Monday, March 12, 2012

CoroCoro April Content (Shougakukan)

Already some sites report on leaked pages of CoroCoro April magazine, here is re-posting and add one information. The following images are replaced.

[ Topics in CoroCoro April ]
  • Revealed that the package art of Pokemon Black2 and White 2
  • Page says B2W2 is different story completely
  • Announced movie 15 pre-order ticket give-away, it's Keldeo (Lv.15), BW and B2W2 can receive it, starting June 2012, pre-order ticker will sell on 14 April 2012, distribution in the theater is shown as below.

CoroCoro Apr 2012 p1 CoroCoro Apr 2012 p2 CoroCoro Apr 2012 p3

CoroCoro Apr 2012 p4 CoroCoro Apr 2012 p5 CoroCoro Apr 2012 p6
CoroCoro Apr 2012 annex1 CoroCoro Apr 2012 annex2 CoroCoro Apr 2012 nexr volume trailer

[ Distribution in the movie theater ]
Meloetta will be distributed in the theater. AAPF found the following image in movie official site on 1 March 2012 during the movie site updating accidentally. AAPF suspended to post about this till today. It will be announced officially soon.
If you have image deletion request, please let me know. AAPF will delete it immediately.

Pokemon Movie 15 Giveaway:Keldeo Distribution:Meloetta from Movie official site as of 1 March 2012

[ Edit ]
21 Mar 2012 : Replaced/uploaded the pages


Weasel said...

A completely new story for BW2? Wow, that's rather surprising. This generation of Pokemon games has been rather full of surprises.

I can't wait until fall. I want to play these games now! (I'm a little over-eager, I'll admit.)

Anonymous said...

So, when they glow like that they are called "Overdrive Formes"? Is that the official name?

Kats said...

Overdrive is official name. Please see this :

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