Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Shaymin Sky Form Info ?? (Unofficial)

To check the hot keywords by google blogsearch service, it is one of routine for AAPF.
When search "sky form" in Japanese sites, one blog page was hit recently. Blog owner is Pokemon fan and working for the printing industry, based on previous articles.
Article on 19 May says :
  • Land form is current one as we know
  • Glanced Shaymin sky form in the office carelessly
  • Surprised at Shaymin sky form, same feeling when saw Darkrai's legs
  • Shaymin sky form is sort of "failed of eevee evolution" or kind of Delcatty and eye is like Girafarig
Anyway waiting Corocoro June's magazine eagerly...
If want to check AAPF's article about Shaymin forme, please refer to Shaymin Forme Info.

[ Reference ]
Blog Ume no mi (Unripe Ume fruits) : 19 May Article


Eaglehasflown said...

Just curious, did you know Pony photo was fake ?

Kats said...

Curious you ID, I like Eagle has landed too :D
When I saw it, almost believed at first. But realized it was fake by the following three reasons.
1. Font was not like Corocoro's one.
2. Checked source myself, it came from Japan outside. Should be came from Japan in this season.
3. After posting this article, the photo was appeared soon. Like Jung's Synchronicity. Why next day ? Corocoro's leak day is still far.
Then I felt it was low credibility.

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