Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pokemon Figure Release Info in August#2 (Tomy MC)

Tomy will release 2 new figures of Battle Scene series on 9 August 4 September.
As for other Battle Scene figures, please refer to search result.
  • #486 Regigigas
  • #487 Giratina (another forme)
TomyMC Battle Scene Regigigas Giratina

[ Edit 9 August ] Correction release date.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kats, thanks for the list of upcoming figures, thats definitely something to look forwards too ^^

When you say "normal" form for Giratina, do you mean the one we can get in Diamond and Pearl, or the 'origin' form (the one which is more snake like)?


Kats said...

Thank you for telling, corrected another and origin form !

Anonymous said...

Ah I see, so this is the other form. Thanks! ^_^


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