Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pokemon Bath Powder BW (Bandai)

One more bath goods subject, Bandai will release bath powder (solid type、egg form) BW in the beginning of November 2010, bath powder contains a figure. It is named in Japanese 'びっくら ? たまご' (meaning : Surprised ? Egg). 
  • #025 Pikachu,
  • #495 Tsutaja, #498 Pokabu, #501 Mijumaru,
  • #643 Reshiramu, #644 Zekromu

As for previous released series DP1 to DP6, please refer to Pokemon Water Toys.
After DP6 to BW, as follow.

DP7 (September 2009)

Pokemon Bath Powder DP7 Bandai

GS (January 2010)

Pokemon Bath Powder GS Bandai

Movie 13 (July 2010)

Pokemon Bath Powder Movie 13 Bandai
[ Reference ]
Bandai Officail Catalog Page

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