Friday, January 2, 2009

Eeveelution Paper Watch (PokemonCenter JP)

For Diamond, Pearl and Platinum game promotion, PokemonCenter JP distributes Eevee to your DS/DSi from last December to 12 January.
Moreover, when you bring evolved Eevee (Vaporeon or Jolteon or Flareon or Espeon or Umbreon or Leafeon or Glaceon) after playing game, the following paper watch will be presented from 17 to 31 January.

Eeveelution Paper Watch PokemonCenterJP[ Reference ]
Current News : Eeveelution Paper Watch

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[ Edit 5 January 2009 ]
  • No plan to sell, promotional product.
  • Material is paper basically, Polypropylene (PP) cording on the paper probably. Like this.

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