Wednesday, June 12, 2013

CoroCoro July Magazine leaked (XY)

Thanks for the leaked images to 2ch and blog johnlenoso.

  • New Pokemon Noivern オンバーン (Flying/Dragon) 
  • Move : ultrasonic waves
  • New Pokemon Scatterbug コフキムシ → Spewpa コフーライ → Vivillon ビビヨン (Bug/Flying)
  • New Pokemon Litleo シシコ (means lion cub), fire/normal, new move roar (war cry, it make lower opponent attack)
  • New Pokemon Flabebe フラベベ, fairy type, move : fairy wind. After Furabebe is born, stay on the favorite flower, other Furabebe which stay on other flower is there.
  • Horde Encounters : 1 vs 5 
  • Fairy type new move :Moon blast, good performance to Dragon type
  • Game begins from Vaniville Town (アサメタウン)
  • New female character : Shauna (サナ), she and other character (Serena セレナ or Calem カルム) and following two male characters accompany you from Vaniville Town, total 4 characters and you.
  • New male character : Tierno (ティエルノ) and Trevor (トロバ) fromVaniville Town
  • Male protagonist default name is Calem カルム, female is Serena
  • Rhyhorn is there in front of your house (you can ride)
  • Gym Leader in Santalune City :Viola (ビオラ) is photographer, her gym is den of spiders
  • Pansy is a journalist, she is Viola's elder sister, will appear in Pokemon TV Anime on 21 July  

[ X Y New Trailer #4 ]

[ Pics of New Pokemon and Characters ]

Pokemon X Y Characters Shauna Tierno Trevor Viola Pansy

Pokemon X Y Litleo Flabebe Scatterbug Spewpa Vivillon
[ Pokemon Amie Image ]
Pokemon Amie Image
[ Edit ]
17 June 2013 : Edited English name of new Pokemon, characters etc and added new trailer#4

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