Friday, May 9, 2008

TomyMC Number (Tomy)

As for FAQ about figure series Tomy Monster Collection (MC) number, would post here.
After DP series starting, Tomy updated the figure package. MC Number (1 to 150) is printing on the package. (MC number sticker on the blister pack/plastic case)  
Tomy's current sales policy is to manage only 150 figures. When producing a new figure, one of 150 numbers of the existing figure is assigned to new one. The existing figure is replaced, then it will be end of production. Replaced figure is available in the current stock only.

  • MC-100 Ninjask (replaced)
  • MC-100 Infernape (new released)
  • MC-077 Snorlax (current/will replace)
  • MC-077 Shaymin (will release in May)
  • MC-065 Golem (replaced)
  • MC-065 Kricketune (current/will replace)
  • MC-065 Mothim (will release in Aug)
In other words, the figure that excluding current 150 figures, previous released RB/GS/RS (black, yellow, square box package) , Tomy does not reproduce them at present. It is necessary to wait till coming renewal or battle scene series. Or restarting reproduction.
Today, going to be hard to find RB/GS/RS figures in the market day by day. The replaced figure in DP series will be same as well.

Please refer to Tomy MC number list.

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