Saturday, May 31, 2008

New Figure, Plush & Postponed etc Info (MISC)

Just short notifications, misc article ^^;

[ New Figure Info ]
  • Pokemon Kids DX3 : Bandai will release it in the end of August. Will post detailed later. If want to check previous items, please refer to Pokemon Kids DX DP series.
  • Pokemon Clipping Figures Part 4 : Bandai will release it in the end of August. Will post detailed later. If want to check previous items, please refer to part 1, part 2 and part 3.
[ New Plush Info ]

  • Swing Mascot : Heartland will release Piplup, Burmy (grass, sand, trash), Combee and Drifloon (oh very rare lineup) on 25 July. Will post detailed later. The following photo is previous AG series.
Swing Mascot AG series
[ Postponed Info ]

[ Reference ]

Friday, May 30, 2008

Pokemon Plush Shaymi and Giratina Origin Forme

New Pokemon plushies (Pokedoll), Shaymin and Giratina (origin forme) will be released from Pokemon Center on 1 June.
Size is approx. 6" height. As for Giratina (another forme) pokedoll, it has been already released on 19 April. Updated summary list of released figure, refer to Pokemon DP figure release summary and 2008 Release Summary.
  • #487 Giratina (origin forme )
  • #492 Shaymin
Giratina origin forme PokedollShaymin Pokedoll

Pokemon Paper Craft Set (MediaFactory)

MediaFactory will release the following paper craft set on 18 July. Paper has been painted. Size is Pikachu:14cm, Shaymin:7cm, Piplup :14cm.
  • #025 Pikachu, #492 Shaymin land forme
Pokemon Paper Craft Pikachu Shaymin
  • #393 Piplup, #492 Shayamin sky forme
Pokemon Paper Craft Piplup Shaymin
As for other paper craft info, please refer to previous post.

[ Edit 30 June ] Shaymin sky photo is replaced.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

12th Game Prize Fair Held (Banpresto)

12th Game Prize Fair was held at TOC Ariake in Tokyo on 28 May.
Banpresto exhibited new plushies, Shaymin's cushion and etc. New merchandise will come to the market around 3Q-4Q 2008. Shaymin plush (mouth opened one) seems DX type updating.

[ Reference ]
Dengeki Online : Report of 12th Game Prize Fair

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pokemon Shaymin Talking Plush (Tomy)

Tomy will release talking Shaymin plush on 24 July.
When taking the plush up in your arms, plush will talk eight kinds of words randomly. Battery: AAA x 2pcs required. Will update size later.
  • #492 Shaymin (land forme)Shaymin Talking Plush Tomy
As for other Shaymin plush, please refer to the following posts.

Pokemon 3D Image Toy etc (McDonald's JP)

For movie 11 'Giratina and the Icy Sky's Bouquet: Shaymin' promotion, McDonald's JP will start to sell Happy meal set with the following toys and posters during 20 June to 10 July.
In disk model toys, the visible Pokemon will be reflected on the disk using 3D image technology.

[ Phase 1 : Starting on 20 June ]
  • #025 Pikachu : Moving on the stand
  • #393 Piplup : Moving on the stand and water pistol
  • #486 Regigigas : Visible Regigigas on the disk
  • #492 Shaymin : Visible Shaymin on the disk
McDonald Happy Set Toy 1
[ Phase 2 : Starting on 27 June ]
  • #387 Turtwig : Forward moving with high speed 
  • #390 Chimchar : Jumping out  
  • #487 Giratina : Visible Giratina on the disk
McDonald Happy Set Toys 2[ Reference ]
McDonald's Japan : Notification of new Happy meal set
PokemonJP official site : Notification of Happy meal set

[ Edit 13 July ] Added the following photo, poster and celluloid sheet (laid under writing paper).

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pokemon Wrapping Train w/Giratina & Shaymin (Meitesu)

Nagoya Railroad Co.,Ltd. (Meitesu) adds new Pokemon Wrapping Train with Giratina and Shaymin, service during 26 April to 31 August. Meitesu has the following three Pokemon Wrapping Trains.
  • Giratina and Shaymin (Since 26 April, first photo)
  • Giratina and Shaymin (Since 29 March, second photo)
  • DP version (Since 8 March, third photo)
Pokemon Wrapping TrainOne of eBay customers told me that her son's dream is to move by Pokemon airplane and train, stay in Pokemon special hotel rooml, then shopping at Pokemon Center with Pokemon card :D

[ Reference ]
Meitesu : Pokemon wrapping train with Giratina & Shaymin

Friday, May 23, 2008

Where is "Icy" BTW ?

Understand everyone expect 'next photo' of Shaymin. Calm down, coming weekend, the fun has only started.
BTW, where is "icy" in the English title of Movie 11 ?
Currently people use
'Giratina and the Sky's Bouquet: Shaymin', AAPF as well carelessly. Please remember icy is included in the Japanese title.

[ Japanese title and pronunciation ]
  • ギラティナと氷空の花束 シェイミ
  • Giratina To Sora No Hanataba Shaymin
[ Current English translation based on pronunciation ]
  • To : conjunction, Giratina and
  • Sora : Sky
  • No : possessive, Giratina and sky's
  • Hanataba : Bouquet
There is a trick in Japanese pronunciation.
氷空 means Icy Sky. Actually we don't have 氷空 in Japaneses noun. It is coined word by Pokemon movie production. Then they provided only Sora (Sky) as definite pronunciation using the word‐forming ability of Kanji characters, icy was omitted.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Shaymin Sky Form Info ?? (Unofficial)

To check the hot keywords by google blogsearch service, it is one of routine for AAPF.
When search "sky form" in Japanese sites, one blog page was hit recently. Blog owner is Pokemon fan and working for the printing industry, based on previous articles.
Article on 19 May says :
  • Land form is current one as we know
  • Glanced Shaymin sky form in the office carelessly
  • Surprised at Shaymin sky form, same feeling when saw Darkrai's legs
  • Shaymin sky form is sort of "failed of eevee evolution" or kind of Delcatty and eye is like Girafarig
Anyway waiting Corocoro June's magazine eagerly...
If want to check AAPF's article about Shaymin forme, please refer to Shaymin Forme Info.

[ Reference ]
Blog Ume no mi (Unripe Ume fruits) : 19 May Article

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New Pokemon With White Cover#2 and etc

Ensky will release Pokemon Towel and Gum (candy toys) in July.
Here is a photo, the new Pokemon is there with white cover. As for other white cover, please refer to Puzzle Gum 5.
Second photo is Pokemon Sticker Ramune Neo4 (candy toys), will come in July. What do you think next of Shaymin in right bottom ? Is it Giratina (origin form maybe, but can't see...) or ?? Nothing description at present. Will update later.
If want to check AAPF's article about Shaymin forme, please refer to Shaymin Forme Info.

Pokemon Towel&Gum EnskyPokemon Sticker Ramune Neo4 Ensky
[ Reference ]
Items from
Ramune in Wikipedia

Monday, May 19, 2008

Pokemon Figure Key Holder (Banpresto)

Banpresto will release Pokemon Figure Key Holder in the middle of September.
Figure size is appox. 1.18". Updated summary list of released figure, refer to Pokemon DP figure release summary and 2008 Release Summary.
  • #025 Pikachu, #487 Giratina (origin/another form), #492 Shaymin

Pokemon Figure Key Holder

Friday, May 16, 2008

Major Event List for Pokemon Movie 11 & game Platinum

Here is list of upcoming major event/milestone date for movie 11 'Giratina and the Sky's Bouquet: Shaymin' and new game Platinum. Will update this post when new info coming.
As for Pokemon toys merchandise (figure and plush mainly), please refer to 2008 release summary.

[ June ]
[ July ]
[ Autumn/Fall ]
  • Pokemon game Platinum will be released
[ Reference ]

Tokyo Toy Show
WHF official site
E3 in Wikipedia
Pokemon news site :Results of Pokemon Movies

Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Pokemon Game Platinum Offcial Announce

Just short notice. Pokemon Japan starts to introduce upcoming Pokemon Game Platinum officially. Next update will come in the middle of June.

[ Reference ]

Pokemon Japan : Pokemon Game Platinum introduction
New Game Platinum

[ For Platinum Pre-order Link : Available in ]

Summary of June's comic "Giratina and the Sky's Bouquet: Shaymin"

The comic "Giratina and the Sky's Bouquet: Shaymin", performed by Makoto HIJIOKA, it is serial comic on Corocoro magazine. Would try to summarize June's contents (vol.2 48pages).
Looks there are some hints for movie 11th.

[ Shaymin ]
  • Ash group got the info that a man saw Shaymin's Flower Carrying (花はこび) at Village Teni (テンイ村) before.
  • On flower garden, Shaymin's party are gethering (or plural Shaymins ?)
  • Shaymin looks male (Shaymin call himself 'ぼく')
  • When Shaymin wanted fly, Shaymin rode on Wingull. Didn't fly himself
  • Flower on Shaymin's back bloomed when Shaymin inhaled the Glacidia (グラシデア) pollen
  • Shaymin with blooming was aggressive, attacked Zero's Magnemite by Energyball and provoked Giratina
  • In the night, Shaymin went down (because of fading out Glacidia pollen ?)
  • Seed Flare is polluted air purification from Shaymin's inside body
  • In the past, Shaymin has blew the forest away after inhaling poison gas
  • Zero's Magnemites attacked Shaymin with Miasma, then Shaymin performed Seed Flare. After that, the hole was appeared in the Reverse World
  • Shaymin does not know why Giratina aim Shaymin
[ Giratina ]
  • Giratina wants Shaymin's help (Seed Flare) for going to real world. Because Giratina had been confined to Reverse World by Dialga
  • Giratina has ability that create Dimensional Swirl (次元の渦), it is the entrance to Reverse World from real world
  • After Shaymin performed Seed Flare, the hole was appeared in the Reverse World. Then, Giratina could out from Reverse World, but Zero's ship:Megaliba is going to catch Giratina
[ Zero ]
  • Zero was assistant of Mugen who is scholar for Reverse World
  • Zero and Mugen found and entered to Reverse World 6 years before
  • Zero's intrigue is to be King of Reverse World using Giratina
  • Purpose of Zero attacks Shaymin is to out Giratina from Reverse World using Shaymin's Seed Flare
[ Others ]
  • Village Teni and neighborhood have a custom, to gift Glacidia flower to someone who have been good to them.
  • Village Teni is located at the foot of the glacier
  • Ash group go by ship to Village Teni, across the fjord
  • Team Rocket who were involved to Reverse World, they were apprenticed to Mugen
Next July Vol.3 is last.

[ Reference ]

Corocoro June's comic "Giratina and the Sky's Bouquet: Shaymin" Vol.2

Corocoro June's comic

[ 15 May 2008 PM3:51 JST / 14 May 2008 PM11:51 PST ]

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pokemon Figure Release Info in July#5 (Bandai PokeKids)

Bandai Pokemon Kids series movie 2008, will release the following 2 sets on 15 22 29 July.
Will replace the final photo later. Updated summary list of released figure, refer to Pokemon DP figure release summary. As for DP8, please refer to PokeKids DP8.

[ Giratina Set ]
  • #025 Pikachu, #410 Shieldon, #462 Magnezone (mettalic painting), #487 Giratina(origin), #492 Shaymin (land)
[ Shaymin Set ]
  • #393 Piplup, #473 Mamoswine#220 Swinub, #486 Regigigas, #487 Giratina(another), #492 Shaymin (sky)

Pokemon Kids DP movie 2008 set Bandai
[ Edit 07 June ] Uploaded the photo. Current photo of Shaymin set is not included Shaymin ! Of cause veiling one is Shaymin Sky forme. Release data is after one week later DP8 release.

[ Edit 24 June ] Replaced the photo. Shaymin set includes sky forme.
[ Edit 25 June ] Added Magnezone mettalic version
[ Edit 11 July ] Modified release date
[ Edit 21 July ] Corrected content in Shaymin set

Sunday, May 11, 2008

New Pokemon Game Platinum Coming !

Just short notice. According to Corocoro's June scanning, upcoming new game name is Platinum.
It will be released in autumn (September ?). Will update detailed later.
Anyway thanks to 'Shooting Star Rockman' thread in 2ch for scanning !

[ Reference ]

Corocoro's June page Scanning

[ For Platinum Pre-order Link : Available in ]

TomyMC Number List (Tomy)

Here is Tomy Monster Collection figure MC Number List. (MC-1 to MC-150)
Please refer to previous post TomyMC Number for detailed.

As of 19 Jan 2009



MC-001172Pichuwill be replaced to Noctched ear Pichu in May 2009
MC-060190Aipomreplaced to Leafeon
MC-06468Machampreplaced to Ambipom
MC-06576Golemreplaced to Kricketune
MC-065402Kricketunereplaced to Mothim
MC-06678Rapidashreplaced to Magmortar
MC-06793Haunterreplaced to Carnivine
MC-070106Hitmonleereplaced to Probopass
MC-071112Rhydonreplace to Mesprit in Nov
MC-072122Mr. Mimereplaced to Luxray
MC-074127Pinsirreplaced to Magnezone
MC-075128Taurosreplaced to Hippowdon
MC-077143Snorlaxreplaced to Shaymin (land)

MC-078148Dragonairreplaced to Grotle in Nov
MC-080168Ariadosreplaced to Heatran
MC-081183Marillreplaced to Dusknoir
MC-082185Sudowoodoreplaced to Rotom in Dec 2008
MC-086214Heracrossreplaced to Azelf
MC-087215Sneaselreplaced to Giratina (orign)

MC-088216Teddiursareplaced to Darkrai
MC-090231Phanpyreplaced to Rhyperior
MC-091232Donphanreplaced to Roserade
MC-092242Blisseyreplaced to Lickilicky
MC-094262Mightyenareplaced to Gallade
MC-095267Beautiflyreplaced to Happiny
MC-096272Ludicoloreplaced to Empoleom
MC-097277Swellowreplaced to Drifblim
MC-098282Gardevoirreplaced to Torterra
MC-099289Slakingreplaced to Vespiquen
MC-100291Ninjaskreplaced to Infernape
MC-101297Hariyamareplaced to Gligar
MC-102298Azurillreplaced to Regigigas
MC-103300Skittyreplaced to Gliscor
MC-105315Roseliareplaced to Glaceon
MC-106319Sharpedoreplaced to Mismagius
MC-107321Wailordreplaced to Garchomp
MC-108324Torkoalreplaced to Hippopotas
MC-108449HippopotasWill replace to Phione in Mar 2009
MC-109329Vibravareplaced to Shieldon
MC-111335Zangoosereplaced to Giratina (another)
Will be replaced renewal Giratina (another) in May 2009
MC-112341Corphishreplaced to Yanmega
MC-117360Wynautreplaced to Shaymin (sky)

MC-118363Sphealreplaced to Rampardos
MC-121446Munchlaxreplaced to Gible
MC-123439Mime Jr.replace to Monferno in Jan 2009
MC-124438Bonslyreplaced to Chingling
MC-125461Weavilereplaced to Cresselia in Dec 2008
MC-127458MantykeWill replace to Toxicroak in Feb 2009
MC-128441Spiritombreplaced to Lopunny
MC-135401Kricketotreplaced to Mamoswine
MC-136483DialgaWill be replaced renewal Dialga in April 2009
MC-138484PalkiaWill be replaced renewal Palkia in April 2009
MC-141396Starlyreplaced to Uxie
MC-142406Budewreplaced to Luxio

Friday, May 9, 2008

TomyMC Number (Tomy)

As for FAQ about figure series Tomy Monster Collection (MC) number, would post here.
After DP series starting, Tomy updated the figure package. MC Number (1 to 150) is printing on the package. (MC number sticker on the blister pack/plastic case)  
Tomy's current sales policy is to manage only 150 figures. When producing a new figure, one of 150 numbers of the existing figure is assigned to new one. The existing figure is replaced, then it will be end of production. Replaced figure is available in the current stock only.

  • MC-100 Ninjask (replaced)
  • MC-100 Infernape (new released)
  • MC-077 Snorlax (current/will replace)
  • MC-077 Shaymin (will release in May)
  • MC-065 Golem (replaced)
  • MC-065 Kricketune (current/will replace)
  • MC-065 Mothim (will release in Aug)
In other words, the figure that excluding current 150 figures, previous released RB/GS/RS (black, yellow, square box package) , Tomy does not reproduce them at present. It is necessary to wait till coming renewal or battle scene series. Or restarting reproduction.
Today, going to be hard to find RB/GS/RS figures in the market day by day. The replaced figure in DP series will be same as well.

Please refer to Tomy MC number list.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Pokemon Medal Collection DP4

One of eBay customers from Netherlands asked me "Why Rotom items is nothing ?!"
Exactly almost nothing, the figure was released in Bandai SG 11 only. But never mind ! Here is one more Rotom item, it's Pokemon Medal Collection DP4 from Bandai, was released on 10 March 2008.

[ DP1 Oct 2006 ]
  • #025 Pikachu, #076 Golem, #113 Chansey, #130 Gyarados, #172 Pichu,
  • #190 Aipom, #201 Unown, #315 Roselia, #387 Turtwig, #390 Chimchar,
  • #393 Piplup, #418 Buizel, #438 Bonsly, #439 Mime Jr., #441 Chatot,
  • #446 Munchlax, #448 Lucario, #458 Mantyke, #461 Weavile, #490 Manaphy
[ DP2 Mar 2007 ]
  • #398 Staraptor, #399 Bidoof, #401 Kricketot, #406 Budew, #407 Roserade,
  • #410 Shieldon, #412 Burmy(grass), #416 Vespiquen, #417 Pachirisu, #419 Floatzel,
  • #421 Cherrim, #424 Ambipom, #426 Drifblim, #434 Stunky, #442 Spiritomb,
  • #447 Riolu, #453 Croagunk, #466 Electivire, #483 Dialga, #484 Palkia
[ DP3 Sep 2007 ]
  • #389 Torterra, #392 Infernape, #395 Empoleon, #397 Staravia, #404 Luxio,
  • #409 Rampardos, #411 Bastiodon, #413 Wormadam(grass), #415 Combee, #425 Drifloon,
  • #427 Buneary, #431 Glameow, #436 Bronzor, #440 Happiny, #452 Drapion,
  • #462 Magnezone, #463 Lickilicky, #467 Magmortar, #485 Heatran, #488 Cresselia
[ DP4 Mar 2008 ]
  • #387 Turtwig, #388 Grotle, #390 Chimchar, #391 Monferno, #393 Piplup,
  • #394 Prinplup, #405 Luxray, #422 Shellos(west), #430 Honchkrow, #435 Skuntank,
  • #437 Bronzong, #457 Lumineon, #459 Snover, #464 Rhyperior, #474 Porygon-Z,
  • #477 Dusknoir, #479 Rotom, #483 Dialga, #484 Palkia, #491 Darkrai

Pokemon Medal Collection DP4

[ DP4 Dec 2008 ]
  • #025 Pikachu, #403 Shinx, #428 Lopunny, #429 Mismagius, #445 Garchomp, 
  • #449 Hippopotas, #460 Abomasnow, #469 Yanmega, #470 Leafeon, #471 Glaceon, 
  • #472 Gliscor, #476 Probopass, #478 Froslass, #480Uxie, #481Mesprit, 
  • #482Azelf, #486 Regigigas, #487 Giratina (origin), #492 Shaymin (land) #492 Shamin (sky) 
Pokemon Medal Collection DP5

[ Reference ]
Bandai Candy Toys : DP1, DP2, DP3, DP4, DP5

[ Edit ]
27 Jun 2008: Rotom in PokemonKids DP8 will out on 15 July. Enlarge photo.
21 Dec 2010 : Added DP5

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Postponed Pokemon Metal Name Tag & Projector Light (Yujin)

Pokemon Metal Name Tag & Pokemon Projector Light Movie 11th Ver include Pokemon A & B from Yujin, the release dates are postponed to 3 June from the middle of May.

[ Reference ]
E.U.Japan Official web site : Gachapon Item List in May
Takarajima Create : Release Calendar

[ Edit 8 May ] Pokemon Projector Light contains Pikachu, Dialga, Regigigas, Giratina (origin, another form) and Shaymin.
[ Edit 6 June ] Final photo of Pokemon Projector Light is uploaded.

Pokemon Projector Light Movie 11th[ Edit 11 June ] Final photo of Pokemon Metal Name Tag is uploaded.
Includes : Pikachu, Turtwig, Chimchar, Piplup, Palkia, Dialga, Regigigas, Giratina (origin, another), Shaymin (land), MasterBall, MonsterBall, HyperBall

Pokemon Metal Name Tag

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Japanese Auction Tips#1 (

Recently I often encounter the auction agency (middle man) for buying at several categories in YJ auction. For the auction users especially Japanese auction, do you use ?
The site contains the final price for past 13 months (*1) in 5 auctions (Yahoo Japan, Mobaauc, Rakuten, Bidders, Amazon jp). As for current price, Amazon us and eBay are covered as well. We can know 'actual market price' and trend etc. The following photo is just hands on, searching clear Pikachu PokeKids for example. *1 : If enter to Aucfan member, searchable for 24 months max with thumbnail
Have a happy hunting !

AucFan Searching resultAucFan Detail Search Menu[ Reference ]
AucFan English Top Page

Monday, May 5, 2008

Giratina and Shaymin Figure (Banpresto)

Banpresto will release Giratina and Shaymin soft vinyl figure in the end of August. Game prize, size is appox. 15 cm, assemble model. Updated DP release summary and 2008 releaseas summary as usual.
BTW, Pokemon items in may of Banpresto site has been updated. Please check it. (Very slow...)
  • #487 Giratina
  • #492 Shaymin
[ Reference ]
GA graphic (added 31 May)
Giratina Shaymin Figures Banpresto

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Pokemon Sticker Movie 11th version (Yujin)

Yujin will release Pokemon Sticker Movie 11th version in the beginning of August, gashapon (capsule toy), 5 kind of capsules, 5 kind sticker inside.
Interesting things is 3 kind of Shaymin and Pokemon A stickers. This Pokemon A is new Pokemon or Shaymin new form ?? Awaiting Corocoro surely....

[ Capsule 1 Masterball ]Pokemon Sticker Movie 11th version Yujin
  • Giratina anaother forme 1
  • Giratina origin forme 1
  • Shaymin land frome
  • Pokemon A 1 Shaymin sky forme
  • Dialga 1
[ Capsule 2 Hyperball ]
  • Giratina origin forme 2
  • Giratina origin forme 3
  • Dialga 2
  • Buneary
  • Pachirisu
[ Capsule 3 Monsterball ]
  • Shaymin land forme
  • Shaymin land forme
  • Croagunk
  • Meowth
  • Pikachu
[ Capsule 4 Superball ]
  • Giratina another forme 2
  • Giratina another forme 3
  • Regigigas
  • Magnezone
  • Bastiodon
[ Capsule 5 Superball ]
  • Pokemon A 2 Shaymin sky forme
  • Pokemon A 3 Shaymin sky forme
  • Mamoswine
  • Mothim
  • Piplup
[ Reference ]
As for other items, Yujin item info2, Bandai item info1.

[ Edit ]
7 July : Replaced the photo

Shaymin Plush and Bandai SG SP2 Photos Uploading

Photos for the following post are uploaded.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Shaymin Pouch Design Contest

Pokemon FanClub Japan and Girl's manga magazine Ciao start the contest for Shaymin pouch design. Selected design pouch will be manufactured and sell it at Pokemon Fan Club web site. Contest closes on the 2 June 2008.

[ Prizes ]
  • 1st prize (1 person) : Nintendo-DS special version and manufactured pouch
  • 2nd prize (2 persons) : Poekmon Center 10th annv. photo flame, Pikachu plush and manufactured pouch
  • 3rd prize (10 persons) : Shaymin pokedoll
  • 4th prize (100 persons) : manufactured pouch
[ How to enter the contest ]
  • To Design the cover of pouch. Must include Shaymin, other Pokemon together also accepted
  • Naming in Japanese of pouch also required
  • Using regular Japanese postcard (Hagaki), draw your design, pouch naming and reply questionnaire(*1), then send to Ciao's editorial department
  • One apply per one postcard, multiple apply accepted
  • Judgement by Ciao chief editor and Pokemon Fan Club staff
[ Schedule ]
  • 2 May : Contest has started
  • 30 May : Pre-release contest sample at Pokemon Fan Club site
  • 2 June : Contest closes
  • 4 August: Announcement 1st winner and manufactured Shaymin pouch at web/Ciao magazine
  • b/September : Sales Shaymin pouch at Pokemon Fan Club site
[ *1 Questionnaire ]
  • Which Pokemon is your most favorite ?
  • Which Pokemon's goods/merchandise do you want ?
  • Are you member of Pokemon Fan Club ?
If you have an idea, please apply it. The door is open !
AAPF can assist you (posting, naming etc), feel free contact us.

Shaymin Pouch Design Contest
Shaymin Pouch Design Contest Prize
[ Reference ]
Pokemon official site
Ciao Magazine

Sky Form & Land Form for New Pokemon ?

As for "form" related new Pokemon, the followings are status in trademark database IPDL.
  • Another form : Applied on 14 Feb 2008
  • Origin form :Applied on 14 Feb 2008
  • Sky form : Applied on 20 Feb 2008
  • Land form : Applied on 20 Feb 2008
Another and Origin forms have been applied from Nintendo, GameFreak and Creatures. Sky and Land forms have been applied from a private person who looks concerned Pokemon business in Japan. 
Will unveil later step by step.

BTW, we confirmed some sites and forums used or based AAPF's post without quote/link recently. Please link to AAPF. Otherwise AAPF is going to change member-ship blog.
Thank you for your understanding.

[ 2 May 2008 AM9:12 JST / 1 May 2008 PM5:12 PST ] 1st Edit
[ Added 21 May 23:59 JST / 21 May 07:59 PST ] Shaymin's sky form article is posted
[ Added 9 June ] If want to check AAPF's article about Shaymin forme, please refer to Shaymin Forme Info.

Pokemon Pikachu Piplup Propeller Fan

Marusho has released Pikachu and Piplup Piplup Propeller Fan on 27 April.
The fan is soft material for safety purpose. Size is approx. 5.8" height, work on two AA batteries.
  • #025 Pikachu, #393 PiplupPikachu Piplup Propeller Fan

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Pikachu Lapel Pin Recall Information

Just short notice. Nintendo US has announced lapel pin recall information due to lead paint, includes Pikachu.

[ Reference ]
Nintendo US : Recall Information

Figure Display Table Items

How do you display your favorite figure ??
Today's post is about the figure dispaly table. Would recommend the following items for your collection.

1. Tomy Solar Turn Table

Table is turning by solar. Working under the room fluorescent as well. Basically it is for Choro-Q car, but we can use it for any goods.

[ Specification ]
  • Product : Tomy
  • Table size (diameter) : 3"
  • Load capacity : max 200g weight
  • Battery : No required
  • Turning direction : Selectable clockwise, anticlockwise , duo
  • Color : Black only
Using Sample1
Using Sample2
Tomy Solar Turn Table
2. Maitan LED Figure Stage

Figure can be lit up by white LEDs.

[ Specification ]
  • Product : Maitan
  • Table Size (diameter) : 2.7"(S), 3.9"(M), 5.1"(L)
  • No of LED : 5 LEDs(S), 6 LEDs(M), 7 LEDs(L)
  • Battery: AAA x 2pcs (S/M), AAA x 3pcs (L)
  • Stage color: Black, White, Metallic silver
Using Sample1
Using Sample2

Maitan LED Figure Stage

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