Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mega Garchomp, Mega Mewtwo X and 4 New Pokemon (XY)

CoroCoro magazine October leaks today.
Mega Garchomp, Mega Mewtwo X and 4 New Pokemon etc reveals.
Thanks for the images sharing to @ish_ayayayaya.

  • Mega Garchomp : Type Dragon/Ground, Move Dragon Clow, Ability Sand Force
  • Featuring Mega Garchomp  Manga comic will come next CoroCoro November

  • Mega Mewtwo X : Type Psychic/Fighting,Ability Steadfast 
  • In Pokemon X, Mewtwo will evolve to Mega Mewtwo X with mega stone Mewtwonite X.
  • In Pokemon Y, Mewtwo will evolve to movie appeared called Mega Metwo Y with mega stone Mewtwonite Y

  • Gekogashira ゲコガシラ : Froakie's evolution, Type Water, Move Bounce
  • Hariboogu ハリボーグ : from Chespin's evolution, Type Glass, Move Mad shot
  • Teerunaa テールナー : from Fennekin's evolution, Type Fire, Move Psychock, standing by two legs, and use the branch of tail in the battle 
  • These new Pokemon names had been registered in trademarks, details is here

  • Torimian トリミアン (Left white one, appeared Pokemon Direct) : Type  Normal, Ability Fur coat (halving damage of physical attack, Move Beady Eyes つぶらなひとみ, this Pokemon can be changed appearance 
  • Nyaonikusu ニャオニクス (Left looks cat one) : Type Psychic, Ability Keen Eye and Infiltrator, having female (white color) and male (blue color) forms, female uses  Extrasensory, male uses Miracle Eye
  • Tigorasu チゴラス : Fossil Pokemon, Type Rock/Dragon, Ability Hard Chin (increasing the attack power of moves), Move Crunch
  • Amarusu アマルス : Fossil Pokemon, Type Rock/Ice, Ability Freeze Skin, Move Aurora Beam
  • Frabebe : Changing color of flower depending player place   

  1. Mega Evolution Steps  Have MegaRing to wrist 
  2. Get Megastone for your Pokemon 
  3. Select Mega Evolution in the battle 
  4. Pokemon will evolve Mega Pokemon

  • In the adventure, your protagonist can change the hear style and clothes after visiting boutique and hearsalon 
  • Scientists of Team Flare : One guy (Kuseroshiki クセロシキ) and four ladies (Momiji モミジ, Akebi アケビ, Bara バラ, Kolea コレア) 
  • Big Actress Karune カルネ in Kalos region ADD

  • List of New Abilities, Ability of Mega Pokemon and New Moves

  • New Type Matching Table
  • Fairy Type Offence : Dragon/Fighting/Dark are Super Effective,  Fire/Poison/Steel are not very effective
  • Fairy Type Defence : Poison/Steel are Super Effective, Bug/Fighting/Dark are not very effective, Dragon attack is immured
  • Steel no longer resists Type Dark/Ghost attacks

  • Pokeon TV Anime : Dedenne and Clemond appear, Secret of Mega Blaziken, seems new female player character and Clemond are Ash’s traveling partners
  • Pokemon TCG : Added Fairy Type, Collection X and Collection Y come on 13 December 2013, thanks for the info to @faiarrow

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Weasel said...

Mega Garchomp looks like a kaiju from Pacific Rim. Can we get a Mega Evolution for Golurk so I can have a Jaeger, please? XD

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