Monday, September 30, 2013

Registered Trademark and Mega Pokemon 2

[ Edit ] Added missing DP/BW Pokemon and edited conclusions  

After posting 'Registered Trademark and Mega Pokemon', AAPF updates the potential list of Mega Pokemon by further trademark investigation. Would like to report here.

[ More Investigation Point ]
  • To check all Pokemon Names of trademark, and clarify the full picture
  • To select 'Game' of trademark scope only 
  • To extract 'trademark expire date' from trademark database
[ Trademark Raw Data ]

[ Status of Trademark Registration ]
  • All 234/649 Registration rate 36%
  • 1st Gen 31/151 Registration rate 20%
  • 2nd Gen 28/100 Registration rate 28% 
  • 3rd Gen 48/135 Registration rate 36%
  • 4th Gen 56/107 Registration rate 52%
  • 5th Gen 71/156 Registration rate 46% 
After DP 4th Generation, almost half Pokemon names are registered due to trademark international dispute. According to registration rate, no registration of appeared every Pokemon in the game, probably selected Pokemon that related with game main Pokemon, anime, movie and merchandise marketing. That is, to register previous Pokemon name newly is to come again in game, anime, movie and merchandise marketing.

[ Potential List of Mega Pokemon ]

To list up by the following condition
  • No Evolution Pokemon and Evolution final Pokemon (346 Pokemon) 
  • and has been registered trademark
  • and valid trademark on and after XY releasing  (after 2013.10) 
  • and devide into B2W2 releasing (2012.6), List 1 as before B2W2, List 2 as after B2W2.
 => Raw data is here  (sorted by expire data)

[ Conclusions ]

List 1: Low potential Mega Pokemon  (Trademark process done before B2W2)
Lucario,Venusaur, Mewtwo are on the list, but it's coincidence. These trademarks process had been done for FRLG, Emerald, DP, Pt, BW and B2W2, not for XY. Why Mawile is not included because it had been registered by other company.ADD
List 2 : High potential Mega Pokemon (Trademark process done after B2W2)
*Charizard,*Gengar,Jynx,*Gyarados,*Ampharos,Scizor,*Tyranitar,*Gardevoir,*Medicham,Banette,*Abomasnow,Kyogre,Kecleon,Latias,Latios,*Blaziken,Pinsir,*Aerodactyl,Houndoom,Groudon,*Kangaskhan,*Aggron,Plusle,Minun,Sceptile,* Blastoise,Rayquaza,* Absol, Heracross

As for Heracross is not registered yet (maybe rejected or cancel ?) at the moment, but added it to the list 2 by manual.Stats 600 group member Slaking, Salamence, Metagross and Garchomp are not registered in trademark actually, but Garchomp comes, so not sure Slaking, Salamence and Metagross.

So looks long way to see all Mega Pokemon in XY, we will enjoy until then :D

[ Edit ]
2013.10.4 Corrected Mawile, it had been registered by other company actually.
2013.10.10 Feedback latest Mega Pokemon 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Pokemon Soft Vinyl Figure Yveltal Xerneas Set (Tomy)

Tomy will release the following Pokemon soft vinyl figure Yveltal Xerneas Set on 12 October 2013.
  • Movable part Yveltal : legs, Xerneas : wings 
  • Size W330 x H225 x D130mm
  • includes figure stands
Pokemon Soft Vynil Figure Yveltal Xerneas Set Tomy

[ Order Link]
Rakuten, AmazonJP

Upcoming Pokemon Kids XY1 final pic (black-and-white) is tweeting.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Upcoming Pokemon Plush in Oct (PokeCenJP)

[ Reposting ] Added/replaced the images

PokeCenJP will release the following plush on 12 October 2013.

Pokemon XY Plush PokeCenJP 12 Nov release

  • Chespin Fennekin Froakie 1/1 size plush
Pokemon XY Plush PokeCenJP 12 Nov release

  • Yveltal Xerneas Large size 50cm plush
Pokemon XY Plush PokeCenJP 12 Nov release

  • 15cm-20cm Plush
  • Chespin Fennekin Froakie Gogoat Helioptile Fletchling  
  • Pancham Scatterbug Frabebe Bulbasaur Charmander Squirtle
  • Pikachu  
Pokemon XY Plush PokeCenJP 12 Nov release
Pokemon XY Plush PokeCenJP 12 Nov release
Pokemon XY Plush PokeCenJP 12 Nov release
[ Reference ]
PokeCenJP : Merch News
AmazonJP : Coming soon

Thursday, September 26, 2013

New Pokemon Doublade (XY)

The Pokemon Company International's facebook site announces that new Pokemon Doublade today.  It's Honedge's evolution, Steel/Ghost-type, the ability No Guard.
Japanese name not announced yet is 'ニダンギル'.
Using move Sacred Sword.


[ Reference ]
TPCi Facebook 

[ Edit ]
27 Sep 2013 : Added Japanese nameand move info

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Upcoming Pokemon Figure in Oct 2013 (Tomy)

[ Reposting ] Added the images and edit the contents.

Tomy will release the following figures on 12 October 2013, worldwide release.
Actually some retail stores already begun to sell these, some retailers will sell on 1 October. 
Thank you for the info to Pkmncollectors@LJ and @Oceanuis.

[ Overall ]

Pokemon Figure Tomy MONCOLLE Overall

[ MONCOLLE Hyper Size Series (HP) ] Height 18.5cm
  • Yveltal (MP-01), Xerneas (MP-02)
Pokemon Figure Yveltal Xerneas HP Moncolle Tom

[ MONCOLLE Super Size Series (SP) ] Height 12cm
  • Venusaur (SP-01), Charizard (SP-02), Blastoise (SP-03)
Pokemon Figure Venusaur  Charizard  Blastoise SP Moncolle Tomy

[ MONCOLLE Regular Size Series (MC)  ]
  • Thanks for the info to @denkimouse
  • Chespin (MC-05), Fennekin (MC-06), Froakie (MC-07)
  • Helioptile (MC-08), Fletchling (MC-09), Gogoat (MC-10)
  • Dedenne (MC-11), Bunnelby (MC-12), Noivern (MC-14), Inkay (MC-13)

Pokemon Figure Tomy MC Chespin  Fennekin Froakie
Pokemon Figure Tomy MC Bunnelby Noivern Inkay

  • Pikachu (MC-01), Bulbasaur (MC-02), Charmander (MC-03), Squirtle (MC-04)
Pokemon Figure Tomy MC Pikachu Bulbasaur Charmander Squirtle

[ MONCOLLE Monster Ball Series (B)  ]
  • Chespin (B-01), Fennekin (B-02), Froakie (B-03)  : New Pose
  • Helioptile (B-04), Dedenne (B-05) : Pose is same as above

[ Reference/Order link ]
HP series : Rakuten
SP series : Rakuten
MC series : Rakuten
B series : Rakuten

Tomy Official Page

For Tomy Pokemon figure fans, new site "Tomy Pokemon Figure Navi" is now running  please check it !

Friday, September 20, 2013

Pokemon XY Puzle (Ensky) and Why Manectric and Croagunk ?

Ensky will release the followingjigsaw puzle in October 2013.

Pokemon XY Jigsaw Puzle Ensky 108 pcs
  • Title : Going to Kalos Region
  • Piece : 108 pcs 
  • Size : 26 x 38 cm
Pokemon XY Jigsaw Puzle Ensky 108 pcs
  • Title :Everyboday Friends
  • Piece : 108 pcs 
  • Size : 26 x 38 cm
Pokemon XY Jigsaw Puzle Ensky 300 pcs
  • Title : Shall we meet at Kalos Region
  • Piece : 300 pcs 
  • Size : 38 x 53 cm
Pokemon XY Jigsaw Puzle Ensky 500 pcs
  • Title : Gathering Kalos Pokemon
  • Piece : 500 pcs 
  • Size : 50 x 75 cm
In the last image, do you realize that Eeveelutions, Gardevoir, Manectric and Croagunk are included. We've already known Sylveon and Gardevoir have Fairy Type. However why Manectric and Croagunk are included, something special or will be Mega Pokemon ?

[ Reference/Order link ]

New Pokemon Aurorus and Tyrantrum (XY)

The following new Pokemon have been revealed from JeuxVideo and IGN respectively.

  • Amaura's Evolution : Aurorus (アマルルガ)
  • Type : Rock/Ice
  • Has a new attack called Freeze-Dry  

  • Tyrunt's Evolution : Tyrantrum (ガチゴラス)
  • Type : Rock/Dragon

Also some details XY game info out from Polygon. According to interview, Kalos new  Pokemon will NOT have a Mega Evolution in Pokemon X and Y, only previous Pokemon gen 1 to 5 have Mega Evolution..

[ Reference ]

[ Edit ]
20 Sep 2013 : Added the pics and Japanese name

R.I.P. Hiroshi Yamauchi

Nintendo former president Hiroshi Yamauchi passed away by pneumonia on 19 September. He was 85. Ceremony schedule is vigil on 21 September, funeral at 2 p.m. Nintendo HQ Kyoto, Japan on 22 September 2013.

If you have Pokemon Red/Blue/Gold/Silver, remember the ending roll.
His name was on credit as executive producer.

R.I.P. Thank you to Hiroshi Yamauchi

We thank you for great all game consoles, and found business potential of  'Capsule Monster' in 1990 instead of Namco.

May he rest in peace.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New Pokemon XY Trailers

Nintendo eShopJP releases the following new XY CM and trailer.
Thanks for the sharing video to NintenDaanNC.

[ CM ]

[ Overview Trailer ]
Around 2:05 Marill uses new Fairy-type move 'じゃれつく' (Frolic/Playful? No official English name yet). Add

Pokemon Mascot Key Chains XY (TTA)

Takara Tomy ARTS will release the following candy toys called Pokemon Mascot Key Chains XY on 14 October 2014.

Pokemon mascot Key Chains XY TTA
  • Size : 30-50mm
  • Xerneas , Yveltal, Chespin, Fennekin, Froakie

[ Reference/Order link ]

Pokemon XY English Promotions

Nintendo releases the following Pokemon XY English TV commercial yesterday.
We can see Xernea uses Moonblast (Moon Force). 

[ Nintendo 3DS Pokemon XY English TV CM ]

The Pokemon Company launches "Gotta Catch' Em All" website thsi Monday.

You have the chance to win the gift (3DS, TCG XY Starters boxes, strategy guides, plush, and digital downloads for X and Y) after finding the code from SNS/websites and entering code. This promotion is valid by 12 October, only US residents.
As for first step, please visit to the site and enter XY1012.
More codes list is here.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pokemon Pose Figure XY Xerneas Yveltal (TTA)

Takara Tomy ARTS (TTA) will release the following candy toys Pokemon Pose Figure XY on 21 October 2013.

Pokemon Pose Figure XY Bandai
  • Size : 90mm
  • Xerneas : Head and back legs are movable
  • Yveltal : Head is movable

[ Reference/Order link ]

Pokemon Anime New Trailer and Mega Mewtow Showcase (PokeSma)

TV show Pokemon Smash aired Pokemon Anime New Trailer and XY Mega Mewtwo showcase on last Sunday. BWT, The program will finish on 29 September, new show called 'Pokemon Get☆TV' will begin on 6 October 2013.
Thank you for the sharing video to

[ Pokemon TV Anime XY Trailer #4 ]

[ Pokemon XY Mega Metwo X Showcase ]

Monday, September 16, 2013

Upcoming Pokemon Plush in Oct (Tomy)

[ Reposting Add Pic ]

Tomy will release the following plush on 12 October 2013.
Size is bit bigger than previous plush (height 13cm-15cm).
Pokemon Chespin Fennekin Froakie Plush Tomy
Pokemon Bulbasaur Charmander Squirtle Plush Tomy
Pokemon Plush Dedenne Bunnelby Helioptile Pikachu Tomy
  • Chespin, Fennekin, Froakie
  • Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle
  • Dedenne, Bunnelby, Helioptile, Pikachu
[ Reference/Order Link ]
AmazonJP, Rakuten

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pokemon Kids XY 1 Beginning of New Journey Set (Bandai)

[ Reposting ]

Bandai will release the following Pokemon Kids XY 1 Starters and Legendaries set in November New Journey Set on 26 October 2013. Includes a metric sticker. Add
Will replace the image soon.
  • Xerneas, Yveltal, Chespin, Fennekin, Froakie, 
  • Pikahu, Gogoat, Helioptile, Fletchling,  and 3 more Inkay and 2 more Bunnelby, Dedenne.
Pokemon Kids XY New Journey Set Oct 2013 Bandai

Pokemon Kids XY 1 Bandai

Pokemon Kids XY1 Bandai

[ Reference / Order link ]
Shokugan Ohkoku

[ Edit ]
2 Sep 2013:Added the box image and edited the contents
15 Sep 2013: Added the image
24 Sep 2013: Edited the contents
1 Oct 2013 : Added the image

Upcoming Pokemon Plush in Feb 2014 (Banpresto)

Banpresto will release the following plush in Februrary 2014 as We are Team Rocket series.
Thank you for sharing the images to TheGrandlineShop@FB.
Will replace the images soon.

We are Team Rocket Feb 2014 Banpresto
  • Meowth Balloon large cushion / 2nd week in Feb
  • Wobbuffet, Inkay DX plush / 4th week in Feb

Are You Litleo ? (Banpresto)

Please remember we've posted about 33th Prize Fair report, as for upcoming Banpresto plush series ng My Pokemon Collection in February 2014
"My Pokemon Collection : Meowt, Wobbuffet, Pancham, Inkay, New Pokemon"
AAPF found the pic of Banpresto catalog, here you are :
Do you think it's Litleo ?

==> Confirmed it's Litleo on 11 October 2013. Please see this article.

[ Reference ]

[ Edit ]
4 Oct 2013 : It's Litleo. 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Launch Pokemon Local Flavors Merch Page (PokeCenJP)

PokeCenJP launches Pokemon Local Flavors (ご当地) Merchandise official page.

[ Lines ]
  • Beads strap, Earphone jack accessory,
  • Propelling pencil, Ballpoint,
  • Mini Towel, Socks 
[ Reference ]
Pokemon Local Flavors Merch Official Page

[ Order / Search Link ]
Rakuten, YJ Auction, AmazonJP

Peeking Pokemon Goods (PokeCenJP)

PokeCenJP will release the following Peeking Pose (ひょっこり) Pokemon goods on 21 Sepetember 2013.

[ Mascot / 6kinds ]

[ Mobile Pouch / 6 kinds]

[ Mug and Spoon Set / 3 kinds ]

[ Hand Towel / 6 kinds ]

[ Clear File (Double Pocket) / 6 kinds]

[ Clip / 2 kinds ]

[ Free Woody Box / 6 kinds ]

[ Tote Bag / 2 kinds]

[ Reference ]
PokeCenJP : Merch News
AmazonJP : Coming soon

New Pokemon XY English Name and New Footage

Pokemon English site updates, introduce new footage and new Pokemon official arts and English name.

[ Video ]

[ New Pokemon Name ]
  • Chespin's evolution : Quilladin (ハリボーグ) Details
  • Fennekin's evolution : Braixen (テールナー)
  • Froakie's evolution : Frogadier (ゲコガシラ)
  •  Furfrou (トリミアン), having groomed style Details
  •  Meowstic (ニャオニクス), blue is male, white is female Details
  • Left: Amaura (アマルス) Details
  • Right Tyrunt (チゴラス) Details
  • Pyroar (カエンジシ), has female form Details

[ Mega Pokemon ]
  • Mega Mewtwo X Details
  • Mega Garchomp

[ Type Matchingup Chart ]
  • XY type matching chart (PDF)
  • Grass-type Pokemon are immune to Leech Seed and powder and spore moves.
  • Electric-type Pokemon cannot be afflicted with the Paralyzed condition
  • Ghost-type Pokemon are not affected by moves that prevent Pokemon from fleeing from battle

[ Characters ]

  • Famous movie star  Diantha (カルネ) Details
  • Team Flare scientists guy name : Xerosic Details
  • Purple-haired woman : Celosia
  • Orange-haired woman : Aliana
  • Green-haired woman : Bryony
  • Blue-haired woman : Mable

[ New System ]

  • You can change your outfits and hair style Details 
  • Trainer PR Videos : Making video clip for 10 seconds of you and your Pokemon, can share it with other players  Details

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