Monday, September 30, 2013

Registered Trademark and Mega Pokemon 2

[ Edit ] Added missing DP/BW Pokemon and edited conclusions  

After posting 'Registered Trademark and Mega Pokemon', AAPF updates the potential list of Mega Pokemon by further trademark investigation. Would like to report here.

[ More Investigation Point ]
  • To check all Pokemon Names of trademark, and clarify the full picture
  • To select 'Game' of trademark scope only 
  • To extract 'trademark expire date' from trademark database
[ Trademark Raw Data ]

[ Status of Trademark Registration ]
  • All 234/649 Registration rate 36%
  • 1st Gen 31/151 Registration rate 20%
  • 2nd Gen 28/100 Registration rate 28% 
  • 3rd Gen 48/135 Registration rate 36%
  • 4th Gen 56/107 Registration rate 52%
  • 5th Gen 71/156 Registration rate 46% 
After DP 4th Generation, almost half Pokemon names are registered due to trademark international dispute. According to registration rate, no registration of appeared every Pokemon in the game, probably selected Pokemon that related with game main Pokemon, anime, movie and merchandise marketing. That is, to register previous Pokemon name newly is to come again in game, anime, movie and merchandise marketing.

[ Potential List of Mega Pokemon ]

To list up by the following condition
  • No Evolution Pokemon and Evolution final Pokemon (346 Pokemon) 
  • and has been registered trademark
  • and valid trademark on and after XY releasing  (after 2013.10) 
  • and devide into B2W2 releasing (2012.6), List 1 as before B2W2, List 2 as after B2W2.
 => Raw data is here  (sorted by expire data)

[ Conclusions ]

List 1: Low potential Mega Pokemon  (Trademark process done before B2W2)
Lucario,Venusaur, Mewtwo are on the list, but it's coincidence. These trademarks process had been done for FRLG, Emerald, DP, Pt, BW and B2W2, not for XY. Why Mawile is not included because it had been registered by other company.ADD
List 2 : High potential Mega Pokemon (Trademark process done after B2W2)
*Charizard,*Gengar,Jynx,*Gyarados,*Ampharos,Scizor,*Tyranitar,*Gardevoir,*Medicham,Banette,*Abomasnow,Kyogre,Kecleon,Latias,Latios,*Blaziken,Pinsir,*Aerodactyl,Houndoom,Groudon,*Kangaskhan,*Aggron,Plusle,Minun,Sceptile,* Blastoise,Rayquaza,* Absol, Heracross

As for Heracross is not registered yet (maybe rejected or cancel ?) at the moment, but added it to the list 2 by manual.Stats 600 group member Slaking, Salamence, Metagross and Garchomp are not registered in trademark actually, but Garchomp comes, so not sure Slaking, Salamence and Metagross.

So looks long way to see all Mega Pokemon in XY, we will enjoy until then :D

[ Edit ]
2013.10.4 Corrected Mawile, it had been registered by other company actually.
2013.10.10 Feedback latest Mega Pokemon 

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