Thursday, July 5, 2012

Zoroark Frozen Bug in Pokemon BW2

Some major Pokemon BW2 playing guide sites report on the following bug (software error) in BW2.

[ Phenomenon ]
  • When player avoid to follow Zoroak (player retuen from cave) in Champion road, Zoroark does not move any more in the next visiting time.
  • Consequently, player can not encounter with next events. (can't get Reshiram, Zekrom, Black Kyurem, White Kyurem)
[ Temporary Countermeasure ]
  • When player follow Zoroark, do not avoid and follow Zoroark.
[ Occurrence Condition ]
  • Already cleared the game once (finished battling with Elite Four and Champion)
  • If not yet clear, Zoroak moves normally in the above situation.
[ Current Progress ]
  • The problem detector has contacted to Nintendo. Awaiting official reply.
[ Reference ]
Pokemon BW2 Extremity Conquest DB : Bug report, map of Champion road (Zoroak appear around J in the problem)
Pokemon BW2 Playing Conquest Summary Wiki : Bug report


Anonymous said...

WTF is a problem founder? Does Nintendo actually have an official founder of problems?

Kats said...

Jesus, Mary and Joseph my mumbo-jumbo English, it corrected.

Eric said...

So this means if you want to avoid this problem just follow Zoroark without deviating from the path it takes? Am I reading this right?

Weasel said...

Oh goodness.

I'm betting that this will be corrected in later copies of the game and probably fixed for the international release, but it's got to be a pain for anyone who has an early copy. I've run into something similar myself; my copy of Platinum had the GTS glitch. Unfortunately, the only remedy for that bug was to send in my copy of Platinum to get a replacement, which I refused to do. (I had all my shinies on there. I pretty much had to keep it.)

I'm glad to hear that Nintendo knows about it so it can be worked out.

And your English is fine; even native speakers make mistakes. Don't worry about it.

Kats said...

Hi Eric, yes that's right.
Dear Weasel, thanks for your comment, always encourage me :D

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