Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pokemon Merch. in World Hobby Fair 2012 (Bandai, Banpresto)

World Hobby Fair 2012 is holding at Makuhara Chiba, Japan today and tomorrow.
Here is reporting on upcoming Pokemon merchandise.
As for movie 15 and Pokemon Nobunaga's Ambition, nothing special info this time.

[ Banpresto, My Pokemon Collection Plush ]

My Pokemon Collection (Set E probably) will be released in 2nd week of March 2012.
  • #641 Tornadus, #642 Thundurus, #645 Landorus

My Pokemon Collection Set E in March 2012 Banpresto

My Pokemon Collection 15 (upper one) will be released in 4th week of May 2012, 16 in 4th week of June 2012. Video files#1 and #2 are uploaded to youtube.

My Pokemon Collection 15 16 May June 2012 Banpresto
My Pokemon Collection 15 Banpresto
My Pokemon Collection 15
  • #585 Deerling (Spring), #619 Mienfoo, #633 Deino,
  • #524 Roggenrola, #611 Fraxure, #569 Garbodor
My Pokemon Collection 16
  • #570 Zorua, #592 Frillish (Male), #620 Mienshao,
  • #636 Larvesta, #597 Ferroseed, #521 Unfezant (Male)
Summary list for upcoming MPC (not release yet), please see this pageADD

[ Bandai, Pokemon Kids figure ]

Cobalion set will be released in the middle of February 2012. No display upcoming Virizion set. orz

Pokemon Kids Cobalion Set in Feb 2012 Bandai

Pokemon Kids Gallary opens, same as MPC mobile site, accessable mobile only.

Pokemon Kids Gallary Bandai

[ Bandai, Pokemon Plamo DIY kits ]

Cobalion in March, Virizion in April, Terrakion in May 2012 will out respectively.  

Pokemon Plamo Cobalion Virizion Terrakion Bandai

Sample modeling (customize), shiny Suicune Hydreigon, and decoration Pikachu.

Pokemon Plamo Sample Modeling Shiny Suicune Hydreigon BandaiPokemon Plamo Sample Modeling Decoration Pikacu Bandai

This article will be continued to Pokemon Merch. in World Hobby Fair 2012#2.

[ Edit ]
24 Jan 2012 : Added the link of video and sequel article
28 Jan 2012 : Added the link of summary list for upcoming MPC

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