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[ BW2 Info ] Summary of BW2 Playing Info as of 22 June

Here is a summary for BW2 playing live info in 2ch threads and twitters yesterday and today.
(Edition 04 As of 22 June 2012 2330 JST)
If you want to see, please click below 'Read more'.

Thanks for the info to 2ch, @bean_knmcwgtb, @fate_kuro, blue sky, shellspider, araralabo and etc.

[ Opening Video ]

[ System / Utility ]
  • After clear game, settable game playing level by Key, assist (easy), normal (default), challenge (hard). You can receive Key from other player.
  • No L=A
  • Pokemon move by box
  • Spray can use continuously
  • Countermeasure for Wifi disconnection in random match, rate goes down,  ADD

[ Gym Leaders ]
  • Hiougi Gym Cheren :Patrat Lv11、Lillipup Lv13
  • Tachiwaki Gym Homika : Koffing Lv16、Whirlipede Lv19
  • Castelia Gym Burgh : Swadloon Lv22、Dwebble Lv22、Leavanny Lv24
  • Nimbasa Gym Elesa : Emolga  Lv28、Flaaffy Lv28、Zebstrika Lv30
  • Driftveil Gym Clay : Krokorok Lv31、Sandslash Lv31、Excadrill Lv33
  • Mistralton Gym Skyla : Swoobat Lv37、Skarmory Lv37、Swanna Lv39
  • Opelucid  Gym Drayden : Druddigon Lv46、Flygon Lv46、Haxorus Lv48
  • Seigaiha Gym Shizui : Carracosta Lv49、Wailord Lv49、Jellicent Lv51

[ Elite Four ]

# Normal #
  • Shauntal :Cofagrigus Lv56/Drifblim Lv56/Golurk Lv56/Chandelure Lv58
  • Grimsley :Liepard ♀ Lv56/Scrafty ♀ Lv56/Krookodile ♀ Lv56/Bisharp ♀ Lv58
  • Caitlin :Musharna ♀ Lv56/Sigilyph ♀ Lv56/Reuniclus ♀ Lv56/Gothitelle ♀ Lv58
  • Marshal :Throh ♂56/Sawk ♂ Lv56/Mienshao ♂ Lv56/Conkeldurr ♂ Lv58
  • Champion Iris : Hydreigon ♀ Lv57/Druddigon ♀ Lv57 /Aggron ♀ Lv57/Archeops ♂ Lv57/Lapras ♀ Lv57/Haxorus ♀ Lv59
# Challenge Mode #
  • Shauntal :Cofagrigus Lv77/Gengar Lv77/Froslass Lv77,  Drifblim Lv77/Golurk Lv77/Chandelure Lv79
  • Grimsley :Honchkrow Lv77/Scrafty Lv77/Krookodile Lv77/Houndoom Lv77/Tyranitar Lv77/Bisharp Lv79
  • Caitlin :Musharna Lv77/Alakazam Lv77/Gothitelle Lv77/Gallade Lv77/Reuniclus Lv77/Metagross Lv79
  • Marshal :Throh Lv77/Sawk Lv77/Lucario Lv77/Mienshao Lv77/Machamp Lv77/Conkeldurr Lv79
  • Iris :Hydreigon Lv 81/Salamence Lv81/Aggron Lv81/Archeops Lv81/LaprasLv81/Haxorus Lv83

[ Story releated info ]
  • Battling with Seven Sages after 1st game clear
  • Get N's Zorua from old man at Driftveil (Zorua ♂Lv25 Parent:N (IDNo:00002)
  • Must do rotation battle in Driftveil, Pokewood, tournament
  • Minccino (Skill Link) can get in the 'Hidking Holl' in the map. It's space between trees, narrow gap
  • Unova (the world) becames frozen after some point.
  • Having battle with Shadow Triad, then Achroma (Magneton Lv50, Magnezone Lv50, Metang, Lv50 Beeheeyem Lv50, Klinklang, Lv52) Ghetsis (Cofagrigus Lv50, Eelektros Lv50,  Drapion Lv50, Toxicroak Lv 50, Seismitoad Lv50 Hydreigon Lv52)
  • In the first battling N, we cannot get Black/White Kyurem (Lv55)
  • Battling with Alder (at Sangi ?) :Accelgor Lv60, Escavalier Lv60, Bouffalant Lv60, Conkeldurr Lv60, Braviary Lv60, Volcarona Lv62

[ Moves from Move Tutor ]
  • Red Shard at Driftveil City : Covet, Bug Bite, Drill Liner, Bounce, Signal Beam, Iron Head, Super Fang, Uproar, Seed Bomb, Double Chop, Low Kick, Dust Shoot, Elemental Punches
  • Blue Shard :  Last Resort, Magnet Rise, Magic Coat, Block, Hyper Voice, Electroweb, Icy Wind, Iron Tail, Aqua Tail, Earth Power, Zen Headbutt,Foul Play, Superpower, Gravity, Dragon Pulse, Dark Pulse
  • Yellow Shard :  Bind, Snore, Heal Bell, Knock Off, Synthesis, Roost, Sky Attack, Role Play, Heat Wave, Giga Drain, Drain Punch, Pain Split, Tailwind
  • Green Shard :  Worry Seed, Gastro Acid, Helping Hand, After You , Magic Room, Wonder Room, Spite, Recycle, Trick, Stealth Rock, Outrage, Endeavor, Sleep Talk, Skill Swap, Snatch
  • * these shard can find in the smoke at the cave

 [ Legendary Pokemon ]
  • Cobalion Terrakion Virizion are on the roads (homeless.....) then battling
  • Latias (W2) Latios (B2) :  At Dreamyard, need to run after her/him. Lv68 (After game clear)
  • Regirock, Regigigas, Uxie, Azelf, Mesprit, Heatran EDIT
  • After getting Regilock -> Get 'Iceberg Key' -> Can go to Regiice place ? EDIT
  • Cresselia : Get Lunar Wing at Strager House, then go to Wonder Bridge, encounter with Cresselia Lv68
  • Zekrom, Reshiram, Black Kyurem, White Kyurem : see following Battling N 

[ Black Skyscraper in Black City, White Tree hollow in White Forest ]
  • It is donjon place, has squares rooms, there are trainers in the area. Win area trainers then get the hint of gate trainer location. After winning the battle with gate trainer, gate of boss's room will open. Then battle with boss trainer. By area 9, they use Lv 50-70. Doctor is there. Can't use item.
  • Boss Trainer use Enti
  • Finally, Battle with Alder's grandson Banjirou (Latios Lv80, Garchomp Lv80, Volcarona Lv80). After winning with him, you get shinny Gible @Educative Device。BGM is same as BW.

[ Battling with N ]
  • In the BW protagonist's house, her/his mother tells 'She/He is looking for N'.
  • Battling with N at N's castle then his Zekrom get →  go to Giant Holl then Kyurem get -> Using item Zekrom and Kyurem fusion → Kyurem form change (Black Kyurem)
  • This building can enter after champion, Nimbasa has battle exam
  • You and one of Shadow Triad has team, then can battle with two of Shadow Triad 
  • Leona give you Fossil (after clearing game)

[ World Tournament ]
  • Hidden Power judge person, Move Deleter, Move re-learner are gathering
  • Championship is three winning in the battle
  • Unova Championship : 1BP, Kanto : 2BP
  • Driftveil Tournament : Anything goes. all Lv 25  
  • Rental Tournament : Choosing three of six by lot, Lv 50
  • Mix Tournament : Battling with swapping one your Pokemon and opponent
  • Champions Tournament :Cynthia, Alder, Blue, Red, Wallace, Steven, Lance ADD
  • Unova Leaders : Unoca Gym leaders, all Lv50, includes Brycen. If you get championship, all gym leaders in the all series will be released.
  • Hoenn Leaders :Tate and Liza come in the single respectively 
  • World Leaders, Rental Master and Type Expert release after all region Tournament clear
  • World Leaders : gym leaders from all regions, 10 times winning then Champions Tournament release
  • Type Expert : entry the party (same type of three Pokemon)
  • Drayden : Haxorus, Druddigon, Altaria
  • Brycen : Cryogonal, Dewgong, Vanilluxe
  • Shizui : Jellicent, Mantine, Wailord
  • Roxanne: Probopass, Aggron and one more
  • Blue :Exeggutor, Arcanine, Machamp ADD
  • Alder :Volcarona, Chandelure, Reuniclus  / Volcarona, Braviary, Conkeldurr ADD
  • Steven :Metagross, Excadrill, Archeops ADD
  • Cynthia :Garchomp, Togekiss, Roserade ADD
  • Lance :Dragonite, Flygon, Kingdra  ADD

[ Undella Town / Abyssal Ruins ]
  • Riche's father only stays
  • You can pick Relic Crown up, Zinzolin (Seven Sages) gave large perl. Map looks same as BW. 
  • New coded message are 9 lines there, now 3 lines completed, 6 lines analyzing EDIT

[ Map Info ]
See article#1 and article#2.


Weasel said...

So Latios and Latias are back. Oh lovely, my nightmare continues.

Latios, as much as I love him, was a horrible pain for me in Ruby. I used my lone Master Ball on Groudon and was stuck having to hunt Latios down, only to see it flee. I'm so glad I have extra Master Balls.

I've heard that Golett is no longer found in the Dragonspiral Tower, but Golurk is. I'm a little torn on that; I love them both but not running into a Golett while in the Tower seems a little...odd. But I have extra Golett to send over to B2 so I should be fine. (^.^)

Anonymous said...

lost of info ...
do you think that they will release new kyurem toys based on the cutscene when kyurem breaks his ice wings and reveals his lazer things?

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