Thursday, April 17, 2008

Upcoming Pokemon B Tomy's Merchandise

Here is a list upcoming 'Pokemon B' merchandise from Tomy .
Tomy called 'Pokemon A' Shaymin before. Pokemon B name is not announced from Tomy yet. Will post each item later.
  • Pokemon B Plush : Release on 3 July, Size 11", same type as Gligar, Riolu
  • Pokemon B Tomy MC : Release on 12 July, ref to Figure Release Info in July#1
  • Pokemon B Choro-Q : Release on 19 July, ref to Choro-Q Info
  • Pokemon B Talking Plush : Release on 24 July, Size 11.5", Shaymin Talking plush also will come same day
  • Pokemon B Talking Small Plush : Release on 20 Sep, Size ?? at present, Piplup and Pachirisu will come on 24 June.
As for capsule toys from Yujin and Bandai, they also call Pokemon A and B.
This blog AAPF does not so cover the items except for figure and plush.
For more detailed info, please refer to bulbanews : New Generation IV game to be announced next month
The first item come to market is Yujin Pokémon Battle Wheel 2. Will release on 22 April. I've heard unofficially that Pokemon A will be Shaymin, still no info on B at present. Seems low possibility that Yujin would release new Pokemon item before Pokemo official site or Corocoro announce. We will know them around 23 April.

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[ Added 24 April 2008 ]
Yujin Pokémon Battle Wheel 2 has been released. Pokemon A is Shaymin, B is Giratina origin form.

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