Friday, April 20, 2012

Pokemon Attraction 'Pokemon Adventure Camp' opens

As we've reported new trademark 'Pokemon Adventure Camp' in February, now it reveals.
Nagashima Resort Co. will open Pokemon indoor walk-through attraction 'Pokemon Adventure Camp' in the middle of July 2012, Kuwana Mie, Japan.

[ Outline ]
  • Area : 2,000 m2 (Pokemon Adventure Camp area plus Pokemon Goods shop)
  • Adventure Camp : You roll member of the Pokemon researcher. Find the hiding Pokemon in the forest, waterfall and cave with playing various games.
  • Games : Game with sensation (riding trolley and glider), AR research (Display hiding Pokemon to screen)
  • Goals : Giving PokeDex (result of your researching, you can update it next time)
  • Various stories : Story and game level change depending player age and number of visiting
[ Logo and image arts ]
Pokemon Adventure Camp Nagashima Resort
[ Reference ]
Nagashima Restore : Press Release (pdf) via Nikkei
Nagashima Restore : Official Site
Pokemon Sercher (current service)

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