Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pokemon 151 #2

Pokemon 151 official site opened today. (ref: Coming Soon Pokemon 151)

[ About Pokemon 151 : Message from PokemonCenterJP ]

PokemonCenterJP releases new brand 'Pokemon 151' in 2008 as 10th Anniversary of PokemonCeneter operating. This brand services for adults/older Pokemon fans with the quest for design and quality of goods.
12 years are past since Pokemon Red Blue release. Person may have various relationship with Pokemon now. Have been loving Pokemon up to now, or receded from Pokemon, or already forgot Pokemon...
PokemonCenterJP believes that you still have a passion same as that time somewhere in your heart.
T-Shirt is designed by Polygraph who is famous artist to create 'a world view of game'. For outside, in the house, any occasion, T-Shirt will be suitable.
If you will have new topic or communication about Pokemon with Pokemon 151, it is a great pleasure for PokemonCenterJP.

[ Designer ]

Polygraph : Official site
Works :design for CD jacket, package of game, digital gadget, logo for TV and T-shirt

[ Current T-Shirt Line Up /Color / Material ]
  • #097 Hypno : gray, cotton 80% polyester 20%
  • #104 Cubone : gray, cotton 80% polyester 20%
  • #144 Articuno : navy, cotton 100%
  • #150 Mewtwo : white, cotton 100%
[ Size ]

1cm = 0.39 inch
SizeChestWideLengthLength of

[ Shipping Destination from NetShop ]

No shipping to international, only Japan.
If interesting, AAPF would work as middle man. Feel free contact by form

[ Note ]

Pokemon 151 is a time limit project, it is one of 10th Anniversary business.
Future scheme (2009) is unfixed at present.

[ Reference ]
Pokemon 151 Official Site
Current Line Up

[ Edit 3 July ]
Additional info: T Shirt has 2 colors of neck tag, green and red, selectable. And "19960227-"(game release date in Japan) is embroidered on sleeve tag.

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