Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pokemon AR Searcher, Pokedex 3D coming soon

According to today's Nintendo direct, Iwata-san announced the following new Pokemon game for 3DS.

[ Video File (Pokemon Part of Nintendo Direct) ] ADD

1. Pokemon AR Searcher Outline
  • Release on 23 June 2012, at eShop downloading,  300JPY
  • Shooting and catching Pokemon (seems using 3D camera, gyroscope function)
  • Coutch Pokemon can be transfered to B2W2
Pokemon AR Searcher Logo
Pokemon AR Searcher Bird Pokemon
Pokemon AR Searcher Ralts

2. PokeDex Pro 3D Outline
  • Release on  14 July 2014, at eShop downloading, 1500 JPY
  • Enhanced PokeDex BW, Covering All Pokemon
  • Current PokeDex BW can be download by 16 July 2012 Modified
  • Automatic update of PokeDex BW service by the end of 2012 Add
Pokemon PokeDex Pro 3D Logo

Pokemon PokeDex Pro 3D

Pokemon PokeDex Pro 3D

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21 APr 2012 18:00 JST: Added the video and edited the contents

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