Monday, January 23, 2012

Pokemon Merch. in World Hobby Fair 2012 #2 (Bandai, Banpresto)

Continued Pokemon Merch. in World Hobby Fair 2012.

[ Bandai, BW Swing figures ]

Will be released in the end of January February 2012. Two veiled Pokemons are revealed. Pikachu and Excadrill....... Final image is uploaded to this article.

Pokemon BW Swing flier BandaiPokemon Bw Swing Bandai at WHF 2012

[ Banpresto, Waza-Museum (Attacks Figures with Effect) 技ミュージアム ]

Prototype displayed. Probably details will be revealed at AOU#2012.
  • #495 Snivy (Vine Whip), #498 Tepig (Ember), #501 Oshawott (Razor Shell), #523 Zebstrika (Discharge)
  • #610 Axew (Dragon Rage), #585 Deerling (Aromatherapy), #552 Krokorok (Sand Tomb), #625 Bisharp (Metal Claw)
  • #515 Panpour (Water Sport), #511 Pansage (Grass Whistle), #513 Pansear (Fire Punch), #589 Escavalier (X-Scissor)
Pokemon Waza (Attacks) Museum figure Banpresto at WHF 2012 技ミュージアム

Many thank you for the images and credit goes to cooldpm's blog.

[ Add ]
Thank you for the following image to anonymous in 2ch three monkey thread.

Pokemon Waza (Attacks) Museum Figure Prototype in WHF 2012 Banpresto

[ Reference ]
Cooldpm's blog : WHF 2012 report No.1

[ Edit ]
2 Feb 2012 : Added the image of Waza-Museum

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