Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Pokemon Game Title ?

As for Pokemon new game in yesterday post, it is interesed in game title.
I just check the registered trademark of Pokemon in Japan by Industrial Property Digital Library (IPDL), the result of unused trademark as follow :
  • Pocketmonster Topaz (2003.5 registered)
  • Pocketmonster Amethyst (2003.5 registered)
  • Pocketmonster Whitegold (2003.5 registered)
  • Pocketmonster Tourmaline (2003.6 registered)
  • Pocketmonster Moonstone (2003.6 registered)
All of them were registered by Nintendo, GameFreak and Creatures.
So.... one of them will be used to the new game probably ?

[Edit 16 April 11:18 JST]

Found other info in Trademark Precedent Databease. 'Platina/Platinum' for games/toys trademark registered by Tecmo, it has been revoked on 12 March 2007, request coming from unidentified claimant. Just FYI.

[ Edit 17 April 12:29 JST]

As for trademark 'Opal', registration status in IPDL as follow:
'Pocketmonster Opal' is not found. 'Opal' in toys field, Nintendo has registered in Mar 1979, then extended till Mar 2009.

[ Edit 20 April 12:54 JST]

As of 20 April, status of the following trademark in IPDL.
  • Golden Flare : Not found
  • Golden Sun : Not found
  • Silver Storm : Registered and used by Nintendo for game 1080°
  • Silver Moon : Not found for toys field
[ Edit 11 May 22:52 JST]

Upcoming new game name is Platinum !

[ Edit 11 August 21:03 JST]

As for Platinum trademark, it is confimed in IPDL, is registered by Nintendo, GameFreak and Creatures on 12 May 2008, and valided on 5 June 2008.

As for more platinum info, please access to Platinum game info

[ For Platinum Pre-order Link : Available in Play-asia.com ]


Anonymous said...

The fansites are going crazy about the next DP Remake. I cant wait for a new game!!!

Kats said...

It's excited ! Just added info,
hope enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

What about Pokemon Opal?

Kats said...

Please refer to added article.

Anonymous said...


Hooray for ancient news!

Kats said...

I know it's ancient info.
How is Platina, Opal,Golden Flare,Golden Sun, Silver Storm and Silver Moon ? Must be talked before !

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