Thursday, August 7, 2008

New Forme or New Pokemon in Platinum (Game)

The following photo is uploading in Japanese huge message board service 2ch Platinum thread.
Unknown 5 silhouettes are there. Rotom's new forme or other ?? Photo was taken at Platinum pre-order booth in ToysRUs and Tsutaya. In the photo, the following info are mentioned :
  • Items for these Pokemon will be delivered on 28 Sep to 4 Nov
  • We can't see them with ordinary game playing
Will post more detailed soon.

Unknown Pokemon in Platinum
[ Edit 9 Aug ]

As for unknown 5 silhouettes Pokemon, 'Pokemon Scoope' as detailed info will be enclosed in Platinum game package accroding to Platinum latest game preview in Pokemon Festa 2008.

[ Edit 11 Aug ]

Pokemon official site uploads the info to this page. One additional info : Delivering item can be shared to other persons who has Platinum game till 5 times.

[ For Platinum Pre-order Link : Available in ]

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