Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pokemon BW2 Over Million Pre-orders

Major news site announces that Pokemon Black 2 White 2 are over million sales by pre-orders. As of 16 June 2012, number of pre-orders of both title combined are 1.16 Million. It's first record over million pre-order by  numbering games (series 2) in Nintendo DS games.

The following pics are releasing event with Gamefreak Masuda-san, Unno-san and queue in Pokemon Center JP and Game sales shop.

[ Reference ]
4gamer, Mantan-web

AAPF reduces to post on Pokemon BW2 game contents, back to merchandise info as usual.
Good resource for game playing guide, this site 'Pokemon BW2 Extreme Conquest DB'  (in Japanese) is recommendable. Site members played in 2ch live by RTA (Real Time Attack) style.

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