Friday, June 15, 2012

Pokemon BW2 / Dream Radar New Info

Pokemon BW2 and Dream Radar official site updates today, summary of new info (based on CoroCoro July) summary as follow.

## BW2 ##
  • Deferential part Black 2 and White 2 : Black City and underground water vein in B2, White Forest and lava activating area in W2.Also contents of Joint Mission and Fes Mission.
  • Live Caster Mini Game : Chatting and Video talk with other player, also play mini game (balloon catch, balloon smash) with other player. Playable your avatar

## Dream Radar / AR Searcher ##
  • Caught Pokemon in Dream Radar has hide ability except few Pokemon
  • Kami Trio in BW2 can forme change to Beast Sacred forme after transferring to B2W2 and use 'Refrecting Mirror' These forme changing Kami Trio do not have hide ability.  
[ Reference ]
Pokemon BW2 official page
Pokemon Dream Radar official page

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