Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pokemon Kids BW Dewott Set (Bandai)

Bandai will release the following figures of BW Dewott set in the beginning of June 2011.
  • #494 Victini, #502 Dewott, #508 Stoutland, #524 Roggenrola,
  • #528 Swoobat, #543 Venipede, #546 Cottonee, #552 Krokorok,
  • #569 Garbodor, #577 Solosis, #595 Joltik, #600 Klang,
  • #601 Klinklang, #608 Lampent, #614 Beartic
Pokemon Kids BW Dewott Set Bandai

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pokemon Figure Attacks Pokemon Kids BW 1 (Bandai)

Bandai will release he following Attacks (Kimewaza) Pokemon Kids BW 1 in May 2011.
  • #498 Tepig (Flame charge), #504 Patrat (After you), #511 Pansage (Grass knot),
  • #515 Panpour (Water gun), #529 Drilbur (Dig), #531 Audino (Heal pulse),
  • #554 Darumaka (Rollout), #559 Scraggy (Brick break), #562 Yamask (Haze),
  • #572 Minccino (Tail slap), #585 Deerling (Sand-attack), #586 Sawsbuck (Hone leech),
  • #596 Galvantula (Electra net), #607 Litwick (Astonish), #643 Reshiram (Cross flame)
Kimewaza Pokemon Kids BW 1 Bandai
[ Reference ]
Rakuten Net Shop: AmiAmi, Akism (soldout), Yukkun Candy Shop

Uploaded the Pics Pokemon Figure Tomy MC

Photo is uploaded to the following previous post.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Uploaded the Pics Pokemon Figure Tomy MC and Clipping Figure BW 2

Photos are uploaded/replaced to the following previous posts.

BTW as for Tomy MC promotion figure, store means located in Japan, PokeCen, ItoYokado, Jascio, Toyzirs and major electric stores (BigCamera, Yodobashi etc) except for net stores.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pokemon Plush Banpresto Jul-Sep (Banpresto) #2

Continued yesterday AOU post. Found some more pics, especially Pikachu series and 'My Pokemon Collection'. Pics divide into the following links.
Many thanks for the images to Pokemon Plush#8@2ch
  1. Pikachu new series
  2. Regular series
  3. My Pokemon Collection (oh... adding new ones and actual plush sample more)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pokemon Plush Banpresto Jul-Sep (Banpresto)

AOU (Amusement Machine Operators Expo 2011 Tokyo, game prize show) is holding 18 to 19 February 2011. Yesterday for the press and amusement industry persons, today for public. Osaka will be held on 24 February.
Following links are Banpresto booth report, Pokemon plush and goods will be released in July to September mainly. This time AAPF does not have time to visit, will add the link if find some more info.
Thanks for the udating blog to Pirobori.

Pirobori's blog : AOU 2011 banpresto Pokemon report#1, #2

To be continued to the next post.

Pokemon Plush My Pokemon Collection Site Launch (Banpresto)

New Pokemon plush series 'My Pokemon Collection', every Unova Pokemon UFO game plushies series, Banpresto announces that launch the official site on 18 February 2011.

Plush 'My Pokemon Collection' Official Site Banpresto

MPC has the following new enjoyment using mobile phone.
  • Plush has ID (like serial number)
  • To register ID by mobile phone in Japan after winning UFO game
  • To name to plush as you like and register it
  • Enable to share your collection to other person
  • Banpresto send the exclusive contents mail
Official site will be updated more later and mobile site will run on 19 March 2011, now showing sample pages, also has linkage of plush developer's blog.

As for MPC other info (release line, schedule etc), please read these posts.

[ Reference ]
Banpresto : My Pokemon Collection official site, mobile site

Friday, February 18, 2011

Pokemon Figure Monster Collection Promotion (Tomy)

Pokemon Figure Monster Collection Promotion will starts by Tomy from the end of Februrary 2011. When buying 5 pcs Tomy Pokemon figures (MC or MC+ series), a Zekrom or Reshiram overdriver limited MC (new pose) give away at the store untill out of limited figure stock.

Pokemon figure Tomy MC Zekrom Reshiram limited version Tomy

[ Reference ]
Tomy: Pokemon Monster Collection Promotion

Pokemon Fan Magazine Vol.16 (Shougakukan)

Quarterly Pokemon information magazine Pokemon Fan Vol. 16 from Shougakukan has been published on 18 Februrary 2011. The bonus (free gift) of Vol.6 are magnet, stickers, movie small poster etc, please refer to the official page.
In the magazine, AAPF confirmed that nothing special/new info on the movie 14th and plush series 'My Pokemon Collection'.

Pokemon Fan Vol.16 Shougakukan

As for previous Pokemon Fan figures bonus, please refer to this post.

[ Reference ]
Shougakukan : Pokemon Fan Vol.16, Rakuten Book Store, SevenNetBookStore

Here is glance of pages mainly movie and new merchandise. (images are ultra heavy)
  1. Appearing Pokemon in movie 14th
  2. Distribution Victini, holding V Generation, Fire Jewel, Cherish Ball, and with Wish Ribbon (Not mentioned Pre-order/theater)
  3. Figure Tomy MC (Promotion and March)
  4. Plush from Tomy (March) and etc
  5. Texture
  6. Figure Zukan BW2, zip mascot from TTA
  7. Figure Chupa Surprise BW 2 from TTA
  8. Figure Supper Get (超ゲット) BW 2 from Bandai
  9. Tapestry, Magnet Collection Gum, Sticker from Ensky
  10. Cap, Handkerchief from PokemonCenterJP
  11. Pokemon Battrio new series in March (1/2)
  12. Ditto (2/2)
  13. Bath powder with collectable sticker from Tomy
  14. Clipping figure BW 2 from Bandai
Also please check shellspider's blog, uploading game/anime pages

    Thursday, February 17, 2011

    Pokemon Big Gum/Assort Candy (Meiji)

    Japanese confectionery and pharmaceutical company Meiji Seika, Ltd releases the Pokemon Big Gum and Assort Candy on 8 February 2011.
    • Big gum : Includes a collectable sticker, grape flavor
    • Assort Candy : Various package and flavor (yogurt, chocolate tips, colorful chocolate, lemon and strawberry)
    Pokemon BigGum and Assort Candy Meiji Seika
    Pokemon Assort Candy Package Meiji Seika
    Pokemon Big Gum Sticker Meiji Seika

    [ Reference ]
    Meiji Seika : Pokemon products page
    Rakuten net Shop : Tabete Big Gum (10pcs), Assort Candy (10pcs)

    Wednesday, February 16, 2011

    No Release Pokemon Gray (Game)

    Just short info.
    According to Spanish game info site MeriStation, No release Pokemon game Gray that minor update version of Pokemon White and Black, Gamefreak designer Ms Nana Ido told it in London the official European presentation.

    [ Reference ]
    MeriStation : Nintendo: "No habrá un 'Pokémon Gris' en 3DS"

    [ Added ]
    19 Februrary 2011: Masuda's interview clip (link to

    Tuesday, February 15, 2011

    Pokemon Movie 14th Info As of 15 Feb Vol.2

    Major news site Nikkan Sports also posts about two Pokemon movie 14th films. The post supplements the movie outline a bit more as follow:

    "movie leading character Ash and Pikachu join to the battle of harvest festival at Aintork where the sons of earth live, then meet mysterious Pokemon Victini. This introduction is common in the two movies. In movie 'The Black Hero',  Zekrom appears when admits the human who is questing for the ideal.  In case of  'The White Hero', Reshiram appears when  admits the human who is questing for the truth."

    [ Reference ]
    Nikkan Sports News :  Entertainment news

    Pokemon Movie 14th Info As of 15 Feb

    Pokemon 14th new movie 'The White Hero Reshiram' and the following points are confirmed by the movie site officially today.  
    • 'Victini and The Black Hero Zekrom' and 'Victini and The White Hero Reshiram' will be released on 17 July 2011
    • Two movie runs individually (not double feature)
    • News page says that movies outline are 'ideal black' and 'true white' respectively
    • Will start movie poster contest. Best post will be used official movie promotion  
    • Shows offical posters, are replaced to yesterday post   
    • Official site does not have info on Pokemon distribution of Wifi / pre-order movie ticket at the moment 
    Pokemon Movie 14th Victini Zekrom Reshiram

    [ Reference ]
    Pokemon Movie Official Site

    Monday, February 14, 2011

    Pokemon Movie 14th Info As of 14 Feb 2011

    Just short info.
    Another movie 'The White Hero Reshiram' is confirmed by CoroCoro magazine March 2011, here is the new poster. Thanks for the images to shellspider.
    Here is the new poster from official site.

    Pokemon Movie 14th New Poster

    [ Reference ]
    Shellspider's Blog
    Pokemon Movie Official Site

    [ Edit ]
    15 Feb 2011: Replaced the poster and edited reference

    Saturday, February 12, 2011

    Pokemon Movie 14th Info

    Just short info, some of Corocoro magazine March pages are uploaded at Yahoo JP question board today. Two movies will be released, another one is "The White Hero Reshiram". Will update details later.Poster is confirmed, please refer to this post.

    White Hero Reshiram ?!

    [ Reference ]
    Yahoo JP Question board (As of 12 Feb 2011 15:39 JST, it has been deleted)

    Friday, February 11, 2011

    Pokemon BW Seal Chips Gum (Ensky)

    Ensky will release the following Pokemon BW sticker (Seal Chips Gum) on 2 March 2011. One package contains 40 stickers randomly and 2 chewing gum. Sticker size : 2cm.

    Pokemon Seal Chips Gum Ensky

    [ Reference ]
    Rakuten Net Shop : AmiAmiAtMart (selling 20 pct set)

    BTW, one of major Japanese Pokemon collector's blog 'Asami's Dialy' updates the
    merchandise info that released 1999 to 2003 from Pokemon Center Japan, free paper 'Pokemon Center News' are uploaded.
    Would recommend to check the blog once, it is possible to find new treasure you never seen.

    Wednesday, February 9, 2011

    Pokemon Sticker Battle Piece Collection BW 2011 Movie (TTA)

    Takara Tomy ARTS (TTA) will release the following Pokemon Sticker Battle Piece Collection BW 2011 Movie version in the beginning of May 2011.
    There is vealed Pokemon in the preview as usual. Will update/replace the pic later.
    As one remarkable point, Victini sticker is "Changing sticker", Victini's deference pose can be seen by the angle. Is it something metaphor ?

    Pokemon Sticker Battle Piece Collection BW 2011 Movie TTA

    [ Reference ]
    HK Toys Wolrd : Takara Tomy ARTS 2011/05

    Pokemon Movie 14th Announcement Count Down

    Pokemon Movie official site updates the following count down for important announcement on a new legend last night. It will be known on 15 February 2011. Also same day, Shougakukan will publish Corocoro magazine (March).

    Pokemon Movie 14th Announcement Countdown As of 9 Feb

    Tuesday, February 8, 2011

    Uploaded the Pics Pokemon Figure Stamp Mascot & Plush (TTA, Banpresto)

    Saturday, February 5, 2011

    Uploaded the Pics Pokemon Figure Kids BW 4 & DX BW 2 (Bandai)

    Photos for Pokemon Figure Pokemon Kids BW 4 and DX BW 2 from Bandai are uploaded to the following previous posts.

    Friday, February 4, 2011

    Pokemon Figure BW Open Ball Mascot (TTA)

    Takara Tomy ARTS (TTA) will release the following figures of Pokemon BW Open ball Mascot in the end of May 2011. Gashapon toys, figure height 2.5cm. Will replace the photo later.
    • #025 Pikachu, #495 Snivy, #498 Tepig,
    • #501 Oshawott, #559 Scraggy, #587 Emolga

    Also DP/HGSS series was released in August 2010.
    • #025 Pikachu, #251 Celebi, #393 Piplup
    • #417 Pachirisu, #453 Croagunk, #570 Zorua

    [ Reference ] : Takara Tomy ARTS 2011/05
    Rakuten Net Shop : Kids Room (set selling)

    Uploaded the preview pic to yesterday post Pokemon Light Mascot BW2

    Pokemon Stamp Set (Shougakukan)

    Children education magazine Youchien (March) from Shougakukan has been published on 1 February 2011. In the magazine, there is the following Pokemon stamp set as freebie.
    • #025 Pikachu, #495 Snivy, #498 Tepig, #501 Oshawott, #610 Axew
    Pokemon Stamps Youchien Shogakukan

    [ Reference ]
    Shougakukan : Youchien (March)
    Rakuten Net Shop : Rakuten Books 

    BTW, Pokemon information magazine Pokemon Fan Vol.16 will be published on 18 February 2011, not sure about the contents and freebie at the moment, will post details later.

    Thursday, February 3, 2011

    Pokemon Figure Pokemon Light Mascot BW 2 (Bandai)

    Bandai will release the following figure lights in May 2011, capsule toys.
    When plush to the figure, LED turns on. Wil upload the photo later. As for BW1 set, please refer to this post.
    • #501 Oshawott, #517 Munna, #554 Darumaka,
    • #607 Litwick, #643 Reshiram (plate), #644 Zekrom (plate)
    Pokemon Light Mascot BW 2 Oshawott Munna Darumaka Litwick Reshiram Zekrom Bandai

    [ Reference ]
    Rakuten Net Shop : Kids Room BW1 set, BW2 set
    Webshop : Takarajima

    [ Edit ]
    4 Feb 2011 : Added the preview pic and edited the contents

    Suntory CC Lemon Promotion (Suntory)

    Sunroty starts the promoion of softdrink CC Lemon/CC Lemon ZERO on 1 February 2011, a Pokemon magnet is attached with 1.5L bottle.
    • #025 Pikachu (2 kinds), #495 Snivy, #498 Tepig, #501 Oshawott,
    • #559 Scraggy,  #572 Minccino, #610 Axew

    Suntory Promotion CC Lemon Pokemon Magnet Zoom

    [ Reference ]
    Suntory : CC lemon/CC lemon ZERO promotion page

    Wednesday, February 2, 2011

    Eeveelution and Mameshiba Collaboration

    MameVees Beans Eeveelution Mameshiba EeveeMameVees Beans Eeveelution 2 Mameshiba Eevee

    Starting new Eeveelution collection series ? With Mameshiba ??

    It's a fan art, posted it to pixiv, named MameVees (beans eeveelution), then is cascading in twitter day by day. 2nd pic is also craft work based on MameVees.
    Just wanted let you know these :D  
    Thanks for the images and credit goes to @lucario0220.

    [ Reference ]
    What's Mabeshiba ? Official site in English, Image Search
    MameVees in pixiv, MameVees in twitpic

    Pokemon Figure Bandai Pokemon Kids BW 4 (Bandai)

    Bandai will release the following 15 figures of Pokemon Kids BW 4 in middle of April 2011, candy toys. Sneak preview is shown in this page. Will replace the official photo later.
    • #496 Servine, #513 Pansear, #515 Panpour, #520 Tranquill, #541 Swadloon, 
    • #545 Scolipede, #557 Dwebble, #559 Scraggy, #568 Trubbish, #586 Sawsbuck, 
    • #587 Emolga, #590 Foongus, #592 Frillish (male), #599 Klink, #607 Litwick
    Pokemon Kids BW Servine Set Bandai

    [ Reference ]
    Rakuten Net Shop (Set selling):  Yukkun's Candy Warehouse, ToySanta, AmiAmi  
    US Net shop : Toys Logic

    [ Edit ]
    05 Feb 2011: Uploaded the image temporarily and added the links
    17 Nov 2011: Relplaced the image

      Tuesday, February 1, 2011

      Pokemon Fan Club Montly Present (PokeCenJP)

      Pokemon official fan club site in Japan updates the following monthly present.
      • Prize-A : DSi decoration film (Snivy or Tepig or Oshawott) and Wrap to 300 persons
      Pokemon Fan Club Montly Present DSi Deco-film & Wrap

      • Prize-B : Emonga / Emolga life size plush (height 40cm, width: 24cm) to 200 persons
      Pokemon Fan Club Emonga Emolga Life Size Plush

      As for Emonga plush, it will be available on 5 February 2011 at PokeCenJP as well.
      Pokemon Life Size Plush Emolga Minccino PokeCenJP

      [ Reference ]
      Pokemon Fan Club :  Montly present (after member-id login)

      Pokemon BW Figure Key Chain 3 (Banpresto)

      Banpresto will release the following 8 figures of BW figure key chain in the middle of February 2011, height 4cm game prize, peal color cording. Figure poses are same as November and December released.
      • #025 Pikachu, #495 Snivy, #498 Tepig, #501 Oshawott,
      • #570 Zorua, #571 Zoroark, #643 Reshiram, #644 Zekrom
      Pokemon BW Figure Key Chain 3 Pikachu Snivy Tepig Oshawott Zorua Zoroark Reshiram Zekrom

      [ Reference ]
      Banpresto : Pokemon BW Figure Key Chain 3

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