Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pokemon Kids Blitzle Info (Bandai)

Bandai released Pokemon Kids Samurott series in the middle of August 2011, Japan.
The wrong paiting on Blitzle were found. Tail color should be white, however initial released were black tail.

Pokemon Kids Blitzle Black Tail

If declear bought place/date with Bandai web form, correct one will be sent. (black tail one no need sending back) For oversea buyer, please access to used seller or middle man.
Check your Blitzle once if you have, hoping yours is ultra RARE Blitzle :D   

[ Reference ]
Bandai Candy Toys Notification on Pokemon Kids

[ Pokemon Kids BW Samurott Set / Released in August 2011 ]
  • #503 Samurott, #506 Lillipup, #522 Blitzle, #523 Zebstrika,
  • #536 Palpitoad, #566 Archen, #567 Archeops, #574 Gothita,
  • #618 Stunfisk, #621 Druddigon, #622 Golett, #623 Golurk,
  • #626 Bouffalant, #630 Mandibuzz
Pokemon Kids BW Samurott Set Bandai

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