Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Upcoming PokeCenJP items in February (PokeCenJP)

Upcoming PokeCenJP's new merchandise in February 2012 as follow :

[ Plush / Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, Release on 4 February 2012 ]

Pokemon Plush Cobalion Terrakion Virizion PokeCenJP
The following plushies are Tomy releases on 1 Feburary, just for reference. 

Pokemon Plush Cobalion Terrakion Virizion Tomy

[ Plush Strap,  11 February 2012 ]

Series name 'Type Focus' for traveling. Bag, bath towel, hand towel, pouch, spa-bag, album etc. As for details, please refer to the official page and Asami-san's blog.
Here is a list of plush strap.
  • #025 Pikachu, #495 Snivy, #498 Tepig, #501 Oshawott, #535 Tympole,
  • #547 Whimsicott, #549 Lilligant, #582 Vanillite, #587 Emolga
Pokemon Plush Strap Type Focus Series Snivy Oshawott Whimsicott Vanillite PokeCenJP

[ Stunfisk Fair,  11 February 2012 ]

Featuring Stunfisk, variety items :D   
Stunfisk live size floor mat, floor cushion, backless slippers, pot pad,hand towel, cup, commuter pass, magnet, canvas plush, strap, socks, TCG deck case etc etc.
Thank you for the image to @karubiimunomono.

Stunfisk Fair PokeCenJP from Famitsu

[ Reference ]
PokeCenJP News : Plush, Traveling Items, Stunfisk Fair
Asami-san's Blog :  Traveling Items, Stunfisk Fair

[ YahooJP Auction Listing ]
Plush, Type Focus items, Stunfisk Items

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