Wednesday, June 12, 2013

More New Pokemon, Talonflame Clauncher Skrelp (XY)

Other Pokemon news sites already mentioned, more new Pokemon are revealed at E3 Developer round table and official site updates.

[ New Reveal Highlight ]
  • New Pokemon : Talonflame ファイアロー (Fire/Flying ) evolutes frim Fletchling, Clauncher ウデッポウ (Water) Skrelp クズモー (Poison/Water)
  • Sky Battle : Some Flying type Pokemon (and a others) can perform
  • Horde Encounters : 1 vs 5
  • Player Search System  (PSS) : Players can search for battling and trading from others locally or globally via WiFi
  • Selectable Battle BGM
  • Multiple Battling View : Selectable mutiple views nad can split screen
  • Selectable Language : English, Japanese, French, Italy, German, Spanish, Korean
  • etc
[ Pics ]

[ Reference ]
Pokemon XY Officail
Serebii PokeBeach Bulbapedia PokeJungle BlueSky

[ Unconfirmed Info, Awaiting CoroCoro ]
  • Lion cub Pokemon : Japanese name シシコ → Confirmed
  • Fairy Grass Pokemon : Japanese name フラベベ  → Confirmed
BTW, Pokemon name in Japanese was limited max 5 characters since RB to BW2 all systems. Now it's over, we're getting ファイアロー 6 characters :D 

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