Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Latest Pokemon BW2 Info (DengekiNintendo)

According to Dengeki Ninrtendo magazine August, latest Pokemon BW2 info here you are.
Thanks to 2ch anonymous for the images sharing.

Will replace the images tomorrow, and upload some info from Famitsu Vol.1229 and NIndori as well.
Now editing Suspension, will marge other magazine ifo (Famitsu and Nindori) all together then resume on 21 June 11am JST....

[ Starting Location ]

Map of starting area (left page in the above image)

Aspertia City (Hiougi City)

Check List (left page in the above image)
  • Talk to mother in protagonist's house
  • Talk to rival and his younger sister
  • With rival looking for Bianca
  • Meet Bianca at the lookout point
  • Choice starter Pokemon then get Pokedex
  • Battle with rival
  • Go to Pokemon Center with Bianca navigation
  • Get the running shoes and town map from mother and rival's younger sister
Right page in the above
  • TV has watchable three channels 

[ Route 19 and Sangi Town ]
Route 19 and Check List

  • Patrats and Purrloins are living at Route 19, this magazine case caught Shiny Patrats

Sangi Town Map (right page in the above image)

  • Mother is friend with Alder
Check List
  • Largn how to catch Pokeon from Bianca
  • Meet Alder
  • Then go to Route 20

[ Route 20 and Sangi Farm ]

[ Tachiwaki City ]

[ Team Prazma ]

[ Pokedex#1 ]
[ Pokedex#2 ]

[ Pokedex Enhancement ]

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