Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pokemon Movie 14th Info

Last Sunday 9th January, Pokemon info TV show program Pokemon Smash (aka Pokemon Sunday previous TV title) aired. It showed the illustration of the Musketeer Trio and the trailer for the Victini movie. Next week they will announce final movie title officially.

Pokemon Musketeer Trio

Victini in Movie 14th

In the illustration of Musketeer Trio, comment says "What Pokemon is having justice heart ?". Following YouTube link around 0:15 is not so clear saying, unknown the position of Musketeer Trio in the movie at present,  or just introduce for new Pokemon TCG March release ?
Anyway we will see more info this week, CoroCoro magazine release, announcement from official site probably then on air Pokemon Smash.

[ Added on 16 Jan 2011 ]
Pokemon Smash aired this morning, Musketeer Trio were just introduced for battling with Gima, nothing relation of movie 14th

[ Reference ]
YouTube : Pokemon Smash (9th Jan 2011)

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