Friday, June 15, 2012

Genosect Will Come Soon 2 ?

This article is reposting and edited the contents with additional images.

Three interesting infomation of 'Illusory (幻) Pokemon'.
  • Overlap (invested by Pokemon Company) will publish OFFICIAL guide book 'Perfect Pokemon Dex' on 11 Aug 2012, includes 'Illusory Pokemon' Keldeo, Meloetta and Genesect  Thanks for the info on guide book to araralabo's blog via 2ch
Pokemon BW2 Play Guide Books Overlap
 Ovelap Pokemon Dex Book Aug 2012
  • The following image is part of this month CoroCoro July (15 June 2012). It's 'Scoop Attachement' of Keldeo Resolution forme. Also Pokemon official site announced Resolution forme taday.   
Keldeo Resolution Forme Scoop Attachment CoroCoro July 2012 AAPF Report
  • Next CoroCoro Aug (14 Aug 2012) trailer. Attaches 'Scoop book of Illusory Pokemon' Is CoroCoro going to attach the scoop book of Keldeo resolution forme two month continuously ?
Next CoroCoro Aug 2012 Trailer AAPF Report

According to these things, AAPF reasons that the Illusory Pokemon Genesect (or related event) will be announced in the middle of July or middle of August 2012 officially.   

BTW, please remember we are not official site, same as your fan site.
Of cause we do take care credibility of the our article.

It's all up to you whether make or break our information.

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