Thursday, September 12, 2013

New Pokemon Pyroar Leaks (XY)

Accoring to @BulbaNewsNOW's tweet,  a new Pokemon has been accidentally leaked by IGN. The file name labels it as Pyroar. It looks Litleo's evolution Japanese name
ボルケニオン カエンジシ. (Edited according to Japanese official site)  

Pokemon Pyroar
Pokemon Pyroar

[ Reference ]
@SerebiiNet#1, #2

[ Add 13 Sep 2013 ] IGN web page updates
  • Class : Royal Pokemon
  • Type : Fire/Normal
  • Ability : Rivalry, Unnerve
  • Move : Echoed Voice
[ Edit 14 Sep 2013 ]
Corrected Japanese name, it's カエンジシ

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