Tuesday, January 25, 2011

WHF Figures and Plush info (Bandai, Banpresto)

Follow up post #2 on the preview of upcoming figures and plushies in Would Hobby Fair 2011 Tokyo. 
Thank you for the pics and credit goes to cooldpm, ktmonkeyj and matamanta.

[ Bandai Clipping Figure BW 2 ]

Figures release in March are displayed. (pic from cooldpm)

Pokemon Clipping Figure BW 2 Bandai

[ Bandai Pokemon Kids BW 4 ]

The following figures are dispayed, not sure release date of  BW4 at present. (pics from ktmonkeyj and matamanta)
  • #496 Servine, #513 Pansear, #520 Tranquill, #545 Scolipede, #557 Dwebble, 
  • #586 Sawsbuck, #587 Emolga, #590 Foongus, #592 Frillish, #599 Klink, 
  • #607 Litwick, #548 Petilil, , #541 Swadloon, #559 Scraggy, #568 Trubbish, #515 Panpour

[ Pokemon Plamo Collection 18 Haxorus evo set]

Axew, Fraxure and Haxorus Plamo set will be released from Bandai in April. (pic from ktmonkeyj)

Pokemon Plamo Collection 18 Haxorus evo set

[ Banpresto Monthly Regular Plush ]

March info, Victini and Yamash newly out . (pic from cooldpm)

Pokemon Plush BW March Banpresto

[ Reference ]
cooldpm's ameblo, ktmonkeyj's livejournal, matamanta's ameblo
Again thanks for your time and pics.

[ Edit ]
26 Jan 2011:Added Pokemon Kids BW4 one more pic, then confirmed Petilil Swadloon Scraggy Trubbish Panpour

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