Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pokemon X Y Moves Info (Memo)

Single and Double battling demonstration of Pokemon X Y have been showed at World Hobby Fair 2013 Chiba Japan today. The following twitters are reporting on Pokemon X Y using moves.
Thanks for the info to and

[ Moves ] UNOFFICIAL Info at the moment
  • Fennekin : Psychic and Flamethrower
  • Froakie : Bounce and Hydro Pump  
  • Chespi : Wood Hammer and Solar Beam
  • Helioptile : Parabola Charge (パラボラチャージ) and Rock Slide
  • Noivern : Dragon Pulse and Ultrasonic Waves (ばくおんぱ)
  • Gogoat : Double Edge
Image from famitsu
Pokemon X Y battling demo from famitsu


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