Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pokemon Movie 14th Info As of 15 Feb

Pokemon 14th new movie 'The White Hero Reshiram' and the following points are confirmed by the movie site officially today.  
  • 'Victini and The Black Hero Zekrom' and 'Victini and The White Hero Reshiram' will be released on 17 July 2011
  • Two movie runs individually (not double feature)
  • News page says that movies outline are 'ideal black' and 'true white' respectively
  • Will start movie poster contest. Best post will be used official movie promotion  
  • Shows offical posters, are replaced to yesterday post   
  • Official site does not have info on Pokemon distribution of Wifi / pre-order movie ticket at the moment 
Pokemon Movie 14th Victini Zekrom Reshiram

[ Reference ]
Pokemon Movie Official Site


Anonymous said...

Hello Kats!

Can you tranlsate the details of the contest to us foreigners? How do we enter and when is the deadline?

Thank you!

Kats said...

Official site does not have details info atm. Magazine PokemonFan Vol.16 (rls on 18 Feb) has info, I will buy it then post details. Please wait for the moment :D

Anonymous said...

Any new updates of the contest from the Pokemon fan magazine? :D

Kats said...

I will post it after clarify AOU news, please wait for bit more...

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