%
  • #150 Mewtwo : white, cotton 100%
[ Size ]

1cm = 0.39 inch
SizeChestWideLengthLength of

[ Shipping Destination from NetShop ]

No shipping to international, only Japan.
If interesting, AAPF would work as middle man. Feel free contact by form

[ Note ]

Pokemon 151 is a time limit project, it is one of 10th Anniversary business.
Future scheme (2009) is unfixed at present.

[ Reference ]
Pokemon 151 Official Site
Current Line Up

[ Edit 3 July ]
Additional info: T Shirt has 2 colors of neck tag, green and red, selectable. And "19960227-"(game release date in Japan) is embroidered on sleeve tag.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Game Platinum Info

Just small information. The following three buildings are changing in the new game Platinum.
Upper is Diamon Pearl and lower is Platinum in the photo.
  • GTS
  • Team Galactic's building in Veilstone City
  • Team Galactic's building in Eterna City

New Buildings in Platinum

[ Edit 30 June 2008 ] Rest of photos are uploaded

[ For Platinum Pre-order Link : Available in ]

Pokemon Kids Additional Info (Bandai)

In Pokemon Kids DP8 and movie 2008 set, there are two type of Magnezones. Metallic version in movie set and regular painting in DP8. Just now noted it when editing the toys show photos ^^;

Magnezone Pokemon Kids
[ Omake ]
Can't wait Rotom ? Here you are.

Rotom Pekemon Kids

Pokemon DX Strap, mini Pez (Bandai)

Tokyo Toys Show 2008 was held on 19 to 22 June. The following new items were introduced as preview at Bandai booth.

[ Pokemon DX strap ]

Pikachu, Piplup, Giratina and Shaymin (land&Sky forme) will be released in the end of August.
Will replace the photo later.

Pokemon DX strap Bandai

[ Pokemon mini PEZ DP movie version ]

Pikachu, Piplup, Buneary, Giratina and Shaymin Sky forme will be released in the end of July.
Will replace the photo later.

Bandai Previous mini PEZ lineup : 1#2004, 2#2004, 3#2005, DP#2007, miniminiDP#2008
Nintendo Previous PEZ lineup : Eupo#2001

Pokemon mini PEZ DP 2008
[ Reference ]
About mini PEZ (Chronicle of Japanese mini PEZ)
GO PEZ Japan

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Photos for TomyMC, PokeKids, Keshipoke Uploading

Photos are uploading/repleaced in the following previous article.

Pokemon Plush Info (Banpresto, Tomy)

[ Banpresto ]

Official site has updated June to August's release items. Please refer to the page for June, July and August.

Banpresto Pokemon Plush Jun Jul Aug Info
[ Tomy ]

The following plushies will be released from Tomy on 9 October. Will upload the photo later.
  • #470 Leafeon, #471 Glaceon (Size : 8-10", same as this series)
  • #025 Pikachu, #393 Piplup, #470 Leafeon, #471 Glaceon, #492 Shaymin sky forme (Size will be edited later, relax pose)
To Eeveevolution fas : As for Leafeon and Glaceon plushies from PokemonCenter (pokedoll), official and regit Pokedolls are sold out in almost stores recently and no more product at present. Please do not miss this chance.

[ Edit 25 July ] Additional info is posting to Leafeon & Glaceon plush

[ Edit 9 September ] Latest photos are posting to Leafeon & Glaceon Plush 2

Coming Soon Pokemon 151

What is Pokemon 151 ? It's new brand of Pokemon merchandise for non-kids adults.
Official site will open on 26 June. T-shirts are now on pre-selling at Pokemon Ceneter Tokyo. Interesting in which Pokemon's T-shirt will come out.

[ Reference ]
Personal blog Sunaba-Gym : Coming Pokemon 151Officail site : Pokemon 151
Current T-shirts Lineup

[ Edit 26 June 2008 ]
Added additional article in Pokemon 151#2

Monday, June 23, 2008

Pokemon Partners (Subarudou)

Subarudo will release 'Pokemon Partners' on 20 July. Canday toys, arms moveable, will update about the size later. Thismerchandise is first figure of Hikari/Dawn.
  • Ash and Pikachu
  • Dawn and Piplup

Pokemon Partners Ash Dawn Subarudo
[ Reference ]
Subarudo : Pokemon Partners
YahooJapan : Auction listing result

Friday, June 20, 2008

Pokemon Figure Release Info in November#1 (TomyMC)

Tomy will release 2 new figures of Monster Collection and 1 figure of Battle Scene on 15 November.
Which figure is going to replace, please refer to TomyMC Number List. And as for other Battel Scene figures, please refer to search result.

[ Monster Collection ]
  • #388 Grotle, #481 Mesprit
Grotle Mesprit TomyMC
[ Battle Scene ]
  • #492 Shaymin (sky forme)
Shaymin Sky Forme Battle Scene Tomy

Pokemon Figure Release Info in October#1 (Tomy MC)

Tomy will release 2 new figures of Monster Collection and 1 figure of Battle Scene on 18 October. As for other Battle Scene figures, please refer to search result.
[ Monster Collection ]

  • #404 Luxio, #480 Uxie
Luxio Uxie TomyMC
[ Battle Scene ]
  • #487 Giratina (origin forme)
Giratina origin forme Battle Scene TomyMC

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Shaymin Shaymin Shaymin (Tomy)

Just short notifications.

[ TomyMC figure info ]
  • As for previous article Tomy MC in July, Shaymin sky forme will be released on 12 July. Will upload the photo later.
[ Choro-Q ]
  • As for previous article Choro-Q in July, Shaymin sky forme will be released on 19 July. Photo is uploaded.
[ Plush ]
  • Tomy will release Shaymin sky forme talking plush on 24 July, preview photo from ANA summer campaign as follow.
Shaymin Sky forme Talking Plush
And updated Merchandise release summary in 3Q 2008 and Figure Release summary.
Still pending items are many. Wallet is going to float...

Pokemon Water Park (Bandai)

Bandai will release 'Pokemon Water Park' 4 kind of toys on 21 July.
Includes Pikachu, Piplup, Chimchar and Turtwig figure in the toy respectively.
  • Aqua Jet Slide Mountain (Photo 1) : Pikachu slides down by pouring water to mountain.
  • Eddy Current Lagoon (Photo 2) : Piplup moves by turning handle
  • Wailmer's Wave (Photo 3) : Water flow out at one stretch by pouring water to Wailmer
  • Lapras's Diving Stage (Photo 4) : Turtwig jumps out by pressing switch on Lapras

Pokemon Water Park Bandai
'ザバーン' is onomatopoeic word in Japanese, meaning is the dash of the waves against the rocks storongly.
How to say ''ザバーン'
in English ??

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Preview Photo of Yujin Zukan DP08 Uploading

Preview photo of Yujin Zukan (Pokedex 3D) DP08 is uploaded.
Size of Giratina origin forme is 3.9" (10 cm), Shaymin in diorama, will be released in the beginning of July. Will update the final photo later.

[ Reference ]
Shougakukan Pokemon Special : Zukan DP08 Info

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pokemon Friends DP2 (Bandai)

Bandai will release mini plush series Pokemon Friends DP2 on 23 June.
Includes Pikachu, Piplup, Piplup, Buneary and Shaymin Land and Sky forme. Candy toys, palm top size.
  • #025 Pikachu, #393 Piplup, #427 Buneary, #492 Shaymin (land /sky forme)

Pokemon Friends DP2 Bandai
[ Previous Lineup ]
1997#1, 1997#2, 1998#3, 1998#4, 1998#5, 1998#special,
1999#6, 1999#7, 1999#8, 2000#9, 2000#10, 2000#11,
2001#12, 2001#13, 2004#1, 2004#2, 2004#3, 2005#4, 2007 DP

And another Bandai item 'Pokemon Action Key Chain DP2', the photo is updating.

[ Reference ]
Bandai Candy Toys DB

Pokemon 3D Image Toy Add. Info (McDonald's JP)

As for previous article 'Pokemon 3D Image Toy', it is interesting in disk toys. Using 3D image technology, the visible Pokemon will be reflected on the disk. CM is now on air, please refer to video posting site.

[ Reference ]
Video posting site : Pokemon Happy Meal Set 2008 CM

Friday, June 13, 2008

Pokemon Shaymin Sky Forme Pokedoll

New Pokemon plush (Pokedoll) Shaymin Sky Forme will be released from PokemonCenterJP on 14 June. Size is approx. 6" height. As for Shaymin land forme, please refer to Shaymin Pokedoll. Ohhh very quick operation ....

Shaymin Sky Forme Plush Pokedoll[ Reference ]
PokemonCenterJP : Goods Info (Also Sky forme's cookie, towel, handkerchief etc released)

Uploading Photo Shaymin Choro-Q, Tomy MC etc

The followings are upcoming merchandise additional info based on Corocoro July's magazine.

[ Choro-Q by SevenEleven ]
[ Lottery by SevenEleven ]

  • SevenElevenJapan also will handle lottery. 3 grade of prizes, Large figure, plush and soft-case.
[ New Merchandise Present / Corocoro ]

  • Corocoro Magazine will present the following items by lottery. Items are 1. Arm band, 2. T-shirt, 3. Watch, 4. Tomy MC Clear Figure 4 pcs set (OMG !), 5. Battle Action Figure 2 pcs set, 6. Mini Coin Case, 7. Stationery3 pcs set, 8. DS Lite Cover
  • Probably these items will be released to the market later respectively. In case of Tomy MC clear figures, they released in the movie period in movie 10th, will be same. Shaymin clear figure is also availabe by SevenEleven lunch box.
Corocoro Present
[ Happy meal set / McDonald'sJP ]

  • In previous article Pokemon 3D Image Toy, additional present as bellow, poster and celluloid sheet (laid under writing paper).
McDonald Happy meal set additional item

[ Reference ] Corocoro magazine (July)

Platinum and Movie 11th Additional Info

The followings are additional info for games and movie 11th based on Corocoro July's magazine.

[ Game Pokemon Platinum ]

Mystery Cave
  • The following screen shot is Regigigas performs 'Icy Wind'.
Regigigas Icy Wind
[ Game Pokemon Ranger Batonnage ]

  • Extension mission 'For Bride and Shaymin' is announced. Period : 19 July to 31 August. In the mission, can meet Shaymin. First screen shot : Bride has Shaymin as bouquet. Second : Shaymin runs away. Third : Team Yamiyami also appeared.
Batonnage Ext mission For Bride & Shaymin
[ Movie 11th Giratina and the Icy Sky's Bouquet: Shaymin ]
  • Flying Shaymin by sky forme is unveiled.
Flying Shaymin in Sky Forme
  • For movie visitors, Sticker, Giratina TCG and Shaymin's Battrio pack are presented in the movie theater to the first four milions visitors.
Movie 11th promotions
[ Reference ]

Corocoro magazine (July)
Pokemon JP official site : Platinum, Shaymin forme changing, Regigigas, Batonnage extension mission, Movie Promotion

[ For Platinum Pre-order Link : Available in ]

Shaymin Sky Forme First Merchandise (Bandai)

Time is coming !!
The final photo for previous article Pokemon Strap 2008 Movie version (Bandai) is uploaded.
New Pokemon was Shaymin sky forme. This item is the first official 3D shape merchandise of Shaymin sky forme. It will come out on 18 June. Includes clear version randomly.
  • #025 Pikachu
  • #393 Piplup
  • #487 Giratina (origin forme)
  • #492 Shaymin (land forme)
  • #492 Shaymin (sky forme)

Pokemon Strap 2008 Movie ver
[ Reference ]
Bandai : Bandai Merchandise Catalog Listing
AAPF : Pokemon Strap 2008 Movie version (Bandai)

AAPF posted the above previous article on 1 April, everything was started by it. All pieces of puzzle are connected and solved now. Feeling is just finished to read a long mystery novel, included "super lure".
Hoping you also enjoyed this story :D
Thank you for visiting and your cooperation !

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pokemon Kids DX3 (Bandai)

Bandai will release the following 4 figures on 31 August.
If want to check previous DX items, please refer to Pokemon Kids DX DP series.
  • #462 Magnezone
  • #487 Giratina (another forme)
  • #492 Shaymin (land and sky forme)
Bandai Pokemon Kids DX DP3

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Game Platinum Additional Info

[ Platinum additional info ]
  • Shaymin Land forme is change to Sky forme when trasfer a Shaymin (receiving at the movie theater one) to Platinum game.
  • New place Torn World looks locate in top of Mt. Coronet (Tengan mountain)
  • Outfit and Poketch of main players (boy and girl) are changed newly and a rival is adding
  • For game pre-order, Giratina origin forme dynamic pose figure is presented, size : 6cm

Platinum game Additional info
As for previous info, please refer to Platinum Game Info.

[ Reference ]
Personal Photo Uploader

[ For Platinum Pre-order Link : Available in ]

Movie 11th Shaymin's Voice Announced

As for Shaymin's voice in Pokemon movie 11th 'Giratina and the Icy Sky's Bouquet: Shaymin', Vanilla YAMAZAKI is performing, it was announned yesterday. Pokemon is the first performance in her career.

[ Reference ]
Official site : Vanilla Quest
Diary blog : Shaymin's voice
Profile : AnnimeNewsNetwork

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Shaymin Sky Forme Info#5 (Confirmed Officially) & Platinume Info

[ Shaymin Sky forme ]

The following scanning photo is Shaymin Sky forme from Corocoro July's magazine. It has been announced officially.
  • Type : Grass, Flying
  • Height : 0.4 m
  • Weight : 5.4 kg
Shaymin Sky Forme
[ Platinum Game Info ]
  • Regirock, Regice and Registeel are available when transfer a Regigigas (receiving at the movie theater one) to Platimum. (Oh they are there in Shinou too ! Not only Houenn)
  • New map (name: torn world) is adding in Shinou
  • New two persons are adding
  • Not yet announned release date of Platinum, but booking start on 18 19 July in Japan.
New Map in PlatinumTorn World & New Poketch[ 1st Edit ] 10 June PM8:40 JST / 10 June AM4:40 PST
[ 2nd Edit ] 10 JunePM9:23 JST / 10 June AM5:23 PST Game info added
[ 3rd Edit ] 10 JunePM9:35 JST / 10 June AM5:35 PST Shaymin Sky forme info added
[ 4th Edit ] 11 June AM11:17 JST / 10 June PM9:17 PST Torn World&New Poketch added

Shaymin Sun Visor (Uniqlo)

UNIQLO Co. Ltd. is a Japanese casual wear designer, manufacturer and retailer.
Uniqlo T-shirt project (UT) will release Pokemon 6 T-shirts on 14 June. UT store will present a Shaymin Sun Visor to the first one hundred buyers during 14-15 June.

Shaymin Sun Visor Uniqlo[ Reference ]
Wikipesia : Uniqlo Co. Ltd
UT store : Pokemon T-Shirt

Monday, June 9, 2008

Shaymin SKy Forme Info#4

SevenElevenJapan will start Pokemon Fair on 10 July for movie 11th promotion.
The following mini-mini Choro-Q car as freebie will be availabe when buying two drinks.
It is the first time that Sky Forme's merchandise is announced commercially.
  • #025 Pikachu
  • #387 Turtwig
  • #390 Chimchar
  • #393 Piplup
  • #483 Dialga
  • #486 Regigigas
  • #487 Giratina (origin forme)
  • #487 Giratina (another forme)
  • #492 Shaymin (land forme)
  • #492 Shaymin (sky forme)
[ Reference ] Canday Toys Info Thread in 2ch

Pokemon art fans have started to draw Sky forme pics, Pictimes is very nice :D

[ Edit : 13 July ] the following photo is uploaded from Corocoro June'smagazine.

mini Choro-Q

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Shaymin Sky Forme Info#3

The following item are lisiting at Yahoo Japan auction since 1 June.
It looks 'Pokemon Can Badge Collection 5' from Mediafactory, official release on 24 June 27 June.
Information from Heerosferret, many thank you !!

YJ action item Shaymin Badge

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Shaymin Sky Forme Info#2

Baker company Daiichipan starts stickers collection (well‐known as Deco-chara) No.92 recently. The following Japanese blog owner is one of Deco-chara fans. She wrote "realized includes deference Shaymin forme in No.92. Checked it myself by the net, then understood that also Shaymin can change to other forme, same as Giratina" on 3 June. The photo is appeared today. Thanks to Pokemon Movie thread in 2ch.

[ Reference ]
One of Japanese blog : Shaymin Forme Change
Photo : deleted post from cach

Shaymin Other Forme DecoChara
[ Added ] 8 June 2008 AM6:42 JST/ 7 June 2008 PM14:42 PST

Photo was found by google cach. Original article was posted on 4 June, before appearing drink cup photo from Pokemon official site. Blog owner deleted original article because someone gave her pressure via blog's comment.
And she said there are three kind of Sky forme stickers. Now Pokemon fans especially Deco-chara fans are looking for other stickers before June's Corocoro release.

Pokemon Figure Release Info in July#6 (Bandai PokeKids)

Bandai will release Pokemon Kids DP8 14 figures on 15 July.
Updated summary list of released figure, refer to Pokemon DP figure release summary. PokemonKids is going to be fully covered DP 106 Pokemons except for Arceus. As for Movie 2008 set, please refer to Movie 2008 set.
  • #389 TorterraPokemon Kids DP8 Bandai
  • #419 Floatzel
  • #425 Drifloon
  • #439 Mime Jr.
  • #441 Chatot
  • #450 Hippowdon
  • #456 Finneon
  • #462 Magnezone
  • #473 Mamoswine
  • #477 Dusknoir
  • #479 Rotom
  • #486 Regigigas
  • #492 Shaymin (land forme)
  • #492 Shaymin (sky forme)

PokeKids etc Photos Uploading

The photos are uploaded to the following previous articles. Will replace the final photo later.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Shaymin Sky Forme Probably

Official Pokemon JP site updated upcoming Pokemon Festa 2008 info today.
In the page for explanation of drink place in festa, there was a photo of drink tumbler. Please see the following photo, and check Pikachu left side. Like a white Leafeon is there. This photo and related page have already deleted after few minutes.
Thanks to Pokemon Movie thread in 2ch.

[ Reference ]
Pokemon Festa 2008
Deleted photo backup

[ Edit ] 6 June 2008 PM8:00 JST / 6 June AM4:00 PST
[ 2nd Edit ] 6 June 2008 PM8:27 JST / 6 June AM4:27 PST Uploading enlarge photo
[ 3rd Edit ] Spelling correction ... orz
[ 4th Edit ] If want to check AAPF's article about Shaymin forme, please refer to Shaymin Forme Info.

Shaymin Sky Forme ProbablyEnlarge Shaymin Sky Forme Probably

Shaymin Land Forme Confirmed

Shaymin "Land forme" is confirmed by the following two sites.
  • Land forme is mentioned in the photo that Tomy's toy 'Super Battle Card Stadium, Shaymin extension figure set', will be released on 13 July. The following blog has two photos. First one is 'famous photo' as you known and second is a screen copy from official Tomy products page. Second photo has been deleted from Tomy's site at present, but same day release Regigigas and Giratina are left. [ Reference : Japanese blog1 ]
  • Land forme is tagged on display shelf for Shaymin Pokedoll at one of PokemonCenter. PokemonCenter where AAPF usual visiting place doesn't mention it. [ Reference : Japanese blog2 ]
AAPF is certain these two are not "sophisticated fishing".
If want to check AAPF's article about Shaymin forme, please refer to Shaymin Forme Info.
OK, next is Sky Forme. Countdown starting.

Pokemon Clipping Figures Part 4 (Bandai)

Bandai will release the followng 12 figires in the end of August.
Size is 1.9 "-2.7", candy toys, dynamic pose. If want to check previous Clipping figures, please refer to part 1, part 2 and part 3.
  • #025 Piakchu, #387 Turtwig, #390 Chimchar, #393 Piplup
  • #397 Staravia, #462 Magnezone, #472 Gliscor,#473 Mamoswine
  • #486 Regigigas, #487 Giratina (origin forme), #492 Shaymin (land, sky forme)
Pokemon Clipping Figure part 4 Bandai

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pokemon Reel Key Holder (Kyoudo)

Kyoudoh will release Pokemon Reel Key Holder in the middle of September. Gachapon (capsule) toys, the following 10 kinds, size is 1.29" (33mm) or 1.69" (43mm).
  • #025 Pikachu, #026 Raichu, #387 Turtwig, #390 Chimchar, #393 Piplup
  • #399 Bidoof, #403 Shinx, #417 Pachirisu, #446 Munchlax, #447 Riolu

Pokemon Reel Keyholder Kyodoh
[ Reference ]
GachaponShop Takarajima : Pokemon Reel Keyholder
Kyodoh Official Blog : Pokemon Reel Keyholder

[ Edit 2 September]
Added photo and Pachirisu/Bidoof

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