Monday, March 24, 2008

Pokemon Figure Children’s Day Version

Heartland released Pokemon figures for Children's Day in the beginning of March. Size : 55" (length) x 45" (height) x 28" (depth). Size : 6.8" (length) x 5" (height), Weight: 575g. 
Another photo is Koinobori Pokemon version.

In Japan, 5 May is Children's Day and is a festival for boys. 5 May is one of Japanese national holidays, is also traditionally called Tango no Sekku. Girls's day is 3 March, called Hina Maturi. On Children's Day, families celebrate the healthy growth and happiness of children. And families with boys fly huge carp-shaped streamers (Koinobori) outside the house and display dolls of famous warriors and other heroes inside. The carp was chosen because it symbolizes strength and success; according to a Chinese legend, a carp swam upstream to become a dragon.
  • #025 Pikachu, #129 Magikarp, #387 Turtwig, #390 Chimchar, #393 Piplup
Pokemon Figures 5 May versionPokemon Koinobori [ Edit ]
2 Mar 2012 : Corrected size for 1st figures


Lily1 said...


Are you sure the figure is 55 inches? I'm currently considering bidding on one on an auction site but if it's that much I probably can't do shipping...


Kats said...

Hi, It was mistaken, already corrected. Thank you for letting me know. Ref

Lily1 said...

Oh ok, thank you! Though may I ask where you're getting the info... does heartland have a website?

Kats said...

When I posted this article, Heartland had a website. In Dec of 2008, they had merger under TakaraTomy Arts. Takara Tomy ARTS does not maintain the previous released lines of Heartland at the moment unfortunately.

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