Friday, November 28, 2008

Pokemon Figure Release Info in Jan#2 (Bandai PokeKids)

Bandai will release the following 15 figures of Pokemon Kids National Dex series 2 in the end of January. This series has been just started after completion DP series.
  • #003 Venusaur, #136 Flareon, #149 Dragonite, #156 Quilava,
  • #216 Teddiursa, #246 Larvitar, #259 Marshtomp, #306 Aggron,
  • #330 Flygon, #372 Shelgon, #383 Groudon, #398 Staraptor,
  • #466 Electivire, #479 Frost Rotom, #479 Wash Rotom
Pokemon Kids National Dex 2 Bandai

Uploading Photo for Rotom, Cresselia Figures (TomyMC)

Photo of Rotom, Cresselia figures in Tomy Moster Collection series is uploading to the previous article, will be released on 27 December.

Eevee Collection Info 2 (PokemonJP)

Long time no updating. Now backed to normal...

PokemonJP announces that Eevee goodies collection will be availabe at all Pokemon Centers in Japan from 6 December, includes Pokedoll, foods, stationery and T-Shirts.

Eevee Collection PokemonJP
[ Reference ]
Pokemon Official Site News : Eevee Colleciton
Eevee Colletion ?? (PokemonJP)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Meowth Festa in PokemonCenter Oosaka

PokemonCenter Oosaka will mark 10th anniversary on 14 November 2008. They are going to be held Meowth Festa. (Meowth is included as Oosaka logo) The following plush and others will be available at Oosaka only.
Meowth Plush PokemonCenterOosakaBTW, this Meowth posing has meaning. It is based on 'Maneki Neko' : A Happy-Come-Come-Cat/Welcome Cat. We believe to bring good luck to the shop owner. Generally we decorate it at entrance. Please read more detailed in wikipedia.

[ Reference ]

PokemonJP news : PokemonCenter Oosaka 10th anniversary
Wikipedia : Maneki Neko

Pokemon 2009 Calendar 3 (McDonald'sJP)

McDonald'sJP releases the following 2009 Pokemon calendar on 6 November.

[ Monthly Walltop Calendar ]

  • Size : 28 cm x 29 cm
  • Pages : Cover + 13 pages
  • Period : December 2008 - December 2009
  • Note : Includes 169 stickers, Printing Japanese holidays

McDonald'sJP Pokemon Calendar 2009
As for other 2009 calendars, please refer to Pokemon 2009 Calendar (Étoile) and Pokemon 2009 Calendar 2 (PokemonJP).

Monday, November 3, 2008

Pokemon Figures Release Info in Dec (Tomy)

Tomy will release the following figures in December 2008 on 26 December 2008 additionally.
As for Cresselia, it has been released in figures box set.
Which current figure is going to replace, please refer to TomyMC Number List. (Sudowoodo and Weavile are replaced)
  • #479 Rotom (nomal Rotom), #488 Cresselia

Rotom Cresselia TomyMC

Eevee Colletion ?? (PokemonJP)

PokemonCenterJP distributes the following ad paper, named 'Eevee Collection'.
At the moment unknown detailed... Why no Glaceon ?? Will edit this later.

Eevee Collection Ads PokemonJP
If interesting in Eevee evolution figures collection, please refer to TomyMC Eevee evolution figures set.

[ Edit 4 Nov 2008 ]
Glaceon is there, replaced the photo. Thanks for letting me know to heerosferret and Ridi :D

Postponed Leafeon Glaceon Plush (Tomy)

The following Leafeon Glaceon Plush from Tomy are postponed to 11 December unfortunately.

Lefeon Glaceon Plush Tomy

Pokemon Chupa Surprise Figure DP5 (Subarudo)

Subarudo will release 10 figures, Chupa Suprise Figure DP5 'Let's Battle !' in the end of November. Canday toys, size is 0.9", a figure is inside one of 5 kinds Poke Balls (PokeBall, SuperBall, Hyperball, NetBall, NestBall) .
  • #145 Zapdos, #388 Grotle, #393 Piplup, #395 Empoleon, #470 Leafeon,
  • #471 Glaceon, #473 Mamoswine, #488 Cresselia, #489 Phione, #492 Shaymin (sky)
Pokemon Chupa Surprise Figure DP5 Subarudo
If want know previous items, please refer to Pokemon Chupa Surprise Figure DP4.

[ Reference ]
Subarudo : Pokemon pages

Correction Megablocks Toys

Including blocks of New Pokemon DX Bucket DP(release on 25 October) and Pokemon Block Land DX (release on 8 November) are corrected in previous article.
Also please visit to Bandai Megablocks official pages, we can see detailed info.

Uploading Photo for new Pokemon Kids Attacks Learned (Bandai)

Photo of Bandai Pokemon Kids Attacks Learned (aka Move) DP series is uploading to the previous article. All of them are dynamic posing, line is
  • #026 Raichu, #150 Mewtwo, #321 Wailord, #388 Grotle, #389 Torterra,
  • #393 Piplup, #395 Empoleon, #396 Starly, #416 Vespiquen, #424 Ambipom,
  • #433 Chingling, #447 Riolu, #452 Drapion, #453 Croagunk, #492 Shaymin (land)

Resuming AAPF (and myself)

Thank you for waiting and many messages about worry.
I have backed from 'network isolation' place.
Will run again about Pokemon toys news slowly and steadily.
Hoping you will enjoy AAPF again.

3 Nov 2008

Take care stepladder after the rain ...

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