Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pokemon BW2 AR Seacher Latest PV (Nintendo)

Nintendo channel releases PV for Pokemon BW2 and AR Seacher (Dream Radar) this morning. It includes Sunday's new TVCMs.
Converted from NicoNico Video, many thanks to uploader kinki :D

[ Pokemon BW2 and AR PV AS of 6 June 2012 ]

# New confirmation # Edited
  • 1:15 Pokewood
  • 1:28 Cynthia's (Shirona) battle motion
  • 1:37 Fes Mission
  • 1:46 Joint Avenue
  • 2:06 Getting new medal 
  • 2:16 Achroma in the building of Team Plasma, he helps his friend
  • 3:24 New Tornadus's (Sacred Beast Forme) roar 
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[ Reference ]
NicoNico Video@kinki

[ Edit ]
7 June 2012:Added the more images and edited the contents

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