Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pokemon Figure Keshipoke BW 3 (Ensky)

Ensky will release 8 figures of Pokemon Keshipoke series BW 3 in the end of November December 2011. A figure comes in an eraser Pokeball. (Keshi means eraser in Japanese).
  • #025 Pikachu, #494 Victini, #561 Sigilyph, #614 Beartic,
  • #623 Golurk, #626 Bouffalant, #635 Hydreigon, #646 Kyurem (Secret item)
Pokemon Figure Keshipoke BW 3 Ensky
Pokemon Figure Keshipoke BW 3 Ensky

[ Reference ]
Ensky Official Page : Pokemon Items Catalog
Rakuten Net Shop (box sell) : AmiAmi, Kaguya
Yahoo Japan : AmiAmi, Auction listing result

[ Edit ]
18 Dec 2011: Changed the release date postponed to December, and uploaded the temporary image from Pokemon Fan Vol.20 


Weasel said...

Oh goodie! Another Golurk for my collection! Thanks for the heads up; I appreciate it.

maxandra6 said...

Hi do you know HOW to open this poke bowl ???

Kats said...

Separate top and bottom parts of bowl. For example in the pic, open the purple part with holding white part.

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