Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pokemon Figure Release Info in February 2011 (TomyMC)

Tomy will release the following 3 new figures of Monster Collection (M series) on 19 February 2011. Also 3 new figures of Monster Collection Plus (MP series) will out same day, detail is unknown at present, will update them soon. Please refer to this post.

[ Monster Collection (M series) ]
  • #497 Serperior, #500 Emboar, #503 Samurott
Pokemon Figure Monster Collection Jalorda Enbuoh Daikenki Tomy

BTW, as for Pokemon Tomy figure clear version of  #144 Articuno, #145 Zapdos and #146 Moltres, AAPF received the reply from Tomy customers support center about existence of them, result is 'not existed'. However the linked existing clear figure is nice, a rose is a rose is a rose.

[ Edit ]
19 Jan 2011: Uploaded pic and added the link of MonsterCollection Plus

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