Thursday, November 14, 2013

Pokemon Fan Vol.33 Info (Shougakukan)

Shougakukan will publish merch info magazine Pokemon Fan Vol.33 on 20 November 2013. Freebie items this time are Pencil case and Metal Charms.
Will upload some pages after 20 Nov.

Pokemon Fan Vol 33

[ Reference / Order link ]
Pokemon Fan Official Page : Will be update soon
Amazon, Rakuten

28 Mega Evolution in CoroCoro (Shougakukan)

CoroCoro December 2013 magazine shows 28 Mega Evolution Pokemon.
Scanning pages as below.  

Also some TCG and Torreta info.
Arcade game Pokemon Torreta will work together Pokemon XY. Xerneas and Yveltal will appear in Torreta when Pokemon X/Y PSS on at Torreta game place.  

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pokemon Soap Figure XY 1 (Bandai)

Bandai releases the following soap figure (figure in the soap) called 'Suprised Egg びっくらたまご XY figure in soap' in November 2013.

Pokemon Soup Figure XY Bandai

  • Soap color : Greeen
  • Soap fragrance : Forest
  • Pikachu, Chespin, Fennekin, Froakie, Xerneas, Yveltal    
[ Reference/Order link ]
AmazonJP, Rakuten

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Confirmed 721 Pokemon

The following image is one of page of Pokemon XY Playing guide published today. It says Pokedex 721.
Confirmed 718 + 3 more officially.
Thank you for sharing image to @misterror491.

Confirmed Pokemon 721

What's 3 more, already images are out by hacked in the internet, please find them yourself.

[ Referece ]
Overlap Pokemon XY Playing Guide

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Upcoming Banpresto's Pokemon Prize Merch in 2014 2Q

34th Game Prize Fair was held in Tokyo Japan today.
Here is a summary list upcoming Banpersto's Pokemon prize items in 2014 2Q.
Many thank you for the info and great reporting to @xx_bo_rixx_xx.

34th Prize Fair logo

[ Topic ]

New series Pokemon Type ! will begin from April 2014.
Featuring Psychic type Pokemon in April, Normal type in May, Ice in June. Pic

== Pokemon Type ! Series ==

[ April 2014 ] Featuring Psychic Pokemon

1st week
  • My Pokemon Collection Plush (Slowpoke Jynx Gardevoir Chimecho Wynaut Malamar)     
  • Rubber Charms (Slowking Meowstic ♂and♀ Gardevoir Wynaut)
3rd week
  • Reflector board (Mr. Mime Gardevoir Chimecho Cryogonal ? Malamar)
  • Wind-Bell (Pikachu 2 types, Chimecho 2 type)
[ May 2014 ] Featuring Normal Pokemon

2nd week
  • Snorlax's large pillow
3rd week
  • My Pokemon Collection Plush (Jigglypuff Snorlax Furret Ditto Chansey Furfrou)
  • Glass (3 types : Normal Pokemon, Miltank and one more)
Not yet fix sch
  • Rubber Charms (Snorlax Eevee Ditto Smeargle Furret Furfrou)

[ June 2014 ] Featuring Ice Pokemon

Not yet fix sch
  • My Pokemon Collection Plush (Lapras Swinub Weavile Amaura Aurorus Froslass)
  • Rubber Charms (Glaceon Lapras Glalie Delibird Amaura Aurorus)
  • Lapras Large Plush
  • Cooler Bag (2 type)

== Regular Series ==

[ April 2014 ]
  • I Love Pikachu + : Stand Mirror (Pichu, Pikachu, Raichu) Pic
  • Round Form Plush (Koronui) :  (Froakie Chespin Fennekin Fletchling Helioptile)

[ May 2014 ]
  • I Love Pikachu + : Bath towel and Figure strap (Pichu, Pikachu, Raichu)
  • Figure Key Chain (Mega Mewtwo, Mega Lucario, Mega Blaziken,  Mega Ampharos, Mega Absol) Pic
[ Reference ]
@xx_bo_rixx_xx's blog

Pokemon Motion Gallery Figure XY and Pokemon Kids XY 3 (Bandai)

Bandai will release the following figures in January and February 2014.
Will replace the images soon.
Thank you for the images to davidccws@ruten and info to @denkimouse.

[ Pokemon Motion Gallery Figure XY / January 2014 ]

Pokemon Motion Gallery Figure XY Bandai
  • Xerneas, Yveltal, Mega Mewtwo Y,  Pikachu,
  • Chespin, Fennekin, Froakie, Sylveon

[ Pokemon Kids XY 3 / February 2014 ]

Pokemon Kids XY 3 Bandai
  • Mega Mewtwo Y, Swirlix, Spritzee, Vivillon, Spewpa, Talonflame,
  • Malamar, Pichu, Venusaur, Blastoise, Charizard, Manectric

[ Reference / Order link ]
Ruten TW : Motion Gallery Figure, Pokemon Kids XY3
Rakuten : Motion Gallery Figure, Pokemon Kids XY3

Added the images to these articles.

New Trademark '名探偵ピカチュウ' Great Detective Pikachu

A new trademark registration info.
Nintendo, Gamefreak and Creatures have applied the following new trademark.

Trademark Great Detective Pikachu 名探偵ピカチュウ

  • No :  T2013-79884
  • Trademark : 名探偵ピカチュウ (English mean: Great Detective Pikachu)
  • Scope : Class 9, 28, 41 (Includes Electric game) 
  • Applied date : 2013.10.11
This trademak is releated to aired TV Program 'The Professional', project code name 'Bakery', talking Pikachu new game. Here is more pics.

Great Detective Pikachu 名探偵ピカチュウ from NHK TV The Professional

You may also like this article : 'New Trademark ライジングフィスト'.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Upcoming Pokemon Figure and Plush in 2014 1Q (Tomy)

Tomy will release the following figures and plush toys in December to March 2014, here is a summary list. Will upload the images soon.

[ MONCOLLE Figure Regular Size Series (MC) ]

27 Dec 2013
  • Quilladin MC-19 
  • Braixen MC-20 
  • Frogadier MC-21 
15 Feb 2014
  • Meowstic  (Male) and Heal Ball Set B-06
21 Mar 2014
  • Pyroar (Male) and Super Ball Set B-07
  • Pichu and Quick Ball Set B-08
  • Ash and Pikachu Set : Changeable pose of Ash figure  
  • Serena and Fennekin Set : Changeable pose of Serena figure 

[ MONCOLLE Figure Super Size Series (SP) ]

27 Dec 2013
  • Mega Mewtwo Y SP-04
  • Mega Blaziken SP-05
  • Garchomp  SP-06
18 Jan 2014
  • Chesnaught   SP-07
  • Delphox SP-08
  • Greninja SP-09 
21 Mar 2014
  • Mega Lucario and one mega stone SP-10 
  • Mega Mewtwo X and one mega stone SP-11 
  • Mega Garchomp and one mega stone SP-12

[ MONCOLLE Figure Mega Evolution Pack / 29 Mar 2014 ]
  • Mega Mewtwo Pack : Mewtwo, Mega Mewtwo X, Mega Mewtwo Y figures and two mega stones
  • Mega Blaziken Pack : Torchic, Combusken, Blaziken, Mega  Blaziken figures and one mega stone
  • Mega Lucario Pack : Riolu, Lucario, Mega Lucario figures and one mega stone

[ Mini Figure Pita Poke / 21 Mar 2014 ]
  • Pikachu
  • Pikachu Relax (Nohohon) Sitting version 
  • Pikachu Relax (Nohohon) Face tuming version 
  • Pikachu Relax (Nohohon) Nap version 
  • Chespin 
  • Froakie  
  • Fennekin    
  • Fennekin and Swirlix     
  • Chespin and Helioptile        
  • Froakie and Fletchling ? (Original says Komadori ?)    
  • Dedenne
  • Pancham    

[ Plush Reglar Size / 27 Dec 2013 ]
  • Fletchling N-11 
  • Pancham N-12   

[ Pochette / 27 Dec 2013 ]
  • Dedenne Pochette   

[ Reference ]
AmazonJP, Yodobashi, 7Net

Pokemon Figure and Plush in Nov/Dec (Tomy)

Tomy will release the following figure and plush in November and December 2013.

[ Pokemon Figure Monster Collection / 16 Nov 2013 ]
  • Pancham MC-015, Scatterbug MC-016
  • Litleo MC-017, Frabebe MC-018
Pokemon Figure Pancham Scatterbug Litleo Frabebe Tomy MC

[ Pokemon Battle League / 16 Nov 2013 ]
  • Tuning battle stage tray
  • Requires AA battery x 3pcs
  • Plate size 36 cm x 28 cm
  • Includes Pikachu (normal color version) and Chespin, Fennekin, Froakie one more figure (Awaiting reply on details from Tomy customer center), 18 data cards
Pokemon Battle League Tomy

[ Pokemon Talky Plush / 16 Nov 2013 ]
  • Various talk reaction depend on conversation and shaking
  • Requires AAA battery x 3pcs
  • Pikachu, Chespin, Fennekin, Froakie
Pokemon Talky Plush Pikachu Chespin Fennekin Froakie Tomy

[ Pikachu 1/1 Size Plush / 16 Nov 2013 ]
  • Movable Ears and hands
  • Height 40 cm
Pikachu Live Size Plush Tomy

[ Pokemon mini figure Pita Poke DX House / 16 Nov 2013 ]
  • Includes Pikachu, Eevee, Pichu, Piplup figures
Pokemon Mini Figure Pita Poke DX House Tomy

[ Pokemon Palm Top Talky Figure / 27 Dec 2013 ]
  • Various talk reaction depend on place (palm, metal etc)
  • Requires LR44 button battery x 2pcs
  • Pikachu, Chespin, Fennekin, Froakie
Pokemon Palm Top Figure Pikachu Chespin Fennekin Froakie Tomy

[ Pokemon DIY Kit Plamon NEO / 31 Dec 2013 ]
  • Venusaur, Blastoise
  • Will upload the pics soon

[ Reference / Order link ]
AmazonJP, TakaraTomyMall

[ Edit ]
7 Nov 2013 : Edited the including figures in Pokemon Battle League

For Tomy Pokemon figure fans, new site "Tomy Pokemon Figure Navi" is now running  please check it !

Upcoming Pokemon Capsule Toys in Feb (TTA, Kyodo)

Takara Tomy ARTS (TTA) and Kyodo will release the following capsule toys in February 2014.

[ Pokemon Metal Collection XY / Beginning of Feb / TTA ]

Pokemon Metal Collection XY TTA
  • Size : 25mm x 35 mm
  • Pikachu, Chespin, Chesnaught, Fennekin, Delphox, 
  • Froakie, Greninja, Dedenne, Inkay, Pumpkaboo, 
  • Espurr, Meowstic, Frabebe, Pancham, Bunnelby, 
  • Skrelp, Clauncher, Furfrou, Vivillon, Skiddo, 
  • Noivern, Xerneas, Yveltal, Mega MewtwoY, Mega Blaziken

[ Pokemon Key Cover XY / Mid of Feb / Kyodo ]

Pokemon Key Cover XY Kyodo
  • Pikachu, Meowth, Eevee, Piplup, 
  • Emolga, Chespin, Fennekin, Froakie     

[ Reference / Order link]
Takarajima : Metal Collection XY, Key Cover XY
Rakuten : Coming soon

D-Arts Lucario Figure (Bandai)

Bandai exhibited the following D-Arts Lucario figure as prototype in Tamashi Nation 2013 at Akihabara UDX. Unknown the release schedule/date at the moment.

D-Arts Lucario Figure Bandai

Thank you for the image to and Tamashi Nation blog.

[ Edit ]
11 Nov 2013: Added the pic

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New Trademark 'ライジングフィスト'

A new trademark registration info.
Nintendo, Gamefreak and Creatures have applied the following new trademark.

New TD ライジングフィスト Raising Fist
  • No :  T2013-75027
  • Trademark : ライジングフィスト (English : Raising Rising Fist ?)
  • Scope : Class 28 Toys, excludes electric game (details) 
  • Applied date : 2013.09.26
We will report this when more info comes

Ditto Rejection in GTS and Wifi Battle

Came back to regular place. Thank you for waiting.

As first restarting subject, just let you know one hot topic.
Some Pokemon fans tweeted about Ditto rejection in GTS trade and Wifi random battle in XY since yesterday. AAPF confirmed rejected in miracle trade as well, message:can't find is coming up.

This phenomenon is NOT intentionally, now under investigation by The Pokemon Company's support center, they will announce the cause and solution on official site soon. 

==> 5 Nov 2013 15:30 JST : Confirmed restored Miracle and GTS trade. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Upcoming Pokemon Game Prize in Feb Mar 2014 (Banpresto)

Banpresto will release the following game prize goods in February and March 2013.
New series WE ARE TEAM ROCKET will begin.
Many thank you for sharing images to Fujiya Singapore@Facebook.

Banpresto Pokemon Game Prize Feb Mar 2014 from Fujiya Singapore@facebook
Banpresto Pokemon Game Prize Feb Mar 2014 from Fujiya Singapore@facebook

[ February 2014 ]
  • WE ARE TEAM ROCKET : Meowth Balloon large cushio
  • WE ARE TEAM ROCKET : Meowth,  Wobbuffet, Inkay and one more DX plush
  • My Pokemon Collection PLush XY 3 : Meowt, Wobbuffet, Pancham, Inkay, Litleo and one more
  • Pokemon Monster Ball Stamp : Chespin, Fennekin, Froakie, Pikachu, Dedenne
[ March 2014 ]
  • WE ARE TEAM ROCKET : Jessie, James, Meowth, Inkay Figure key holder
  • WE ARE TEAM ROCKET : Meowth and one more Super DX plush
  • WE ARE TEAM ROCKET : Meowth,  Wobbuffet Hooded Towlet

[ Reference ]

Meaning in Pokemon XY Title

Just let you know interesting interview comment of Gamefreak Masuda-san's recently.
In Famitsu No.1297 published 10 October 2013.

Interviewer  "Could you please tell us Pokemon X Y story a little bit ?"
Masuda-san  "We can't reply it at the moment. X-axis and Y-axis as known as math lesson meanings are also included in title X and Y. We will see the common point where zero part (X-axis and Y-axis crossing point) from X and Y different view angle. It's weighty theme. Like we can see same event  and same phenomenon differently by different view angle." 

Sample pages (in Japanese) are uploading here.
You may also like to read Nintendo CEO Iwata-san Asks in English.       

Thursday, October 10, 2013

CoroCoro Magazine Nov Leaks

Update : Added the image of Mega Tyranitar and Mega Aggron

Started leak of CoroCoro November magazine publish on 15 October in futaba channel message broad
Will edit the contents and upload some images more soon.

Mega Kangaskhan from Futaba

- Image of Mega Kangaskhan 
- In next CoroCoro, Garchomp CoroCoro version's (having item Dragon Claw Fang) serial code is attached
Mega Tyranitar Mega Aggron from Futaba

- Tyranitar nite in X  and Aggron nite in Y
- Mega Tyranitar : Rock and Dark type, ability Sand Stream, move Stone Edge
- Mega Aggron : pure Steel type, ability Filter, move Heavy Bomber

[ Reference ]
Futaba BBS log

Crystal Puzzle Pokemon XY Pikachu (Beverly)

Puzzle products maker Beverly will release the following Pikachu Crystal Puzzle in November 2013.
  • Size : 95×147×48mm
  • Puzzle piece :  29 pcs
Crystal Puzzle Pokemon XY Pikachu Beverly 1
Crystal Puzzle Pokemon XY Pikachu Beverly 2
Crystal Puzzle Pokemon XY Pikachu Beverly 3

[ Reference / Order link ]
Beverly : Crystal Puzzle

Pokemon XY plush are ready at NYC Nintendo World, thank you for the info to Pkmncollectors@LJ  :D

Pokemon Figure Get Collection Candy XY (TTA)

Takara Tomy ARTS (TTA) will release the following candy toys called Get Collection Candy XY on 11 November 2013.
  • Figure size height 35mm
  • 10 lines (Xerneas, Yveltal, Chespin, Fennekin, Froakie, Dedenne, Bunnelby, Fletchling, Helioptile, Noivern)
Pokemon Figure Get Collection Candy XY TTA

[ Reference / Order link ]
Rakuten : Coming soon

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

New Game With Changing Pikachu ?

The Pokemon Company (TPC) announces that TV program 'The Professional' will feature TPC's CEO Ishihara-san, will be aired on 28 October 2014.

The Professional TPC Ishihara san

In the 'The Professional' official page, we can see interesting trailer text.
"In this summer, Ishihawa was in developing the game as ever see. The new game is to change the most popular game character Pikachu. However, there is a possibility to fall the popularity in a moment because Pikachu is beloved by all for long years. So what was his decision in that time ?  Original : この夏、石原はこれまでにないゲームの開発に取りかかっていた。それは、一番人気のキャラクター・ピカチュウに大胆に手を加えるという新ゲーム。しかし長年愛されてきたキャラクターだけに、下手をすれば一気に人気を失う恐れもある。その時、下した石原の決断とは。"

Seems the abovementioned game is not XY, because XY was final development phase this summer. Coming new game with something change Pikachu ?
We will report this after on air. 

Also this info reminds us this previous article 'I Love Pikachu + Logo'.

[ Reference ]
NHK : The Professional Vol.215
TV program The Professional ; This program focuses on what it is to be a true professional at work and what are the keys to becoming one.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Came Back Pokemon XY L=A Key Mode (XY)

AAPF believes this info is NOT spoilers for Pokemon XY playing, here is posting. Screen captured image of L=A Key mode setting was posted in 4chan, means came back one hand playing :D

L=A key mode came back

Monday, October 7, 2013

Upcoming POKEMON with YOU goods in Oct (PokeCenJP)

PokeCenJP will release the following POKEMON with YOU (Supporting 2011 East Japan Disaster) on 12 October 2013.

[ Pokemon XY Can Badge / Charity goods ]

Pokemon XY Can Badge POKEMON with YOU

[ POKEMON with YOU Choro-Q Train / 2 trains version from Tomy ]
POKEMON with YOU Choro Q Train Tomy

[ Reference ]
PokeCenJP : Merch News
POKEMON with YOU Train : JR East

Teaser Trailer for Pokemon Movie 17 2014

Pokemon Movie official site uploads the first teaser trailer for next year Pokemon Movie 17. Tentative title is Pokemon XY at the moment.

[ Pokemon Movie 17 1st Trailer ]

[ Reference ]
Pokemon Movie Official Site

Friday, October 4, 2013

Pokemon Time Series #6 (PokeCenJP)

[ Reposting ]  PokeCenJP reveals the details Pokemon Time #6 today, it was not featuring RS. Here is corrected and reposting.

PokeCenJP will release the following Pokemon Time series #6 merchandise on 21 12 October 2013.

Pokemon Time Oct 2013 PokeCenJP

[ Plush ]
With magnet, movable neck.

Pokemon Time 6 Plush Pikachu Mawile Squirtle Mawile Weavile Charizard Xatu PokeCenJP

[ A4 size Clear File 2pcs Set]

[ Gold-Lacquer Card ]

[ B6 size Sketch Notebook ]
Includes color page

[ Oil Base Ball-point Pen ]
Pikachu, Gardevoir, Mawile

[ 2014 Schedule Dairy Note ]

[ Mug Cup with Can ]

[ Colorful Candy ]
Random assort

Others are stickers, 3DS hard case, 3DSLL hard case and 3DS LL hard pouch. 

[ Reference/Order link ]
PokeCenJP : Merch News
AmazonJP : Coming soon

Pokemon HANAFUDA Playing Card Game

The Pokemon Company will release Pokemon HANAFUDA (Japanese traditional playing card game, please see Wikipedia) card game in Novermber 2013. Also launches special site, it will update on 14 October 2013.

Pokemon Hanafuda

[ Reference ]
Pokemon HANAFUDA special site
Movic Facebook (maybe preorder handle soon)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mega Charizard X and 2 New Pokemon + α (XY)

1. In aired Pokemon TV Anime 'The Origin' today, Mega Charizard X was announced.
It's exclusive Pokemon in X, will be evolved from Charizard with CharizarditeX. Type is Fire/Dragon, has ability of Tough Claws. 

[ Pics ]

2. According to tomorrow publish girls magazine Chao from Shougakukan, Pokemon featuring page is posted in 2ch. 
Swirlix evolves to Slurpuff ペロリーム and Spritzee to Aromatisse フレフワン, type is fairy same as before .

Peroriimu and Furefuwan from Chao Nov

3. Mega Charizard X news reminds me that upcoming CoroCoro magazine contents.  In October CoroCoro of Mega Garchomp page, caption says 'You can't take your eyes off from Mega Garchomp next CoroCoro too !!'. Very wondered that why do they feature Mega Garchomp more, we've already got info, anything else ? when I saw this. 
Do you think is it same as Charizard, Mega in X and Y ?

4. Just new Pokemon info from leakers. They found Espurr which 1st evolution of  Meowstic and Fletchinder which 2nd evolution of Fletchling. Please check these links if want to see.   

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