Monday, February 20, 2012

Pokemon BW Next Game (Gamefreak)

Gamefreak director Masuda-san event was held on 18 February 2011, Tokyo.
In talk session, a fan asked him the following question.

Q:Please tell us info on Pokemon BW's sequel version (minor change :MC)
A:Can't answer... Well. Only I reply it that please watch next PokemonSmash (TV show).

Talk Session Video, Check 4:30. Many thanks to SIZUMA1@youtube.

After few hours later, he tweeted.
"Please watch next PokemonSmash, Absolutely watch live, Or check my tweet !!"

Why now announce ? Why from Gamefreak, not CoroCoro/Nintendo ?? Many questions. Regally, MC is announced in May, release in September. This time seems it will be released in the earlier than September 2012. Anyway, we will report the details soon.

=> ADD : It will be released in June 2012 ADD

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