Saturday, August 30, 2008

Two New CM for Platinum

Pokemon new game Platinum is going to be released on 13 September in Japan. Two new CM are now on air.

[ Platinum CM from Nintendo ]

[ Platinum CM on TV ]

[ Pre-order Link : Available in ]

Friday, August 29, 2008

Platinum Info Updating by Nintendo

Nintendo updates Platinum game info page today. Additional point are :
  • Making Pofin with Wi-Fi
  • Changing own Egg to another one with DS wireless (without Wi-Fi)

[ Reference ]

Nintendo : Pokemon Platinum's page

[ For Platinum Pre-order Link : Available in ]

DPt Naming for Diamond Pearl Platinum

What does Diamond Pearl Platinum official stand for, apparently it is called 'DPt'. Includes atomic symbol Pt as Platinum. PokemonJP announces new Pokemon TCG series DPt on 10 October.
AAPF thought DPP ^^;

[ Reference ]

PokemonJP : New Pokemon TCG series : Next Japanese TCG Set

[ For Platinum Pre-order Link : Available in ]

Circuit-Bending Music with 12 Pikachu Toys

Can we call it Y.M.O ( Yellow Magic Mouse Orchestra ) ?
Japanese musician Kaseo performed circuit-bending music with 12 Pikachu at Tokyo last year. He modified the electronic circuit in Pikachu figure toys, then made musical instruments.

[ Reference ]

Kaseo's official site : bEnt or diE ?
Wired News : Hacked Pikachu Dolls Create Electronic Choir

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pokemon Watches

Several Pokemon watches are released recently, would clarify them here.

[ Analog type from PokemonJP for movie 11th ]

Pokemon Analog Watch PokemonJP movie 11th
[ Analog type from PokemonJP ]

Pokemon Analog Watch PokemonJP
[ Digital type from Ensky ]

Pokemon Digital Watch Ensky
[ Digital type from Yujin (with cover), will be released in November ]

Pokemon Digital Watch Yujin

[ Digital type from Subarudo, will be released in the end of September ]

Pokemon Watch Subarudo
[ Edit 8 September ] Added Subarudo's watch

[ Order Link ]

As for order of Ensky's watch, please check the following YesAsia's links.
Ensky Pokemon watch

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pokemon New Plush

New forme ? Tipsy Pikachu !?
It's Panpukin Pikachu plush for Halloween from PokemonCenterJP, will be released in September. Rotom pokedoll as well.
Panpukin Pikachu
[ Reference ] PokemonCenter's Ad-paper for September

Monday, August 25, 2008

True of Shaymin Sky Forme

Oh found the true of Shaymin Sky forme.
It is revealed at Pokemon Festa 2008 ! (check last photo :D )

[Reference ]

Ryoku's blog (Japanese)

Uploading Photo for Gible, Azelf (TomyMC)

As for Gible, Azelf figures from TomyMC, a photo is uploading to the previous article.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Pokemon Body Paint Sticker (Toysrus)

Toysrus Japan starts the Pokemon promotion, to present Pokemon Body Paint Sticker (can stick it to your arm, face or etc as you like, one time use) on 17 July to 31 August.

Pokemon Body Sticker Toysrus[ Reference ]

Toysrus's advertisement : July, August
Using sample : rikimaru's blog

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pokemon Models Movie 11th Version (Bandai)

Bandai will release the following Pokemon Models (assemble kits, candy toys) on 30 September.
  • #486 Regigigas, #487 Giratina origin, #492 Shaymin sky
Pokemon Models Movie 11th Version Bandai
[ Previous Lineup ]
  • 1998#1 (Pikachu, Articuno, Mewtwo, Mew)
  • 1998#2 (Pikachu & Togepi, Moltres, Kabutops, Lapras)
  • 1999 (Blastoise, Zapdos, Venusaur, Charizard)
  • 2000 (Raikou, Entei, Suicune)
  • 2001 (Lugia, Moltres, Articuno, Zapdos)
  • 2007 (Palkia, Dialga, Darkrai)
[ Reference ]

Bandai : Candy Toys

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Uploading Photo of Pokemon Kids Starter Mate (Bandai)

Photo of Bandai Pokemon Kids Starter mate (release on 15 Sep) is replaced in previous article.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Figure Display for Without Stand

As for figure display, AAPF receives many inquiries especially without stand figure (like TomyMC Articuno, Moltres etc). In previous article, figure table for with stand figure was introduced.
Here is recommendable stand-kits, Mini MS (mobile suit) stand from HobbyBase. It can hold the figure in any position. Actually it was developed for Gundam MS figures, but can be used for other figures.
  • Size : Height 15cm, Base 7.5 cm x 7.5cm
  • Color : Black, Ivory, Blue clear, Pink, Clear, White
  • Can bend rod and arms flexibly

[Reference ]
Sample1 : Kaede_sg's personal blog
Sample2 : Terra's personal blog
HobbyBase official site : Stands merchandise

Uploading Photo of Full Body Puppet (Heartland)

Photo of Pikachu, Shaymin's fullbody puppet is uploaded to previous article.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pokemon Piplup Nohohon Figure (Tomy)

Tomy will release Piplup Nohohon (meaning in Japanese: 'relaxation', also known as 'the Sunshine Buddies') figure at 28 August. It is a solar powered swing-head.
As for Pikachu Christmas version, please refer to Pikachu Nohohon figure.

Piplup Nohohon Figure Tomy

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Shaymin Freebie in Schoolchildren Magazine (Shogakukan)

Schoolchildren magazine published in August from Shogakukan, primary grade 1 and 2 have the following Shaymin's freebie.
  • Ballpoint pen with soap bubble generator [Primary grade 1 magazine]
  • Paper fan, can be changed Shaymin forme with holographic [Primary grade 2 magazine]
Shaymin freebie Shogakukan Magazine
[ Reference ]
Shogakukan : Shogaku 1 nensei (primary grade 1), Shogaku 2 nensei (primary grade 2)

New Forme or New Pokemon in Platinum 2 (Game)

As for new five pokemon, Platinum official site has added the page as hot news.
One additional info : Delivering item can be shared to other player max 5 persons who has Platinum game. (same case as Electabuzz/Magmar in 2006)
Detail will be unveiled in the same page and on Corocoro October's magazine (13 September publish).

[ Reference ]

Platinum Official site : HotNews No.6

[ For Platinum Pre-order Link : Available in ]

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Corocoro's September Magazine Info (Game)

In 2ch Platinum thread, one person uploaded rest of Corocoro scanning page with good quality.

BTW, Pokemon blog BlueSky was attacked from 2ch users (via network, comment/trackback flood writing etc) last night, then the blog closed temporally. Because the blog violated the copy right rule, the photo was copied without quotation/permit from another personal blog who uploaded the photo by buying. 2ch users sent several warnings/complaint to BlueSky so far. Now everything is OK, Blue sky is running as usual.

Info or news handling site includes my site AAPF, must care quotation.
Sometimes I' ve forgot to write the quotation/reference. AAPF's guide line for quotation as follow:

Source fromQuotationNotes
Information by buying (own property, buying book/photo/catalog/figure/plush/info etc)No quote
Company (Merch. regular release)No quoteTomy, Bandai, Yujin, PokemonJP, Banpresto etc
Company (Merch. irregular release, campaign info etc)Quote
Anonymous site/blogQuote basically2ch, youtube,
other Pokemon fan site etc
Personal site/blogQuote

Please reconsider this in your site.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pokemon Kids Other Color Figures Present Campaign (Pokekids)

Bandai will start to present Pokemon Kids 10 pcs set other color version (Shiny Pokemon) in September 2008 to March 2009.

Pokemon Kids Promotion 2008 Shiny Pokemon 10pcs Giveaway Bandai

[ Detailed ]
  • To collect 5 marks on figure's box of starter mate set or new series
  • To send collecting 5 marks on a postcard, to BLP Bandai Pokemon Kids campaign, zip 119-0238, Japan
  • 200 winners per month
[ Reference ]
Bandai candy toys : Pokemon Kids present campaign

Tomy MC Giorama 8pcs Set Additional Info (Tomy)

Just short notification.
TomyMC Diorama 8pcs figures set is included the following Battel Scene figures as prior release.

Pokemon Platinum Latest Contents (Game)

The following file is latest Platunum game prevew in Pokemon Festa 2008, held on 9 August (just 4hours before) at Yokohama. Included The Torn World, Battle Frontia and unknown 5 silhouettes etc etc. Original is uploaded at Niconico movie service. Thanks to niconico & 2ch thread.
Check it !

[ Edit 9 Aug]
As for unknown 5 silhouettes Pokemon, 'Pokemon Scoope' as detailed info will be enclosed in Platinum game package.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

New Forme or New Pokemon in Platinum (Game)

The following photo is uploading in Japanese huge message board service 2ch Platinum thread.
Unknown 5 silhouettes are there. Rotom's new forme or other ?? Photo was taken at Platinum pre-order booth in ToysRUs and Tsutaya. In the photo, the following info are mentioned :
  • Items for these Pokemon will be delivered on 28 Sep to 4 Nov
  • We can't see them with ordinary game playing
Will post more detailed soon.

Unknown Pokemon in Platinum
[ Edit 9 Aug ]

As for unknown 5 silhouettes Pokemon, 'Pokemon Scoope' as detailed info will be enclosed in Platinum game package accroding to Platinum latest game preview in Pokemon Festa 2008.

[ Edit 11 Aug ]

Pokemon official site uploads the info to this page. One additional info : Delivering item can be shared to other persons who has Platinum game till 5 times.

[ For Platinum Pre-order Link : Available in ]

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pokemon Figure Release Info in Nov (Bandai SG)

Bandai will release the following 10 figures in the end of November as Super Get Plutinum World 02. All 10 figures has plutinum color version.
  • #389 Torterra, #392 Infernape, #395 Empoleon, #403 Shinx, #418 Buizel,
  • #427 Buneary, #487 Giratina (another), #489 Phione, #490 Manaphy, #492 Shaymin (sky)
Pokemon Super Get Platinum World 2 Bandai[ Pre-Order Link ]

If interesting, please check the following PowerAnime's link.
Pokemon DP Cho Get Daizen Platina World 02 Gashapon Set

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pokemon Diorama World & Netsuke Mascot (Yujin)

[ Pokemon Diorama World ]

Photo is uploading to the previous arttilce. Gashapon-shop M.f1rst has more various photos.

[ Pokemon Netsuke Mascot ]

Yujin releases 'Pokemon Netsuke (strap) Mascot Movie 11th version', the following 6 figures in the end of July, gashapon toys.
  • #025 Pikachu, #393 Piplup, #486 Regigigas
  • #487 Giratina (origin), #492 Shaymin (land, sky)

Pokemon Netsuke Mascot Yujin
[ For order link : ]

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pokemon Animation All Adventures Guide (Book)

Shougakukan publishes the following book 'Pokemon Animation All Adventures Guide' on 25 July.
Size is 26 x 21 cm, 82 pages. It is super reference for Pokemon TV annimation, is covering :
  • Meeting Ash and Pikachu, then all adventures (Kanto, , the Orange Islands, Johto, Hoenn, Battle Frontier and Shinnoh)in TV annimation
  • All appeared trainers, gym leaders and gym badges
  • All movies summary, includes movie 11th
  • Detailed league games、contest, map, items, All Pokemon etc

Pokemon Animation All Adventures Guide Shogakukan
Here is sample scanning for your glance.
Sure, we can call it "All About Pokemon Animation for 11 Years"

Sample Scanning
[ ISBN No: 4091123481 ] Reference to

Pokemon Figure Zukan DP08, 09 Additional Info

[ DP08 ]
  • Giratina origin figure is terrible assort (including rate in Gashapon machine) in DP08, it's very hard to get...
[ DP09 ]
  • Shogakukan's Pokemon page uploads the partial photo. We can see Combee, Vespiquen, Gabite, Gabaito, Garchomp and Palkia.
[ Reference ] Shogakukan Pokemon Special : Yujin Zukan News

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Pokemon Figures Bandai SG Photo Uploading

Photo for Bandai SG Platinum World 01, release in September is uploading.
All 10 figures has plutinum color version.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Pokemon 151 T-Shirt #4 and Shaymin etc Puppet

[ Pokemon 151 T-Shirt Info ]

#14 Kakuna is added as new line, now available at PokemonCenter Tokyo, official site will update it soon has updated it.

[ Puppet ]

Heartland releases the following puppets on 25 July 2008.
  • Standard type : #393 Piplup, #397 Staravia, #417 pachirisu, #424 Ambipom, #472 Gliscor (Length : 22cm)
  • Full body type : #025 Pikachu, #492 Shaymin land forme (Length : 27cm)
Pokemon Fullbody Puppet Heartland

[ Edit ]
10 August : kakuna T-Shirt is added in Pokemon 151 Official site.
15 August : Uploading photo of Pikachu, Shaymin's puppet.

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