Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pokemon Movie 14th Info (CoroCoro)

Just now backed from the place where unstable network area. Sorry about no updating. Many to be posted news are on the queue. Let me post this info first.

Bessatsu (separate volume) CoroCoro April is published from Shogakukan yesterday.
In freebie of it, the movie poster as follow. We can see the following things.
  • an unidentifiable man who has hear coloring white and black
  • an unidentifiable woman who wears red dress and hat
  • Pokemon Gothitelle, Reuniclus, Golurk and Hydreigon are there
CoroCoroSP Pokemon Movie 14th Poster

No info on the persons (characters) in the movie at the moment. After buying CoroCoro, will post more info and clear scanning image tomorrow.

[ Reference ]
Shougakukan : Bessatsu CoroCoro page (Apr) : Bessatsu CoroCoro (Apr)

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