Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pokemon BW2 Map (Famitsu DS Wii)

Magazine Famitsu DS Wii July features summary of map deferential part of BW and BW2, also has projection in BW2. (Click the images for enlarge) Replaced the images.

Pokemon BW & BW2 Map deferential part Famitsu DSWii Magazine July 1Pokemon BW & BW2 Map deferential part Famitsu DSWii Magazine July 2

[ No.1 Route 4 ]
  • In BW, it's desert road, under construction, left various materials and prefabrication hut. BW2 changes it into the large city.
[ No.2 South West Hiougi City ]
  • BW2 Start point. In BW, it's forest. how can we go to Hiougi city ? In BW2, seems there is a river (remember bridge in route 6) from mountain range inside, the river will be by-pass (connecting south and north of mountain range).
  • There is a port, seems can go to Castelia City by ship.
  • Liberty Garden and Unity Tower are already shown as default, seems easy to go
[ No.3 Driftveil City ]
  • In BW2, new building at the container place, no lighthouse small island. Also new two vacant lands appear with black hole, it seems entrance of new donjon.
[ No.4 Challenger's Cave ]
  • It's valuable for training in BW, but no Challenger's Cave in BW2. Hoping it is leaving  in somewhere.
[ No.5 Right of Victory Road ]
  • There is sort of building in the forest beyond the ice in BW2, can't go to it in BW. It locates near route 12. Is there the new road accross the forst to north ?
[ No.6 East area of mountain range ]
  • We can see a square and airplane (maybe small airport) in BW2. Also there is a caves, probaly it connects to right building.
[ No.7 Entra Link ]
  • No water and can see the bed in BW2. Seems Entrance Tree (Hairu Tree) grows large tree.  
[ Edit ]
22 May 2012 : Replaced to the clear images and add No.4-No.7

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