Monday, January 5, 2009

'Pokemon A' in Pokemon Sticker Movie 12th version (Yujin)

'Pokemon A' is coming again.
Yujin (Tomy Arts) will release Pokemon Sticker Movie 12th version in the middle of April, gashapon (capsule toy), 5 kind of capsules, 5 kind sticker inside. Will replace the photo later.
Same as movie 11th last year (before official announce Shaymin sky forme), includes 'Pokemon A'. Not sure this Pokemon A is new Pokemon or Arceus at present, will be cleared by upcoming info.

Pokemon Sticker Movie 12th ver Yujin
[ Capsule 1 Monsterball ]
  • Pikachu 1, Notched ear Pichu 1, Grotle, Monferno, Piplup
[ Capsule 2 Monsterball ]
  • Pikachu 2, Notched ear Pichu 2, Meowth, Pachirisu, Croagunk
[ Capsule 3 Masterball ]
  • Giratina another 1, Dialga 1, Palkia 1, Pokemon A 1, Pokemon A 2
[ Capsule 4 Hyperball ]
  • Giratina another 2, Dialga 2, Bronzong, Heatran, Pokemon A 3
[ Capsule 5 Superball ]
  • Palkia 2, Staraptor, Gliscor, Mamoswine, Pokemon A 4

[ Referece ]
Pokemon Sticker Movie 11th version (Yujin)

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It was poor explanation of Eevee Paper Watch, orz, posted additional info.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pokemon Foods Knapsack (Meiji)

Japanese confectionery and pharmaceutical company Meiji Seika Kaisha, Ltd releases Pokemon Food Knapsack on 27 December 2008, it is available at convenience store Seven-Eleven Japan only. Includes foods, small pouch.
  • #025 Pikachu, #487 Giratina (origin), #492 Shaymin (land)

Pokemon Foods Knapsack Meiji
[ Reference ]
Seven Eleven Japan : New Year Fair

Pokemon Plush in World Hobby Fair 2009

World Hobby Fair (WHF) 2009 will be held from 18 January to 8 February at Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya and Fukuoka sequentially. PokemonJP will sell the following plushies.

[ Pokedoll ]
  • #399 Bidoof, #406 Budew, #488 Cresselia
  • Note: Already released at PokemonCenterJP in January 2009
Pokemon Plush Bidoof Budew Cresselia PokemonJP
[ Other Plush ]
  • #006 Charizard , #384 Rayquaza
  • Will edit size later, looks appx 24cm
  • Note: They are different from plush that Tomy had released Charizard and Rayquaza's plush (size: appx 22cm) in 2004. Prior-release in WHF
Pokemon Plush Charizard Rayquaza PokemonJP
[ Reference ]
WFH official site, WFH Pokemon Goods info

Friday, January 2, 2009

Eeveelution Paper Watch (PokemonCenter JP)

For Diamond, Pearl and Platinum game promotion, PokemonCenter JP distributes Eevee to your DS/DSi from last December to 12 January.
Moreover, when you bring evolved Eevee (Vaporeon or Jolteon or Flareon or Espeon or Umbreon or Leafeon or Glaceon) after playing game, the following paper watch will be presented from 17 to 31 January.

Eeveelution Paper Watch PokemonCenterJP[ Reference ]
Current News : Eeveelution Paper Watch

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[ Edit 5 January 2009 ]
  • No plan to sell, promotional product.
  • Material is paper basically, Polypropylene (PP) cording on the paper probably. Like this.

Pokemon Stationery Set (Namco)

Hoping you had good holiday season and new year.

Namoco's game center in Japan presents Pokemon stationery set from 20 December 2008 to 12 January 2009.
Includes a pencil, pencil case and ruler set.

Pokemon Pencil Case Namco[ Reference ]
Namco Land : Pokemon Promotion, Detailed condition for stationery present

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