Sunday, June 2, 2013

Eeveelution Melamine Cup and Pouch (Kcompany)

One more Eeveelution article.
Kcompany releases/will release Eeveelution Melamine Cup and porch in May to July.
What's melamine ? It's C3H6N6 haha read wiki.

[ May 2013 ]
  • Melamine cup : Eevee and Eeveelution (size H90×φ87mm)
Eeveelution Melamine Cup Kcompany

[ End of June 2013 ]
  • Porch : Eevee, Espeon and Umbreon (size W180×H100×D50mm)
Eeveelution Pouch  Kcompany

[ Beginning of July ]
  • Melamine cup : Eevee 2 and Eeveelution 2 (size H90×φ87mm)
Eeveelution Melamine Cup 2 Kcompany

[ Reference ]
Kcompany booth in 6th Hobby goods collection at Osaka

[ Order Link ]
Melamine cup Eevee : Rakuten velkomon
Melamine cup Gatherig : Rakuten velcomon
Melamine cup Eevee 2 : Amazon, Rakuten e-alamode
Melamine cup Gathering 2 : Amazon, Rakuten e-alamode
Pouch Eevee : Rakuten e-alamode, Yodobashi
Pouch Espeon : Yodobashi
Pouch Umbreon : Yodobashi

Eeveelution's PitaPoke figure's sneak pic (package only, right top conner)

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