Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pokemon Plush New Series My Pokemon Collection 3 (Banpresto)

Some more info for the new plush series 'My Pokemon Collection', AAPF inquired the following points to Banpresto customer center.
  • Is Banpresto going to release every BW Pokemon in "My Pokemon Collection" ? More than 153 Pokemon ? => Banpresto does NOT commit it at PRESENT officially, not sure after May 2011. 
  • How long will it carry on this series and how is release period ? => At present, only commit from 4th week Apr to 1st May (every week) 
  • Will same sample display at Tokyo WHF ? => Probably yes, depend on space and circumstances
The exhibition report at Osaka (2ch info in English, thanks to denkimouse) and customer center are deference explanation, of cause understand their deference positions and handling information. Seems depend on the business result in Apr/May, whether this big project go or not. It remind us Pokemon 151 project.
Meanwhile, all Pokemon plush fans in the world are expecting of "The most powerful collection of plush in history!" mentioned in the official site.
OK, AAPF will go to Tokyo WHF to gather/check the current info and taking some more pics.

Thanks anyway for the reply to Banpresto.

[ Add ]
Took the video of My Pokemon Collection at World Hobby Fair Tokyo, please refer to this post.

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