Wednesday, October 9, 2013

New Game With Changing Pikachu ?

The Pokemon Company (TPC) announces that TV program 'The Professional' will feature TPC's CEO Ishihara-san, will be aired on 28 October 2014.

The Professional TPC Ishihara san

In the 'The Professional' official page, we can see interesting trailer text.
"In this summer, Ishihawa was in developing the game as ever see. The new game is to change the most popular game character Pikachu. However, there is a possibility to fall the popularity in a moment because Pikachu is beloved by all for long years. So what was his decision in that time ?  Original : この夏、石原はこれまでにないゲームの開発に取りかかっていた。それは、一番人気のキャラクター・ピカチュウに大胆に手を加えるという新ゲーム。しかし長年愛されてきたキャラクターだけに、下手をすれば一気に人気を失う恐れもある。その時、下した石原の決断とは。"

Seems the abovementioned game is not XY, because XY was final development phase this summer. Coming new game with something change Pikachu ?
We will report this after on air. 

Also this info reminds us this previous article 'I Love Pikachu + Logo'.

[ Reference ]
NHK : The Professional Vol.215
TV program The Professional ; This program focuses on what it is to be a true professional at work and what are the keys to becoming one.

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